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How Much Does A Boston Terrier Cost?

Boston Terriers cost between $1,000 and $3,000. They are well behaved and easy to train. Boston Terriers are also independent and do not shed much. All these factors make them one of the most highly demanded dog breeds in the world, which is why they have a high price tag. Expect to spend about $50 a month on maintenance costs, but be aware that they may have expensive health issues in their senior years due to brachycephaly.

What Colors And Patterns Does A Boston Terrier Come In?

Apart from the Tuxedo Boston Terrier, Boston Terriers also come in various colors like red, seal and white. Boston Terriers also manifest in the mesmerizing merle and brindle coat patterns, as well as different hair characteristics like those of the short haired and long haired Boston Terriers.

Boston Terrier Dog Breed

The Boston Terrier is a purebred dog that was originally bred as a fighting dog. Dog fighting practices for this breed have ceased with time and this amazing dog has now grown to become affectionate, playful, and very loyal to its family. In addition, because of his beautifully marked coat, this American breed has been nicknamed โ€œThe American Gentlemanโ€.