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Long Haired Rottweiler

Long Haired Rottweilers are siblings to those traditional short haired Rotties and are rarely found, usually 1 or 2 in a litter. The major difference between the two is their hair length, i.e. the size of their coat. This hairy coat makes Long Haired Rotties look like crossbred canines; however, they are totally purebreds, just like their siblings.

Rottweiler Lifespan

Rottweilers typically have a life expectancy of between 8 to 10 years, with an average lifespan of 9 years. And the Rottweiler is prone to a number of health issues during its lifespan, with the most common occurrences including aortic stenosis, hip dysplasia, and canine allergies.

Roman Rottweiler – Your Complete Guide To The Largest Rottweiler Breed

So what exactly is the Roman Rottweiler? The Roman Rottweiler is a large dog with its origin in the Tibetan Mastiff and the Italian Mastiff dog breeds. They trace their roots to the Roman times where they helped the Romans in fighting wars. They became well known when they were further nurtured by the Germans and used for herding cattle and pulling carts to meat markets.