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Best Dog Multivitamins

The best dog multivitamin is Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete Multivitamins.

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and have gained the distinction of being among the most popular pets. Just like human beings, dogs have dietary and nutritional requirements that need to be met.

Your pooches could develop vitamin deficiency if their diet is not well-balanced. That’s why we have curated a list of multi-vitamins that are specially formulated for your furry friend.

Budget Conscious Pick

NaturVet 4-In-1 Dog Multivitamin

Our Top Pick

Wholistic Pet Organics Dog Multivitamins


Zesty Paws Dog Multivitamins

01 Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete Multivitamins

If you have been looking for the best multivitamin supplement for the best health of your canine, then you just got one in this multi-vitamin. It's an all-in-one supplement that contains vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, fatty acids and antioxidants to keep your pooch healthy.

What we really liked is that it's made locally in U.S.A and certified by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).

  • This is a natural product that will provide your pooch with all its vitamin needs effectively. Made using natural whole food ingredients, this multivitamin is an excellent all-around product for a healthy and strong canine.

02 NaturVet 4-In-1 Dog Multivitamin

Most of the time, dog owners fail to get the right supplement for their furry friends as they can be expensive.

This multivitamin supplement beats that, and it's a proven good source of essential vitamins and minerals for your canine. It is veterinarian formulated and made locally in an FDA audited, cGMP compliant facility in the U.S.A.

  • This all-in-one product is excellent for your dog's vitamin needs and is also favorable to your budget. Did we also mention that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee?

03 Zesty Paws Dog Multivitamins

This is a very great product for your beloved canine as it provides the vitamins and minerals and helps to promote good digestive function, healthy joints, and a shiny coat. It contains glucosamine and chondroitin which aid in maintaining the health of your pet.

  • The Zesty paws multivitamin for dogs is a great supplement that could help to promote a healthy immune system in your canine companion. With a chewable chicken flavor bite-sized tablet, you can give it as a treat to your pooch.

04 PetHonesty 10-In-1 Dog Multivitamins

If you are looking for a single product with multiple benefits, then your search has come to an end. The 10-in-1 dog multivitamin supplement with glucosamine will provide your canine with a lot of benefits to improve its well-being.

With 1 Billion CFU Probiotics, it helps to improve your dog's digestive system.

  • This is an excellent product for your pet pooch owing to its multiple benefits especially its inflammatory properties that boost the immunity of your furry friend.

05 Pet MD Advanced Multivitamins For Dogs

This is a nice product for your pooch to satisfy its vitamins and minerals' needs. It comes in the form of chewable tablets.

In one bottle, there are 365 tablets. One for each day of the year. This means that a daily dose supply enough to last your canine companion for a full year. It is made locally in the U.S.A using a Federally Regulated Manufacturing Facility.

  • This supplement is good for your canine's nutritional need regardless of its age. We really liked that the manufacturers have tested this product to be safe from E-Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus Aureus, Coliforms, Yeast, Mold & More.

06 Nutri-Vet Multi-Vite Chewables For Dogs

It's a known fact that some supplements may prove to be hard for your pooch to take. That's why if you are feeding your canine friend supplements directly, it's best to choose one that comes in a great taste.

From our research, dog parents really liked the Nutria-Vet Multi-Vite Chewables because it's great tasting for their pooches.

  • The Nutri-Vet Multivitamin Chewables is a nice product for your canine that will guarantee it an efficient supply of vitamins and minerals to help develop a strong immunity system.

07 WetNozeHealth Dog Vitamins

This product is a nice blend of ingredients for your canine's health. The multivitamin supplement has turmeric and chicken flavor that goes out of its way to improve its overall taste.

It is also soft – suitable for chewing by your pet pooch, making it easy to ingest.

  • This is an excellent multivitamin product with additional benefits to help promote skin integrity and joint strength.

08 Pet-Tabs Original Formula Vitamin Supplement

This is a great vitamin supplement that comes in the form of tasty chewable tablets that your pooch will love. The tabs contain ample vitamins and minerals, as well as other essential ingredients that are important for your canine's health.

  • The vitamin supplement provides essential vitamins and minerals along with minerals for your dog's food. The tables are easy to administer and can be given as a treat.

09 Buddy & Lola Multivitamin Dog Chews

The Buddy & Lola Multivitamin helps to support the immune system of your dog with its formulated vitamin A, C & E.

It also contains calcium and magnesium which are essential for the overall good health of your pet. Similar to most canine multivitamins, it comes in soft chew for your dog's easier consumption.

  • Buddy & Lola Multivitamin Chews for Dog is an excellent supplement that will also provide additional minerals along with the vitamins. It's on a pricier side and there are cheaper alternatives in the market which provides the same multivitamins content.

10 ZPAW Daily Multi-Vitamins For Dogs

ZPAW is committed to providing high-quality products for every pet across the globe. The ZPAW Multivitamins For Dogs is a great tasty treat made from natural ingredients. They are well formulated with various vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants. It is meant to improve the digestion and appetite of your furry friend.

  • Dogs of all ages can use this multivitamin. It improves life quality and helps to promote healthy skin/coat.

11 Rx Vitamins Essentials 8 Oz/226.8g Powder For Dogs

This is a great supplement for a young pup as it contains rich amount of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system and calcium that will promote good bone health.

It also contains protein and iron extracts which make it an all-around supplement for your pet.

  • This is a versatile supplement that will provide a range of nutrients for the well-being of your pooch. Served in a powder form, you can mix this multivitamin with your dog's daily diet.

12 Nupro Nutri-Pet All Natural Supplement For Dogs

This supplement is made from all-natural products. It contains no artificial additives that can be potential harmful to your furry friend.

Apart from that, it promises a flea repellent property, which we found to be an unverified claim.

  • It is an entirely natural canine supplement and doesn't contain any wheat or corn.

13 Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Dog Treats

Made with without any artificial flavorings or preservatives, the Milk-Bone Vitamin Dog Treats help support your dog's immune system. It comes in the form of chicken-flavored regular treats which is loved by pooches.

  • Made without any artificial flavorings, it helps to promote healthier joints and supports your dog's overall well-being.

14 ProSense Dog Multivitamin

The ProSense multivitamin is a chewable tab supplement which is suitable for dogs of all ages. This supplement helps to support the overall wellness of your furry friend.

  • It is an inexpensive option that helps to support the overall wellness of your dog.

15 Nutramax Cosequin DS Plus Chewable Tablets with MSM

This is a nice multivitamin for your canine that comes with additional minerals that helps to support bone and joint strength.

  • The Nutramax Cosequin supplement is a suitable multivitamin to help support the mobility functions of your furry companion. It contains MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), which helps to provide good joint and bone health.

Buyers Guide

Dog Multivitamins Buyer's Guide

We have listed a few multivitamins that make your pooch look great in their appearance and promotes general health.

But does your furry friend need these multivitamins?

And what factors should you consider while buying multivitamins?

By the end of this section, you will have answers to the questions. So, let's get started.

Does Your Dog Need Multivitamins?

It is a well-known observation that many modern dogs are suffering from various health problems which were not common in canines earlier.

You may ask yourself why that is so. The rise of processed food is replacing the fresh food diet that dogs are accustomed to having in the wild.

Most of these health problems are associated with the processed foods your pooches are consuming nowadays. However, it is hard to avoid giving them this diet because of its availability. The hard truth about the whole scenario is the increasing incidences of dental problems, dog cancers, allergies, obesity, and many diseases.

A dog in the wild is used to a raw diet – herbs, fruits, grass, meat, bones and skin of their prey. That means they get a well-balanced meal. You must ensure your canine friend have a balanced diet too. And a non-balanced diet means your pooch might have a vitamin deficiency.

As dog owners, we truly care for our furry friends and will make sure that they are given the best diet which we can afford. However, there are still times when they need a specific vitamin for their growth. For example, when recovering from medical conditions such as diseases, surgical procedures, pregnancies, they do need a higher dose of multivitamins.

What should you look at before purchasing a multivitamin?

Choose Your Multivitamin Carefully

Your canine companion may need a little boost especially when they are not in their best of health.

Multivitamins can help to supplement your dog's diet and provide nutritional benefits. It is always advisable to consult your local veterinarian prior to giving your pooch any form of supplements. Your veterinarian will be the best person to provide any medical opinions for your dog.

If your dog has a specific vitamin deficiency, then your veterinarian should be able to advise you on the vitamins and minerals to look for. Besides, if your pooch currently on any other medication, your veterinarian should recommend a supplement that will not react negatively with the medication.

Check The Expiry Date – Just as you check the expiry date of your food products, ensure you don't skip this check when purchasing the multivitamins. An expiry supplement could cause negative side effects such as vomiting, abdominal pains, constipation, diarrhea, or even mortality.

Read The Labels Carefully – This will help you to understand the ingredients that are used in the product. Check if there are additives and artificial colorings that can cause harm to your dog.

Check The Lot Number – Some labels have great ingredients, but that's not the actual ingredients. That's why you need to check at the lot number. It tells you that the company did quality checks on the product.

Read Actual Reviews Of Customers – Especially if you are doing online shopping, be sure to check their customer reviews. These customers will mention their experiences with the product and how effective the product was.

Clinical & Laboratory Studies – As a general guideline, lookout for a supplement that has successful clinical results from their laboratory studies. Your veterinary should be able to help you out.

Avoid Out-Of-The-World Promises – Multivitamins are not meant for curing diseases. Instead, the multivitamins support healing. Avoid multivitamins that provide "too good to be true" claims.

Vitamin E Complex – They are natural antioxidants which are good for your dog's immune system.

Avoid Calcium & Iron – These 2 compounds may hinder proper absorption. If your dog needs the two minerals, buy two separate multivitamins instead.

Factors to Consider When Buying Multivitamins

Before purchasing any type of multivitamins, you need to think about these dog-related factors.

Age Of Dogs

Dogs usually require different amounts of vitamins and minerals depending on their age. If your puppy is not on a well-balanced diet, then it might need more vitamins. Inversely, an older adult pooch will need a higher amount of supplements to boost their immunity because they are not as healthy anymore.

How Much Does It Cost?

We must emphasize that the multivitamins are for supplementing the food you are feeding your dog. So, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a single supplement unless it is unavoidable. Always do a price/feature comparison to make sure that you are getting the best supplement at a reasonable price point.

Types Of Ingredients Used

You should avoid multivitamins with fillers, additives, synthetic colorings or any other ingredients that seem dubious.

Some unethical manufacturers might include these filler ingredients to extend the shelf life of their product, which might not be that healthy to your furry friend.

It is also advisable to look out for multivitamins whose nutrients have been activated. Nutrients in their active form tend to be absorbed faster into the bloodstream, hence giving the multivitamins greater effectiveness.

Is Your Dog Active?

Some breed of dogs are great runners and swimmers while others just like sleeping. Depending on the activity level of your furry friend, you might need to tweak the dosage of the multivitamins.

Dogs that are more active in nature could have greater tendencies to develop joint conditions. Therefore, it is important to choose the right multivitamin that matches the lifestyle that your furry friend has.

Your Dog's Weight

The weight of your dog is an important factor that you should consider before purchasing multivitamins. It affects metabolism and most multivitamins in the market have some certain weight limits to ensure effectiveness.

Your dog's weight determines the type of multivitamins, the frequency which they can be taken and also the dosage.

For this factor, we highly recommend consulting with a qualified veterinarian first.

Your Dog's Existing Medication

There are some medications that can interact dangerously with the multivitamins that your pooch consumes. You need to check the ingredients and consult your veterinary doctor for more information.

It's for the safety and well-being of your canine companion.

Mode Of Consumption

The mode of consumption of multivitamins is another key factor that you should consider. Multivitamins generally come in various methods of consumption such as capsules, tablets, suspensions, and injections.

Injections are easy to administer. However, it may prove to be an inconvenient method if your dog is highly temperamental and will not stay still at the sight of a needle.

Capsules and tablets are a common method of consumption. But if they taste bad, your pooch may refuse to eat them in the future. A trick is to mix the capsules and tablets together with its meal so that the taste is masked out.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Never give your furry friend your "human" vitamins as they can be unsafe for canine's consumption. Instead, consider an option from our list of recommended multivitamins. These multivitamins are formulated especially for canines and have been used by dog owners all over the U.S.A.

We recommend our top pick, the Wholistic Pet Organics Canine Complete Multivitamins, because of its all-in-one trait. With just one single multivitamin, your pooch will be able to get its dose of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and powerful antioxidants. Besides, it is naturally made without any additives or artificial ingredients.

Grab yours today and keep your pooch healthy!

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