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Tick Bites On Dogs – Should You Be Worried?

Tick bites on dogs are something you should be worried about when it happens to your pooch. It is through learning how tick bites affect dogs, including the most common diseases transmitted by these parasites like Ehrlichiosis, that you can fully grasp the gravity of the situation ticks can cause.

Dog Dry Nose – What Does It Mean? Should I Be Worried?

A dry nose in a dog can occur due to natural reasons such as the pooch’s facial anatomy and the fact that the pooch has been aging. But in other cases, a dry nose can be an indicator of an underlying medical condition, and this is where you really need to sit up and give your pooch the best care you possibly can.

White Specks In Dog Poop – Should I Be Worried?

Yes, you should be worried when you see white specks in your dog’s pooch. This is because the frequency, color, and consistency of a dog’s stool change, depending on the conditions of its liver, stomach, pancreas, and other types of infections. As an example, dark red stool often indicates the presence of blood while green stool indicates a liver problem. In the case of white specks on your dog’s stool, the reasons are varied but one of those is due to worms or parasites.

Dog Breathing Fast While Sleeping – Should I Be Worried?

In general, there is nothing to be alarmed about the dog breathing fast while sleeping. It is most likely caused by an exciting dream or a physical characteristic relevant only to specific dog breeds. Unfortunately, there are other reasons why your dog is breathing fast while asleep, like the health complications of Kennel Cough.