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Are You Considering A Dog DNA Test? Know The Costs!

There could be several reasons to get your dog’s DNA tested.

If your breeder does not do it for you and you are not sure about the status of the puppy’s parents, then you might want to get it tested only to find its ancestral line. This kind of testing is done to answer your own curiosity as far as the background of your dog is concerned.

However, there could be other reasons to get your dog tested, for example, you might want to rule out gene mutations, you might want to optimize his nutritional needs, you might want to find out its behavioral tendencies and what to expect as he grows up according to his genetic disposition.

Whatever is your quest, the only solution is a DNA test. You could choose to buy a DNA test kit (here’s our buyers’ guide on dog DNA test kits) or get a blood-based test done by the veterinarian.

Here is a brief look at the costs that you could expect.


What Are The Average Costs?

What are the average costs?

You can expect the average costs of a DNA test to be anything in between $100 to $300. This fee is applicable if you choose to get a blood-based DNA test done by the vet. However, you could also choose to buy a DNA test kit that will cost you around $30-$70 along with additional shipping costs. There could be a few other factors determining the cost and they are:

  • The type of testing done; cheek swab or blood sample.
  • The test is not performed in all vet clinics and thus the location of the clinic matters and might make a difference to the costs implied.
  • The veterinarian’s fees.

The only downside to getting a test done at the vet clinic is the fact that you have to pay the entire price even if your test results are not clear and definite.


2 Popular Options

Most pet parents resort to DNA test kits because they are only curious about the background of their dog. DNA test kits are readily available online and you could choose whichever brand you wish to. However, knowing the brands that are popular will not harm anyone, so let us take a look.

#1 Wisdom Panel 4.0
This is the dog DNA test kit to opt for if you are on a budget. You can’t call it a cheaper option but at $85, it is still more affordable than the other options with the same features. The best feature of this test kit is the fact that you can test purebreds, mixed breeds as well as designer breeds with the kit. More than 250 breeds can be tested with the help of this kit. That makes it a one-stop solution for all your concerns.


  • Three generation breed identification
    You can trace back the ancestral line of your puppy till its great grandparents by using this test kit.
  • Expected weight
    You can find out the possible weight that your dog might reach in adulthood. This will help in finding the right nutritional choices to maintain its health and activity levels.
  • EIC testing
    You can rule out the possibility of EIC, a genetic disorder in which a dog collapses after intense activities.

#2 Embark
If budget is not a concern for you then you could always opt to Embark. It is priced at $200 and it is worth every penny. Some of its brilliant features are:

  • Customised vet reports
    With this test, your vet will receive customized DNA reports of your dog that will be able to indicate possible health concerns to be addressed at the earliest.
  • 160 mutation tests
    With the Embark test kit, you can get your dog tested for 160 genetic mutations so that the right measures are taken at the right time.
  • Absolute accuracy
    Embark happens to be the most accurate DNA test kit for dogs and has a huge and favorable position in the genetic market.
Final Thoughts – Is It Worth The Investment?
With the DIY dog DNA test kit, it's really simple to get your pooch's DNA tested. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!

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