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Affenpinscher VS Brussels Griffon

The Affenpinscher has its roots in Germany while the Brussels Griffon originated from Belgium. Drooling-wise, Affenpinschers are not much of a drooler, unlike the Brussels Griffon. And if you are looking for a homebody kind of a pup, Affenpinschers are your best bet since they donโ€™t have a strong wanderlust potential like what the Brussels Griffons have.

Affen Chi โ€“ Your Complete Breed Guide To The Affenhuahua

The Affenhuahua, sometimes called an โ€œAffen Chi,โ€ is a crossbreed between the German Affenpinscher and the Mexican Chihuahua. Like its parents, the Affenhuahua presents a playful and affectionate personality. This charming dog breed has a short scruffy coat that is not prone to shedding, making them a good designer dog for apartment living.