Akita Pit Mix

You have wanted to get a canine buddy for some time, or your family members have been bugging you to get one. The dilemma has been which breed to get. You want a canine buddy that will be friendly, loyal, eager to please, and low maintenance. Then you should consider the Akita Pit Mix.

The Akita Pit Mix is a crossbreed between the Japanese Akita and the American Pit Bull Terrier. Both parent breeds are known for their intelligence, loyalty, protective nature, and traits your mixed pooch will inherit. With an expected life expectancy of up to 13 years and unique facial features like slightly erect ears, you can expect your Akita Pit Mix to be a great companion for some time to come.

Don’t be confused when people call your furry friend an “Akita Pitbull” or “Pit Akita,” as they mean the same thing. While the Akita Pit Mix seems like an ideal choice, you need to know a few things about them to make caring for them more manageable. Don’t worry. The Akita Pit Mix isn’t a high-maintenance breed. I’ll explain everything from temperament and health problems to grooming tips and diet recommendations. But first, let’s go over the typical physical traits of an Akita Pit Mix.

How Big Do Akita Pit Mixes Get?

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The Akita Pit Mix weighs from 30 to 70 lbs and grows to a height between 16 and 23 inches, meaning they are on the medium to large side.

The main difference between the female and male Akita Pit Mix is weight, though the difference is not significant as it is between 2 and 10 lbs. To make sure your doggie stays at a healthy weight, have an exercise routine in place.

Physical Appearance

Besides its height and weight aspects, the Akita Pit Mix has a muscular, robust appearance and a rugged build. Its fur is short and tucked against the body. However, the hair along its neck is slightly longer than that on the rest of the body. Its coat can be in a variety of colors, such as cream, black, brown, tan, and white.

This mixed dog breed will likely have a set of erect ears, bearing a similarity from the Akita’s parentage, and will likely retain a pronounced snout from both parents. Its eye color can typically be dark color or brown.

Coat Colors And Patterns

Due to the different textures of your canine buddy’s parents’ coats, the Akita Pit Mix has a double-layered coat but with a smooth touch. Your doggie’s hair is short and dense. The Akita Pit Mix sheds its hair at least twice per year. So it would be best to groom your pooch well to look clean and neat.

The Akita Pit Mix has a magnificent coat in beautiful colors, such as blue, black, fawn, white, or brindle, and sometimes a mixture. They are a sight to see, especially a solid-color Akita Pit Mix.

Conveniently, the Akita Pit Mix has the easiest coat to clean. So your canine buddy will be a good companion for anyone with limited time and energy to spend on grooming.

How Long Do Akita Pit Mixes Live?

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Your canine buddy needs as much care as you do. The Akita Pit Mix lives for 10 to 13 years with proper care. But for your canine buddy to live that long, its health must be a priority.

Just like any other hybrid dog breed, your canine might inherit some genetic health conditions from its parents. So it’s essential that before you take home your Akita Pit Mix for the first time, you have a vet’s approval. Regular vet checkups are necessary to keep their health in check.

Major Ailments

The Akita Pit Mix is prone to some significant ailments which, more often than not, are inherited.

  • Heart disease—problems concerning heart muscles and valves
  • Hip dysplasia—a common developmental orthopedic disorder that causes disability in years to come
  • Progressive retinal atrophy—your dog slowly loses sight

However, please don’t panic. Your vet will help you establish a routine to prevent such conditions, if possible. For assurance, visit the vet to check for these hereditary conditions and symptoms before getting your canine buddy.

Minor Ailments

Apart from the severe conditions we mentioned earlier, you must note the following minor ailments.

  • Bloating—gas fills the dog’s stomach
  • Cataracts—cloudiness in the lens of the eyes
  • Elbow dysplasia—the abnormal growth of tissue, cells, and bones causing uneven weight distribution that leads to arthritis, joint pain, or disability
  • Hypothyroidism—decreases a dog’s energy levels and metabolism
  • Pemphigus—autoimmune skin disease

How To Take Care Of Your Akita Pit Mix?

Here are the aspects you should consider when caring for your Akita Pit Mix.

Exercise Routine

Running around the block or playing out in the field will do both you and your canine buddy some good. If exercise is not for you, then have your Akita Pit Mix run around in a safe place.

Exercise is good for your canine buddy as it helps manage your Akita Pit Mix’s energy levels.

High-Quality Diet

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Put your canine buddy on a regular feeding schedule to avoid overfeeding. The Akita Pit Mix is known for its tendency to gain weight fast. Put them on a formulated diet and limit their treats.

You can also feed your canine buddy a vet-recommended diet by Pet Plate. Its meals offer a wide variety of proteins and perfectly balanced nutrition, and they are guaranteed to satisfy your puppy’s taste buds. Some of their best meals are turkey, lamb, digestive cookies, chicken apple sausage, and beef.


To make sure your beloved canine buddy is healthy, consider adding some multivitamins to the diet. Give your Akita Pit Mix multivitamin healthy chews, which contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help bladder support and digestion and boost overall health.

Dental Water Additives

To prevent or manage some periodontal diseases, it’s best to use dental water additives. Simply add the dental water additives to your canine buddy’s drinking water. Dental water additives help prevent gum diseases. You can also ask your vet about professional dental cleaning. Brush your Akita Pit Mix’s teeth twice a week to avoid tooth decay.

Are Akita Pit Mixes Aggressive? Temperaments Of Akita Pit Mixes

You’ll be pleased to know that your canine buddy is famed for having a pleasant disposition. Due to their friendly nature, the Akita Pit Mix gets along extremely well with kids and, with the right training and socialization, with other pets. Though your canine buddy mixes well with the family, they tend to be a bit protective.

Are Akita Pit Mixes Cuddly?

The Akita Pit Mix is affectionate and reciprocates positive feelings back to you. The Akita Pit Mix requires a lot of attention. Your pooch will alert you when an unknown person approaches. Due to their friendly nature, even to strangers, you will need to train your canine buddy to know the difference between friends and enemies.

Are Akita Pit Mixes Easy To Train?

Due to the nature of their parent breed, your canine buddy is intelligent and quick to grasp new things. This makes them easier to train. When you train your canine buddy well, you’ll find that they are obedient and loyal. Of course, this also depends on how well you treat them. 

The Akita Pit Mix has very high energy levels. Your doggie can keep a good eye on your kids as they play and also motivate you to leave your couch.

The Akita Pit Mix is playful and can get lonely when left alone. If you travel without your canine buddy, make sure you have a caretaker or a professional sitter. Therefore, avoid leaving your pooch for long periods or beyond 6 hours because they can develop separation anxiety when apart from their owners.

Do Akita Pit Mixes Shed? Grooming Tips For Akita Pit Mixes

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Unfortunately, the Akita Pit Mix is not hypoallergenic since they usually shed their coats twice per year.

The Akita Pit Mix inherited a thick fur coat that helps your canine buddy adapt to changing weather. Their coat varies in density, depending on the predominant parent.


Groom your canine buddy using a FURminator Undercoat Tool to remove loose undercoat hair without damaging the topcoat or cutting the skin. Don’t shave your Akita Pit Mix. Leave their undercoat to help them regulate temperature and avoid insect bites and sun exposure.

Brushing can be done once a week, twice during spring or the shedding season. Regular and proper brushing ensures that your canine buddy’s coat is tangle-free.


Bathing can be done in a bathtub or outside using a garden hose. Before bathing your Akita Pit Mix, make sure you give its coat a thorough brushing. Apply a good amount of canine shampoo like the Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo. Lather thoroughly, and then rinse completely. Finally, towel dry.

The fat beneath your dog’s coat also ensures it does not freeze during cold weather. But that does not mean you leave your canine buddy out in the cold. Be a caring owner and have a blanket or a sweater for your Akita Pit Mix.

During warm weather, you must apply sunscreen to sensitive areas not covered by fur, such as the nose and ears. Your canine buddy has a short coat that ensures it’s comfortable in hot weather.

How Much Does An Akita Pit Mix Cost? An Akita Pit Mix is pretty expensive and costs about $200 to $500. If you want an Akita Pit Mix and don’t know any breeder selling them, try rescue centers or adoption sites.

Do Akitas Get Along With Pitbulls? Given that the Akita is an aggressive and dominating dog, it definitely will not get along with a Pitbull without any prior socialization training. If there is a fight between an Akita and a Pitbull, the Akita will win hands down. The sheer size of the Akita assures this.

Do Akita Pit Mixes Swim? As much as the Akita Pit Mix loves water, unfortunately, they are not natural swimmers. Mainly due to their physical weight, which tends to be on the heavier side. The Akita Pit Mixes can’t float, but they love frolicking in the mud and puddles and playing with sprinklers.

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