What Are a Yorkieโ€™s Sleeping Habits?

If you have recently gotten yourself a Yorkshire Terrier, you must be wondering why is my adorable and energetic little pup sleeping so much! Despite their small size, Yorkies require a great deal of beauty sleep. 

So what are Yorkiesโ€™ sleeping habits? And how long do they sleep? According to pet experts, an adult Yorkie sleeps around 13 to 18 hours a day, while a Yorkshire puppy sleeps between 16 and 22 hours. Also, these adorable breeds tend to take many short naps during the daytime.

When they are not sleeping, do expect them to be hyper-energetic, though! Hereโ€™s a guide on understanding a Yorkieโ€™s sleeping habits, along with some tips on how to help them to sleep better.

Separation Anxiety โ€“ The Greatest Disturbance To Yorkieโ€™s Sleeping Habits

Separation anxiety is a group of psychological symptoms that your Yorkie may exhibit. They are more often than not triggered by any form of separation from you as the owner or handler. It could be that you left for work all day, or you just went into the kitchen to grab a snack and left them in their crate.

Separation anxiety in dogs is a subconscious response. It is a common consequence of early separation from their mother or their sibling. It can also result from psychological trauma due to aggressive training or previous history in unfriendly homes.

More often than not, separation presents with active symptoms. Though Yorkies are typically very active and lively, the symptoms are very distinct from normal behavior. The dog becomes restless and may pace or scratch obsessively at objects. They may also bark more than usual which is saying a lot for the yappy little breed.

However, some of the signs may not be easy to pick out as abnormal. These include changes in bowel habits and most notable, sleep disturbance. With the latter, the anxiety prevents the dog from either falling asleep or staying asleep. This is because the little furball is scared if they sleep you will leave. There is probably nothing more heartbreaking really.

This, in turn, leads to other subtle symptoms like lethargy, reduced appetite, and overall failure to thrive. It is, therefore, a serious problem that should be addressed promptly for the overall well-being of your beloved dog.

Where Do Yorkies Like To Sleep?

The only thing Yorkies enjoy more than playing and eating is sleeping. In fact, they sleep between 13 and 18 hours every single day. All they need is a full belly, a peaceful mind, and a comfortable spot. Speaking of comfy spots, here are five popular locations you may find your furry little bestie curled up and knocked out.

  • Warm corners.
  • Under low-lying furniture.
  • Under the covers of your bed.
  • Snuggled on top of, under, or next to their owners.
  • Snuggled up against other pets.
  • On their favorite cushion, couch, or blanket.

Why does my Yorkie sleep so close to me? Why do I find them snuggled up in the weirdest of places? All these nap spots have in common because they are warm and cozy, and they create a feeling of protection from the big bad world.

So the next time you find your Yorkie sleeping under covers, or you find yourself asking, โ€œwhy does my Yorkie sleep between my legs?โ€ you understand what is going on in their heads.

So, does your Yorkie sleep with you? If the answer is yes, then you are probably your Yorkieโ€™s favorite person on the planet. These dogs are very needy and affectionate, so granting them this privilege is a real treat.

On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with having the doggy in your bed, there are ways to make sure everyone is happy. Just get them a nice and cozy dog bed of their own. You can also get a thick doggy blanket or a dog bed with raised edges such that they have something solid and body-like to lean against as they sleep.

Why Does My Yorkie Cry At Night? โ€“ Going Beyond Yorkie Separation Anxiety

Your dog has been keeping you up for the last several nights. They are either constantly howling, barking, or high pitch whining.

At first, it wasnโ€™t very pleasant. But now it is starting to get you worried, and you want to get to the root of things and get your best buddy in good spirits again. This involves identifying the cause of the nighttime wail-fest and solving the problem.

So why do Yorkies cry a lot? Here are five possible culprits:

1. Separation Anxiety

This is easily the leading reason for your Yorkie crying at night. No matter if it is a teacup YorkieParti Yorkie, or a Biewer Yorkie, they share this same character.

It happens mainly in setups where the little buddy does not get to sleep in the same bed or, at the very least, the same room as their beloved human friends.

2. General Anxiety

The difference between this and separation anxiety is the trigger. General anxiety is often set off by things like loud noises. So if you live next to a heavy traffic area or in a generally noisy building, the lack of peace could cause anxiety that, in turn, leads to crying.

3. Potty Time

Yorkies have notoriously small bladders.

The crying could therefore be their way of requesting to be taken out for a potty break. You could solve this by house-training your Yorkies to hold it until morning. Or you could invest in indoor potty pads.

4. Bored And In Need Of Attention

This is not very common with the sleep-loving Yorkies. However, they also have a reputation for being very emotionally needy and for being attention-seekers. So if they are howling and crying all night, they are probably bored and want to play.

5. Pain And Discomfort From Health Problems

This is often seen with Yorkie-related health issues like cancers and trauma or skin problems like atopic dermatitis and skin bumps. The pain may be so unbearable that it keeps your precious pooch up at night. The crying is also often distinct and takes the form of pitchy whining or howling as opposed to insistent barking.

How Do You Calm Down A Yorkie?

With their personality, Yorkies have a natural predisposition to different forms of anxiety. This happens whether they were separated from their litter early or not. Fortunately, there is a lot that you, as their new mom or dad, can do to help keep them calm. Here are five foolproof hacks that will work, whatever the root of the problem is.

Try Calming Supplements

These supplements help reduce anxiety by tackling the problem at a neurochemical level. Some of the most common solutions include melatonin, hemp extracts, and essential oils like lavender.

You can get them as topical blends, and My Peaceful Paws Calming Blend Essential Oil is a wonderful pick for Yorkies. The blend includes powerful essential oils, such as mandarin, sweet marjoram, petitgrain, neroli, and spikenard.

You could also get the supplements in the form of edibles, as is the case with GOODGROWLIES Calming Hemp Treats. These grain-free treats contain chamomile, passion flower, and valerian root extracts.

Let Them Play

You could calm them down by converting their nervous energy into fun playtime. Here, your choice of activity and the selection of toys is crucial. With the latter, consider getting the Jalousie 12 Pack Dog Toys. The small and plush toys are ideal for small dogs like Yorkies, and in addition to calming effects, they have positive dental results.

Give Them Your Time And Attention

Yorkies crave attention, and lack of it could trigger anxiety attacks. So, give them what they want. Let them snuggle up next to you on the couch. Get them a crate to sleep in the same room as you. These little steps make all the difference.

Create A Safe Space For Them

This should be a clean and quiet space for them to go to when they feel the need to decompress psychologically. Invest in fun things like comfortable dog furniture and blankets as well as fun toys to keep them occupied when they go there. It doesnโ€™t even have to be a whole room. A corner in the house or a cushion on the couch might just be all they need.

Wait It Out

Anxiety tends to reduce naturally with age for most Yorkies. For most forms of anxiety, a Yorkie tends to calm down near the end of its puppy age. This is usually around 12 to 18 months of age.

How Do I Get My Yorkie To Sleep Through The Night?

Yorkies love to sleep, and when comfortable, they get a lot of snooze hours down in their day. However, it is not always as easy as expecting them to go when they are tired. In fact, it is a common problem to have Yorkies fail to fall asleep or keep waking up, especially at night.

So if you are wondering how to put a Yorkie to sleep and keep them that way all night, here are a few suggestions:

Establish A Night Time Routine And Stick To It

Yorkies like to live life free and wild. However, they are easy to train and tend to stay disciplined when it comes to routines. So if you want your dog to go to sleep at a decent hour, just train them. With this hack, it is always easiest to synch their sleeping routine to yours.

Invest In A Comfortable Dog Bed

Yorkshire terriers are very fussy when it comes to where they sleep. It has to be comfortable and warm and feel as close to a nice snuggle as possible. That is what the MePet Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed promises exactly. The memory foam orthopedic bed features a plush cover and waterproof lining that are ideal for these little dogs.

Wear Them Out With Fun

One of the best ways to get your Yorkie to sleep is to get them super tired. A nice trick is to have your playtime in the afternoon or early evening, so they are tuckered out and ready for bed when night comes.

Have A Potty Break Before Bed

It may turn out to be the small bladder that keeps your doggy awake at night. A wonderful solution here would be scheduling a potty break before bed. This will help them hold it for longer so they can have better quality and quantity of sleep.

Try Sleeping Supplements

When all else fails, you could try sleeping supplements. Melatonin works the best here. Consulting your vet will help, and they will let you know what works best for your doggy. Based on their age and specific health status.

Yorkies, More Often Than Not, Sleep On Their Side And In A Curled Up Position. These doggies love a good cuddle and will get one even if it means cuddling the bed or cushions, in which case this is the best position. However, there are some that sleep on their back and tummy. This behavior is not very common and usually occurs when they feel less anxious and less needy.

How Many Hours Does A Yorkie Sleep? Yorkies sleep between 13 hours and 18 hours a day. The number of hours per day decreases as they get older and more active as they spend more of their time up and exploring. Of these 13 to 18 hours, about 8 to 10 are continuous nighttime sleep, while the rest are on-and-off naps throughout the day.

Are Yorkies Cold At Night? Newborn Yorkies tend to get cold at night. This is a result of their small bodies, less fur cover, and the general slowing down of metabolism that happens in sleep. As they grow older, stronger, and hairier, they conserve heat better. However, their small size means they may need some extra help keeping warm, so you might want to invest in a doggy blanket.

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