29 Yorkie Mixes That You Never Know Existed

They’re tiny and cuddly and completely adorable. But what happens if you mix a Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie with another breed? The answer depends on so many factors but one thing is certain – you get the best of both worlds!

Sweet little Fourche Terriers – part Westie, part Yorkie – possess the high cuteness level of both parents. We can definitely say the same for the sassy Yorkshire Aussie (Yorkie and Australian Shepherd mix) and the pudgy monkey-looking Affenshire (Affenpinscher and Yorkie). They’re just some of the finest Yorkie mixes out there.

Prepare for some cuteness overload as we explore these 29 Yorkie mixes you would want in your home today!

29. Fourche Terrier: West Highland Terrier + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@romeo_fourche

Don’t be confused by the name, Fourche Terrier is actually the combination of a West Highland Terrier and a Yorkie. They have white coats while others may have black, gray or bluish coat colors.

As a pet, Fourche Terriers are agile and active. They enjoy romping around the yard or keeping their owners entertained with their silly antics. A perfect lap dog and companion dog, there is definitely so much to love about this breed.

28. Yorkshire Aussie: Yorkie + Australian Shepherd Dog

Image from Instagram:@balutheredtriaussie

Think of Yorkshire Aussies as tiny versions of the Australian Shepherd dog. They have the same long muzzles and erect ears with a smaller body. Their coat colors are similar to that of an Aussie, yet the length is longer as a Yorkie’s fur.

Yorkshire Aussies enjoy playtime. They like to have fun and would rather take things lightly. These mellow and light-hearted creatures are a delight to all owners.

27. Scorkie: Scottish Terrier + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@princesstinystar

Another fun mix of two Terrier breeds, the Scorkie is a lot like both parents. They sport the same short legs and oval-shaped bodies of a Scottish Terrier combined with those erect, fluffy ears of a Yorkie. And yes, they are tiny and barely a ruler tall!

Scorkies exude a quiet disposition. They are well-tempered but can have a tendency to dig too much when bored or anxious.

26. Boston Yorkie: Boston Terrier + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@mokha.love

An iconic Yorkie mix, the Boston Yorkie is a courageous and loyal pooch in a diminutive body. They may sport the black and white colors of a Boston Terrier while others have brown or tan coats as a Yorkie. 

As these pups are intelligent, you should find it easy to train them and teach them tricks. But with their tiny bodies, it is best to supervise your kids when playing with a dainty Boston Yorkie. They don’t handle rough-housing too well and may get injured.

25. Chorkie: Yorkie + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@camila.the.chorkie

They may be tiny but Chorkies have a ton of personality! A hybrid dog that’s a mix between the Chihuahua and Yorkie, Chorkies have the same apple-shaped head as a Chi and a Yorkie’s fluffy coat. 

Speaking of personality, these canines are fun-loving creatures. They are tenacious fellows who enjoy spending time with their families but also just as fond of being a calm and sweet lap dog that they are.

24. Griffonshire: Brussels Griffon + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@melaniemoon

Flashing that signature underbite of a Brussels Griffon and the silky coat of a Yorkie, the Griffonshire is not your average Yorkie mix. They are small and lightweight at only 10 lbs or under. 

With their portable size, these dogs are just the perfect companion pups for everyone. They also bond quickly with their owners and may get anxious or depressed when left alone for periods of time.

23. King Charles Yorkie: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@flossie.and.nellie

A cross of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Yorkie, the King Charles Yorkie looks like a royalty in every single way. They have smooth and silky coats in shades of fawn, black, or white, which are trademark colors of the Cavalier. And those big dark eyes are totally from the Yorkie parent.

Weighing 20 lbs, they are amazing family dogs that are always ready to join you on trips and any activity. Just be sure to handle them gently as their delicate bodies can be prone to injury due to any rough play.

22. Dorkie: Dachshund + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@wafflesthedorkie

They may be called Dorkies but they are not at all dorky! In fact, this Dachshund + Yorkie mix is a cool-looking, fluffy small pup. Just like their parent, the Doxie, these canines have short legs and a long body. 

Do take note that Dorkies are fragile pooches. They are not advisable to be left with kids when unsupervised by adults. Minimal exercise should also suffice to keep this pup happy and healthy.

21. Corkie: Cocker Spaniel + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@mikeythetripawdpack

About the size of a ruler and only under 15 lbs, Corkie is a fun mix of a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkie. This pooch may be small but they are quite sturdy. In fact, they are fine with children, as long as with adult supervision.

Corkies are independent creatures. This makes training a little tricky for first-time owners. But with firmness and consistency, they should respond well to training.

20. Yorkillon: Yorkie + Papillon

Image from Instagram:@livin_mybeast_life

These “Dwarf Spaniels” are true to their appearance – doll-like faces with silky hair just like a Yorkie with the familiar butterfly ears of a Papillon. They are small and cuddly, which makes them a perfect lap dog.

As these pups are intelligent and eager to please their owners, it should not take long before they master a skill or trick. Thus, they can be okay with newbies who have never owned a dog before.

19. Yorkeltie: Yorkie + Shetland Sheepdog

Image from Instagram:@survivor_khit

Spunky Yorkelties are what you get when you combine a Sheltie and a Yorkie. These long-haired, fluffy fellows have the coat length of a Sheltie and the tiny size of a Yorkie, which makes them outstanding companions and lap dogs.

Historically bred as a working dog, Yorkelties are obedient and adaptable creatures. They are also not your usual barker, which means they should be fine to live in an apartment.

18. Corgi Yorkie: Corgi + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@cul.de.sac.crew

Stubby-legged Corgi meets fluffy Yorkie in this interesting hybrid dog breed. The Corgi Yorkie possesses these striking features of both parents… And then some! They are, however, smaller than a Corgi, yet bigger than a Yorkie. This is why they can handle young kids, as long as they are handled gently.

As for their personality, Corgi Yorkies are full of energy. They love to play, and they need ample exercise each day such as brisk walks and games. These all help to keep them mentally stimulated and eliminate boredom.

17. Yorkinese: Pekingese + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@yorkiegraciegirl

A Yorkinese is small but hardy. They are about 12 inches tall and may weigh up to 15 lbs. Their coat is medium to long, which comes in a variety of colors such as tan, cream, brown, black, and white. 

These are independent canines, something typical of a purebred Pekingese. They do love to cuddle up, yet they also don’t mind being left alone for a few hours. This is why they are ideal for folks who work and have to be away from home a few times a day.

16. Yorkichon: Yorkie + Bichon

Image from Instagram:@hugo_biyok

Plush and fuzzy, Yorkichon takes after their densely-coated parents, the Bichon and Yorkie. They are generally hypoallergenic, which is all because of the low dander-producing Bichon. As for their appearance, it is usually a mixture of the two breeds.

Although this canine does not shed, it is still important to brush its coat regularly to remove dirt and debris. They also need minimal exercise; a short walk should suffice for them.

15. Yorkie Pom: Yorkie + Pomeranian

Image from Instagram:@mila_yorkipom

The Yorkie Pom, or simply Yorkipom, is a tiny little toy dog that is under 10 inches in height. This is not surprising as the Pom and Yorkie breeds are also just as small. They are also quite fluffy, and mind you, this mixed breed shed a lot.

As with most toy dogs, the Yorkie Pom is not suitable for very active children. These dogs need to be handled carefully and gently; otherwise they may suffer injuries because of their delicate bodies.

14. Borkie: Beagle + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@romeo.borkie

A high-strung energy bunny, the Borkie is a combination of the Beagle and Yorkie. They have the same floppy Beagle ears and fuzzy coat as a Yorkie. Plus, they have a stocky body type, which is definitely from the Beagle side.

Many Terriers are active fellows and the Borkie is not an exception. They love to run, chase, and hunt small animals. So, if you need an energetic pal to take with you on a hunting trip, it may be a good choice to take a Borkie with you.

13. Yorkie Apso: Yorkie + Lhasa Apso

Image from Instagram:@sweetlifeofbelle

With their soft, flowing hair, the Yorkie Apso is one good-looking pooch. They carry themselves proudly and elegantly, just like a Yorkie. And their calm demeanor is most certainly from their Lhasa Apso parent.

Mellow and mild, these are the things that best describe a Yorkie Apso. They can also be up for fun and games but the best thing for them is staying on your lap and giving your plenty of affection.

12. Carkie: Cairn Terrier + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@sinjas

Famous for their wiry coats, the Carkie is the offspring of a Cairn Terrier and Yorkie. They are small and lightweight, which is a must for apartment dwellers. But thanks to their adaptability, they do well whether in the city or the country.

The most ideal owner for a Carkie is one that is firm and consistent. They are easy to train, yet their stubborn streak can sometimes get in the way.

11. Pugshire: Pug + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@itsrambow

An unusual, yet well-loved Yorkie mix, the Pugshire offers you 10 lbs of love and affection. They have the trademark underbite of a Pug and a Yorkie’s long and silky coat. As for their build, they are compact, yet not as stocky as a Pug.

Pugshires are affectionate little pups. These canines are sociable and outgoing, which makes them get along well with all types of people.

10. Ratshire Terrier: Yorkie + Rat Terrier

Image from Instagram:@benji_with_the_curlytail

Historically, Rat Terriers and Yorkies were bred to hunt rodents. So, with the fusion of the two, you’ve got a master ratter! But aside from their skill, Ratshire Terriers are simply endearing. They are smaller than a Rat Terrier but a little bigger than a Yorkie. Covering their adorable body is a fluffy, medium-length coat.

One thing you might want to know about Ratshire Terriers is that they can be stubborn. They do respond well to positive reinforcement, so it is a great way to reel them in.

9. Jorkie: Jack Russell + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@colinthejackandlayla

Stocky as a Jack Russell and tiny as a Yorkie, the Jorkie is a lovable, 15-inch tall pooch. Their coats often come in shades of brown, tan, and white. They also have a reasonable weight of under 20 lbs.

Energetic and active, Jorkies love movement. They need their daily exercise, as well hours of playtime. Got a 9 to 5 job? These pups may not handle very well those times you need to leave them for hours.

8. Yorkie Min Pin: Mini Pinscher + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@petite.prada

Basically, a Yorkie Min Pin is much like a fluffy version of a Miniature Pinscher. They have erect ears, black and brown bodies, and small dark eyes. They do have a longer coat, which they take after their Yorkie parent.

When it comes to personality, these pups are very active and agile. They enjoy playtime and exercise with their fur parents. But if you need a lap dog, the Yorkie Min Pin is the right choice for this, as well.

7. Morkie: Maltese + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@goodboybuster

Clownish and laid-back, the Morkie is one to count on for fun and games. They have long, wavy hair, especially on their faces. Their coat colors vary in shades of cream and white.

Do not underestimate their small stature. Morkies are actually tough. They can do well with young children, although rough-housing is a definite no-no with these gentle pups.

6. Goldenshire: Golden Retriever + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@courtneylanette1478

A merging of America’s favorite family pooch, the Golden Retriever and the cute and pudgy Yorkie, the Goldenshire has so much to offer. They are small dogs with golden hair, pretty much like the Golden side of the family. But their coats are low-shedding and hypoallergenic, just like a Yorkie’s.

A super obedient and loyal dog, Goldenshires are easy to train. You should be able to get them to follow your orders. Just be sure to be consistent and firm when training these pups.

5. Yorkie Ton: Yorkie + Coton de Tulear

Image from Instagram:@anicholer27

Still sporting that soft and fluffy coat of a Coton de Tulear and a Yorkie’s hypoallergenic quality, the Yorkie Ton is a lot of fun. They have short legs to match their short bodies. As for their temper, it is definitely mild and gentle.

If you are the type of person that does not like to exercise or stay active, the Yorkie Ton is a good fit for you. They can be content with only minimal exercise, as long as they are able to stay by your side most of the time.

4. Boxkie: Boxer + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@leroifrenchfry

A Boxkie looks exactly like a Boxer but a smaller version – and yes, with longer hair. These dogs come in various shades of brown, fawn, and white. They have a compact body but not as well-defined as a purebred Boxer.

Boxkies are energetic creatures. They thrive on activity whether it is a long walk, a brisk walk, hiking, or playtime in the yard. This is also one of the few Yorkie mixes that do well with young kids because of their sturdy bodies.

3. Affenshire: Affenpinscher + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@_marianoelle

Affenshires are a mix between a Yorkie and an Affenpinscher. They may have either a smooth coat or a rough one. But no matter what the texture, it is always hypoallergenic. After all, both parents have the same, low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat.

These pups are a little on the stubborn side. They tend to get themselves into mischief because of their playful nature. But at the end of the day, there is nothing more that they would love than to cuddle up with their favorite humans.

2. Yorkipoo: Yorkie + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@toypoodlesofworld

Curly Yorkipoos feature the shining qualities of the Yorkie and Toy Poodle. They have the familiar wavy coat of a Poodle and the big, dark eyes of a Yorkie. And thanks to the Poodle gene, this little sweetheart is a low-shedder and hypoallergenic.

For a Yorkipoo, a great day would mean a little walk, some fun and games, and time to curl up on mom’s or dad’s lap. They are affectionate cuties that are ready to be your best friend since day one.

1. Torkie: Toy Fox Terrier + Yorkie

Image from Instagram:@beerensteinbear

Torkies are designer dogs that combine the genes of the Yorkie and Toy Fox Terriers. With both parents being on the short side, their offspring is definitely tiny – about 9 inches tall. These are compact, fluffy babies tipping the scale at 10 lbs.

As they are 100% Terriers, these pups are full of energy and vitality. They love to play and romp around but would never say no to some cuddle time, as well.

Related Questions

Are Yorkie Mixes Hypoallergenic? Not all Yorkie mixes are hypoallergenic dogs. It all depends on the other breed that makes them up. But many Yorkshire mixes do not trigger allergic reactions such as the YorkichonFourche Terrier, and Scrokie, to name a few.

How Big Does A Yorkie Mix Get? Yorkie mixes come in different shapes and sizes. There are mixes that can be a little bigger than others, weighing more than 25 lbs, such as the Boxkie and Goldenshire. On the other hand, there are tinier ones such as the Yorkie PomYorkichon, and Pugshire to name a few, weighing up to 10 lbs.

Do Yorkie Mixes Shed? Not all of Yorkie mixes shed. There are low-shedders such as the Yorkipoo, Yorkinese, and the Fourche Terrier. However, there are also others that shed a little bit more such as the Goldenshire and the Chorkie.

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