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Do Goldendoodles Shed? A Guide To Shedding & Grooming

Yes, Goldendoodles shed. They are a mix between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever, and they get their shedding genes from the Retriever side. That being said, Goldendoodles usually donโ€™t shed much. Exactly how much hair they lose will often depend on the dominance of the genes they inherit from their low-shedding Poodle parent.

Dalmatian Dog

Originated and named after Dalmatia, the southern coastal region of Croatia, the Dalmatian is a medium-sized, extremely active doggie that requires plenty of exercise to expend its huge energy, and make for a loyal companion. It is also good to know that your doggie will develop separation anxiety if left alone, sheds a lot, and requires plenty of room for exercise.

Phantom Goldendoodle

The uniqueness of a Phantom Goldendoodle lies in their coat color and markings. This Phantom Goldendoodle is simply a type of Goldendoodle with two coat colors, with special markings and the colors appearing on specific parts of the body. They are so rare that we cannot possibly predict the outcome of having a Phantom Goldendoodle offspring in the breeding process.

What Is a Pomerian Dachshund (Dameranian) Mix?

A dameranian is a mix breed dog from a dachshund and pomeranian. The mix was first as a result of accidental mating between the two popular purebred dogs. However, it has risen in popularity in the past couple of decades as an intentional designer mix. When it comes to appearance and temperament, dameranians vary wildly from one pup to another. This is because of the vast differences in terms of build, coat traits and general temperament. Despite this inconsistency, the mixed breed dog remains one of the most popular in the world of designer dogs.

What Is A Biewer Yorkie?

Biewer Yorkies are a small breed of terriers that originated in Germany and were bred to resemble a miniature Yorkie. They have long, silky hair with a wavy to curly coat that comes in colors such as black, white, silver, or brown. Its distinctive tri-colored coat is due to the Piebald genetic recessive gene of two Yorkie Terriers.