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Can Dogs Eat Cheez-Its? Only In Moderation

Yes, dogs can eat Cheez-Its but in moderation or much lesser quantities. This is because Cheez-Its contain higher salt and fat contents than most regular dog treats. Should our furry friends overconsume Cheez-Its, conditions, like pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal problems, may occur.

Can Dogs Have Lobster, Cooked Or Raw?

Dogs can certainly eat cooked lobster but not in its raw form. It containsย Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which can cause indigestion, nausea, and fever in dogs. Lobster meat is rich in proteins, beneficial for a dogโ€™s growth, but high in saturated fat, leading to rapid weight gain. Hence, dogs should only eat lobster in moderation.

Can Dogs Eat Duck, Cooked Or Raw?

The simple answer is yes. Ducks are perfectly safe for dogs to eat. It is considered much healthier than its more famous cousin, the chicken. Duck can be a great alternative protein for dogs who have developed allergies toย beefย orย chicken.

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Seeds?

The ideal way to eat watermelon is to munch the juicy fruit and spit out the seeds, mainly because they donโ€™t taste palatable. Some folks still eat watermelon seeds to enjoy the nutritional benefits, though not all suffer harm. Forโ€ฆ

Can Dogs Have Stevia?

Situations arise, and we may need to let our doggies have something sweet in their food. For instance, when making their favorite yogurt, drinks, or confectioneries, we may need a little sugar to enhance the taste. However, the problem withโ€ฆ

Can Dogs Drink Distilled Water?

Yes, dogs may drink distilled water. However, grave repercussions may arise when you ignorantly give your canine pal distilled water without caution. For instance, dogs can experience an imbalance of electrolytes, leading to brain malfunction when theyโ€™re exposed to distilled water over a long period.

Can Dogs Have Coconut Flour?

Yes, coconut flour is perfectly safe and an excellent choice of treat for dogs. It is beneficial for dogs because it is a gluten-free alternative to white flour and is high in both fiber and protein. Coconut flour should be fed in moderation as some dogs may find it hard to digest.