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29 Yorkie Mixes That You Never Know Existed

Sweet little Fourche Terriers โ€“ part Westie, part Yorkie โ€“ possess the high cuteness level of both parents. We can definitely say the same for the sassy Yorkshire Aussie (Yorkie and Australian Shepherd mix) and the pudgy monkey-looking Affenshire (Affenpinscher and Yorkie). Theyโ€™re just some of the finest Yorkie mixes out there.

Yorkie Haircuts

With their long and silky smooth fur, Yorkies are a lot of fun to style. No wonder there are so many options for Yorkie haircuts to highlight your pupโ€™s best features. If you think your pooch needs a makeover, theseโ€ฆ

What Is A Parti Yorkie?

In essence, a Parti Yorkie is everything a traditional Yorkie is, with the only difference being the color of their furs. A Parti Yorkie has a unique tri-colored fur of black, white, and tan, while a traditional Yorkie has the more common blue and tan-colored fur.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Yorkies stink due to a build-up of natural body oils and frequent skin diseases and allergies. Good grooming is necessary for this breed because perspiration can be trapped within the Yorkieโ€™s dense fur, resulting in a bad odor.