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Pete Decker

Stray Dog Who Had His Leg Amputated Gets Dozens Of Potential Adopters

When vets first saw Vision, a 1 year old stray dog, they didn’t think the dog had a fighting chance. When animal control officers found vision, the young dog had lost part of his hind leg to an animal trap, and he looked severely emaciated. The first vet who saw Vision believed the only available option was to euthanize the dog.

2 Rescue Dogs Who Survived Heartworm Disease Hold Grand Wedding

Dog weddings are virtually unheard of, which is why two dogs, Sassy and Spero, made it to the news when they tied the knot in a grand wedding. The two rescue dogs, who are heartworm survivors, decided to get married in a bid to raise funds that would help other shelter dogs get treatment for heartworm, which can be very expensive.