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Canine Companions: The Price of Teacup Yorkie

Choosing a pet is not a small matter. When purchasing a pet like a dog, you are making a lifetime commitment to a friendship and a new member of your family. That is why it is crucial to make sure that you are investing in a dog that is the perfect match for you.

If you believe that the dog for you may be a teacup Yorkie, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be discussing why teacup Yorkies are priced the way they are and if they are worth it.

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Standard VS Teacup

Before we get started in our review, it is necessary to note the difference between a “normal” sized Yorkshire terrier and the teacup that has become very popular over the years.

An adult standard Yorkshire terrier weighs between four and seven pounds, while its teacup counterpart usually weighs between one and four pounds. That is a very tiny pup! Aside from the difference in their size, there is no other significant difference between these two dogs.

They are mostly the same thing. Both are purebred Yorkshire terriers, just one is smaller than the other. They are not considered a separate breed as some people may have thought, with proof from the American Kennel Club confirming that they are indeed considered the same breed.

Also, the American Kennel Club only sees the standard size as the official size of this type of terrier. So if you are looking to purchase a teacup Yorkie to be in dog shows, it is important to note that they will not be qualified to compete.

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How The Price Is Determined

Now that we have settled the differences between a standard and teacup Yorkie, we can see how the prices are determined for these small pups, and what to look for on your search for the perfect one.


Whether or not the pup you are interested in is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier is a massive factor in determining how much it will be. If you are looking to buy from a breeder that has no papers or documents of the dog, you will find that you will be paying much less for your dog since there is no proof that it is purebred.

On the other hand, there are instances where Yorkies that are AKC champions are bred with other champions or highly expensive Yorkies. This can make the price of the pup go up to $10,000, all due to the reputation of the dog’s parents.

Beautiful Coat

The way the teacup Yorkie looks also plays a prominent role in its cost. Tying in with whether or not the dog is a purebred, the color combination of its coat matters. If it is not one of the combos that the AKC deems to be of purebred decent, the price can drop.

Along with this, a beautiful, silky coat will be more appealing than a puppy with a coarser texture, so that is another factor to take into account as well. Like with anything you purchase, quality is everything. So if you want a Yorkie that looks like it belongs on the front page of a magazine, you’re going to have to pay for it!

High Demand

Although Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are not considered to be their own breed, they still generally cost more than the standard size terriers solely from word of mouth. Many people love the idea of having an adorable, cute dog that they can dress up and cuddle with.

But, when you hear that there is a dog that can actually fit inside a teacup, it is every girl’s dream come true to have a dog that can be treated like a baby doll. The teacup Yorkie fits this description, but what is even better is that it has many other characteristics that dog lovers admire in dogs.

Some of these factors are their intelligence, size, and attitude. Yorkies are among the smarter breeds of canines, and because of this, they are very easy to train and adapt well to their environment. This is great for those of you that want a dog that they can do tricks with and not have to worry so much about accidents inside the house.

Their size, of course, is the main aspect of why they are so popular, but other benefits of their size besides the fact they can fit in a teacup is their ability to live in apartments. Many large breeds of dogs cannot live in apartment buildings for many different reasons, but with this pup, you can have them anywhere.

Plus, they are perfect because there is no excuse as to why you can’t have one. Many husbands or parents make the point that you may be unable to get a dog due to how much space they require. With this breed, there is no extra space at all! They are lap dogs also, so they will be content with being in your lap all day.


Some breeders may price their females pups more than males, due to breeding purposes. If this is something you wish to do, however, keep in mind that some breeders have neuter/spay contracts, so you may not be able to breed them at all.

Another reason why females may be priced higher than males is that there is a higher demand. But, some breeders charge the same amount regardless of the gender of the dog.


You may want to consider transportation costs if the particular dog you desire is far away or if you are unable to get the dog yourself. In some cases, let’s say if the dog you want to purchase is overseas, an airplane ride can cost an extra $300.

The Cost Of Teacup Yorkies

As you have read in the sections above, many factors contribute to the cost of these beautiful, little animals. So, the price range is vast and the cost can be anywhere between $900 to $10,000. When buying from an official AKC breeder, the price range is $1,200 to $1,500, which is a reasonable price.

Any price below this makes it more likely that you’re buying your dog from a non-reputable breeder. These breeders may not be safe to purchase from because to breed a dog this delicate takes skill and knowledge. Without proper breeding, a teacup Yorkie runs the risks of having dangerous health problems and may not be a purebred dog.

Any prices above $1,500 may be the prices of Yorkies bred from dogs with an impressive reputation or from dog show champions. Another option is that the dog may be from breeders that may be increasing the price due to the popularity of this dog breed.

It is essential to watch out for breeders like this because they are only seeking to get more money than the pup is worth. As mentioned throughout the article, the teacup Yorkie isn’t officially its own breed, so any breeder that tries to use this excuse to raise the price is doing so wrongfully.

Final Thoughts – Is A Yorkie Right For You?

Adding a dog to your life is a significant milestone that should not be taken lightly. That is why it is crucial to ensure that you are buying a dog that is the perfect match for you.

As long as you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to avoid scams and wrongfully priced teacup Yorkies and keep you and your wallet happy. We hope that this article helped with your decision in buying one of these beautiful dogs and that it is the first step in creating a new, happy companionship.

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