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Fawn Doberman

Aย Doberman typically has 6 coat colorsย and 1 of those is the Fawn colored or Isabella Doberman. The fawn color is a result ofย color dilution alopecia, the works of a recessive gene. Apart from its appearance, Fawn Doberman are pretty much your traditional Doberman.

European Doberman

Theย European Doberman belongs to a family of dogs from the Doberman breed, just like the standard Doberman Pinscher, also called the American Doberman. What sets it apart is that this European Doberman is 10% larger, possessing more muscle mass, and has a higher level of aggression than its American counterpart. These variations, therefore, make the European Dobermans more useful than the American Dobermans in certain applications.

Chihuahua Doberman Mix

Yes, there is a Chihuahua Doberman hybrid mix. This mix is the offspring from crossing a Chihuahua with a Doberman Pinscher. Despite putting up a rather aggressive front towards other animals and strangers, you may find this Chihuahua Doberman Mix clingy and vocal with its barking.

Black Doberman

A Black Doberman is a variety of the popular Doberman canine breed with a genetic rarity that causes the production of excess melanin pigmentation. And the subsequent outcome of this excess melanin pigmentation is an all-black coat that is devoid of the standard Doberman rust markings.

Doberman Ear Cropping โ€“ Is It Necessary? And Is It Illegal?

Ear cropping ofย Doberman Pinschersย has been in practice for centuries, and the primary reason is to enhance the appearance of these dogs to look fierce. This practice describes the surgical procedure of cutting off the floppy ear parts of the Doberman to achieve the desired erect ears. Medical and functional reasons are also what many owners have given to justify this practice.