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Dog Paw Yeast Infection โ€“ Experts Weigh In

A dog paw yeast infection, also known as yeast dermatitis or Malassezia dermatitis, is a fungal infection that caused by the Malassezia species of fungus. This yeast fungus is commonly found on the skin and ear canals of dogs in small numbers, and an overpopulation them can cause skin irritation, hair loss, redness etc. To treat dog paw yeast infection, medical, anti-fungal dog shampoos are the most effective. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are alternative home remedies that you can use to curb the growth of the yeast population as well.

Can Dogs Get Heat Stroke?

Heat strokeย can happen to dogs. Since dogs do not sweat as much as people do, this happens. Panting is the primary method through which dogs control their body temperatures. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion may occur if panting isnโ€™t enough to cool them down.

Can Dogs Take Xanax?

Yes, dogs can be given Xanax under close supervision by a qualified veterinarian. The medication is often used as an anti-anxiety or anti-seizure medication in dogs. Giving Xanax to your dog helps reduce symptoms of panic attacks that typically occur during thunderstorms and fireworks.

Can You Give Dogs Amoxicillin?

Giving dogs amoxicillin is only safe when it is amoxicillin prescribed by a vet for pets. But if you give your canine buddy human amoxicillin without a prescription, youโ€™ll expose it to risks such as liver damage.

Can Dogs Have Panic Attacks?

Dogs, like people, can indeed suffer from panic attacks, and a sudden rise of fear characterizes these. Loud sounds and fighting with other doggies can induce panic attacks in dogs. Whatever the situation, you should be aware of which factors cause your pooch to have a panic attack and what you can do to prevent it.

Pepto-Bismol For Dogs: Is It Safe? Dosage?

Pepto-Bismol is generally safe for dogs when used as directed. Only give only the recommended dosage based on your dog's weight. Do not give Pepto-Bismol to puppies or dogs with certain medical conditions. Finally, stop giving Pepto-Bismol and contact your veterinarian if your dog experiences any side effects.