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What Is A Double Dapple Dachshund?

A Double Dapple Dachshund is a breed variant of the Dachshund that is known for its distinctive coat markings. It is a result of mating two Dapple Dachshunds. The offspring will have two copies of theย merle geneย responsible for the dapple pattern. The double-action of this pattern control gene results in the unique markings that set it apart from single dapples and other coat pattern variants of the Dachshund breed.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed

Known for its darkly pigmented muzzle, the Black Mouth Cur dog breed is as beautiful inside as it is out. Having a non-aggressive temperament and high energy levels, Black Mouth Cur is thought to be an ideal companion for families with older kids.

Why Is Your Dachshund Getting Fat And How To Lose Weight?

One of the leading causes of ill health and death with Dachshunds is obesity. Obesity is one of the biggest health issues faced by small dogs like dachshunds. Despite having playful and active personalities they are prone to being overweight for several reasons. It is more often than not as a result of inadequate exercise associated with other conditions that affect mobility. It may be due to an unhealthy diet or poor feeding practices in terms of quantity and frequency. Finally, the weight issues may be as a consequence of other hormonal disorders like diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Akita Dog Breed โ€“ Your Complete Guide

The Akitas are an elite dog breed bred to hunt bears and known to be very loyal and faithful hunting companions. Hence, they are often intimidating and not friendly around kids and strangers, especially if not socialized early or trained at all.ย Akitas can easily adapt to cold environments, making them ideal for owners living in colder climates.

Lemon Beagle

Lemon Beagles are purebred Beagles mainly categorized by their distinct white and lemon yellow color. A Lemon Beagle is typically born white, and its tan color gets more pronounced with age.