Do French Bulldogs Shed? A Guide To Moulting & Grooming

The French Bulldog is a popular dog breed which can adapt to various environments and homes fairly quickly. These Frenchies will make ideal family dogs because they are friendly, have high social needs and they do not bark as much as other breeds. However, a question many people will often ask is whether French Bulldogs shed.

Yes, French Bulldogs do shed. However, this is not surprising because all dogs shed in various volumes. French Bulldogs experience minimal shedding throughout the year and tend to lose their undercoats during the summer and the winter, in order to adjust to the varying temperatures.

This guide will tell you everything you should know about your French Bulldog’s shedding and tips on how to properly groom them.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Moult For?

As French Bulldogs shed throughout the entire year, they are considered not to be hypoallergenic. However, these Frenchies moult the most throughout the summer and winter seasons.

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Summer Moult

During the summer season, French Bulldogs shed their thick winter undercoat to adjust to the warmer weather. This is generally the stage when these dogs tend to shed the most.

French Bulldogs are not the ideal dogs to have in warm weather, because they do not cope well with the hot temperatures in summer.

Winter Moult

During the winter season, French Bulldogs shed their summer fur coat, so that they can grow thicker fur coats that will allow them to withstand the cold winter weather. Fortunately, most French Bulldogs do not shed in winter as much as they do in summer.

Is It OK To Shave A French Bulldog?

You should never shave your French Bulldog unless it is recommended by your veterinarian. French Bulldogs have fine fur that protects their bodies. If you were to shave your pooch, you would be depriving them of the fur coat layer of protection.

For greater clarity, here are a few reasons why you should not shave your Frenchie.

Altered Quality of Fur

When you shave your French Bulldog’s fur coat, their fur coat will grow back differently from how it originally did. Your Frenchie’s fur will likely be thinner, coarse, and dry. The quality of their fur coats will decrease significantly.

Difficult In Grooming

If you shave your French Bulldog’s fur coat, you will be running the risk of permanently damaging their fur coat. Their fur coat would grow back differently from their original fur coat.

Your French Bulldog’s fur coat would not be as healthy and luscious as it previously was, it would instead be thinner and coarse. Their fur coat will develop knots and mats a lot easier than it previously did.

You would end up having to spend greater lengths of time grooming your French Bulldog. Grooming your French Bulldog will become more expensive because you would have to invest in better products to keep their fur coat in a manageable state.

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Inadequate Temperature Regulation

Shaving your French Bulldog will not allow them to cool off faster and more effectively, that is a misconception. Shaving your French Bulldog will do more harm than good because it disrupts their temperature regulation process.

When your French Bulldog’s fur coat is intact, cool air can reach your dog’s skin and circulate through the fur. However, if you shave your French Bulldog, the cool air will slow over the skin and will not be able to reach the skin.

Dogs do not regulate their body temperature by sweating through their skin pores, in the same way that we do. French Bulldogs cool off through their paws so instead of shaving your Frenchie you should invest in a cooling pad to keep your dog cool during the hot days.

Increased Risk Of Skin Conditions

Dogs have thinner skin than we do. Their skin is accustomed to being protected by the layers of fur that they were born with. However, when you shave your French Bulldog’s fur coat, their skin will be vulnerable to the sun.

When your French Bulldog’s bare skin is exposed to the sun, you will be running the risk of your dog developing a skin condition like skin cancer. UV rays affect dogs faster than they affect us because their skins are more sensitive than ours.

How Do You Stop A French Bulldog From Shedding?

There are a couple of methods to stop your French Bulldog from shedding, namely a brushing routine and medical treatment.

Regular Brushing

Even though Frenchies have short fur, they still need to be groomed. You should brush your French Bulldog at least once a week. Regularly brushing your French Bulldog removes dead skin and excess dirt from your dog’s fur coat.

Brushing your French Bulldog also allows for thorough oil distribution. Regular brushing benefits you by removing loose fur and significantly decreasing the amount of fur that your French Bulldog will shed all over your home.

Another benefit of brushing your dog is that it stimulates your dog’s nerve endings and allows them to relax and enjoy the process. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend some time and bond with your French Bulldog.

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Treat The Underlying Condition

When your dogs are stressed, they experience what is known as stress shedding. Your French Bulldog could be stressed for several reasons. However, you should try to identify the cause of your Frenchie’s stress and ensure that they are comfortable.

Symptoms of stress include shaking, whining, and excessive panting. Once you deal with the cause of your French Bulldog’s stress, they will calm down and their excessive shedding will cease.

Health issues, such as infections and parasites, cause dogs to shed excessively. If you suspect that your dog may be sick, you should consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will diagnose your French Bulldog and prescribe medication to treat your dog.

When your dog is shedding excessively, watch out for other symptoms that they display, such as lesions, loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, weight loss, and diarrhea. This will make it easier for you to identify whether their excessive shedding is a result of a health issue or not.

How To Take Care Of Your Frenchie?

The key aspects in maintaining the coat health of your French Bulldog includes a high-quality diet and proper hydration.


As is the case with us, having a good diet improves the health of your skin significantly. The same applies to dogs. The healthier your French Bulldog’s diet, the healthier they will be, and their fur coat will be healthy too.

Your French Bulldog needs a well-balanced diet that includes nutrients and vitamins in the correct volumes. A well-balanced diet will support your Frenchie’s hair follicles and reduce shedding.

A well-balanced diet would include high-quality dog food, such as the meals offered by Pet Plate. These meals are delicious and contain a whole lot of healthy nutrients and vitamins for your Frenchie.

We would also recommend introducing fish oil supplements to your French Bulldog’s diet. Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 fatty acids that are known for strengthening and nourishing fur.


Many people tend to overlook the importance of water in their pet’s diet. Hydration is crucial in ensuring that your French Bulldog is healthy. The amount of water that your French Bulldog should drink is dependent on their body weight.

For every pound of body weight, your French Bulldog should drink an ounce of water. The state of your dog’s fur coat is a good indication of whether your French Bulldog is consuming enough water or not.

Another way to determine whether your Frenchie is dehydrated is by gently pitching some of their skin on their head. If your Frenchie is hydrated, the skin will promptly return to its natural state but if it is dehydrated, its skin will return to its natural state slowly.

It is not sufficient to ensure that your French Bulldog is drinking enough water, you should also ensure that they have access to clean water. You should place their water bowl in a secure area where it is safe from dirt and bugs.

You should regularly clean your dog’s water bowl and offer them fresh water. If it is hot, you should add ice cubes to your Frenchie’s water to keep them cool.

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How Often Should I Bathe My French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs do not need to be bathed very often because of their short and smooth fur. They do not accumulate as much dirt as breeds with long and fluffy fur. You should bathe your French Bulldog once every 2 months.

As a rule of thumb, French Bulldogs should be bathed as often as needed. Overbathing your dog contributes to them shedding excessively. When you over-bathe your dog, you strip them of essential oils and their skin becomes dry and they shed more.

On the other hand, bathing your French Bulldog only when necessary is beneficial because it removes loose fur and dirt without stripping your Frenchie’s fur coat of essential oils. However, bathing your dog can be counterproductive if you do not use proper dog shampoo products.

Since French Bulldogs tend to have dry skin, you should opt for a moisturizing and nourishing shampoo. There are several options available to you, however, we specifically recommend using the Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo.

Do Labs Or French Bulldogs Shed More? The Labrador Retriever is said to shed more than the French Bulldog. This is because, as the bigger sized dog, a Lab will have a thicker and longer coat than a Frenchie. Hence, the French Bulldog sheds on a minimal level while the Labrador sheds on a moderate level. However, both breeds do not shed excessively.

What Color French Bulldog Sheds The Least? All French Bulldogs shed, irrespective of the colors of their fur coatHowever, darkly pigmented French Bulldogs, such as brindle and solid black, are said to shed the least. This is actually a popular misconception arising from dark fur being less visible when shedded.

Why Has My French Bulldog Got Bald Patches? To have bald patches, your French Bulldog is most likely affected by acute moist dermatitis. This is a condition that largely affects French Bulldogs as a result of moisture gathering within your pooch’s skin folds. The effects of this condition are often limited to excessive hair loss.

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