Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Can a busy person ever own a dog? If you consider your schedule to be constantly hectic, the idea of becoming a fur parent may seem daunting. But it’s not always the case, especially with low maintenance dog breeds. They make owning dogs so much easier – even if you’re busy!

Greyhounds, for instance, barely require any grooming at all. They’re eager to please, easy to train, and a joy to own for both first-timers and experienced fur moms and dads. The same holds true for the Labrador Retriever and Pug – both short-haired canines with agreeable personalities anyone will fall in love with!

But wait, there’s more! Here are 31 low maintenance dog breeds that tick off all the boxes when it comes to minimal grooming, high trainability, and endearing personality that are all a canine owner’s dream come true.

31. Shiba Inu

Image from Iconic Paw

Shiba Inus are like cats in a dog’s body. These fastidious canines love to groom themselves in a kitty-like fashion. But more than that, they are quiet, independent, and amiable pooches that busy folks would love to have in their home. Even if you have a 9 to 5 job, you should never have any problem leaving your pet alone in the house.

Do take note that these dogs require minimal exercise. A couple of walks each day and some mental stimulation should keep your Shiba healthy and happy.

30. Labrador Retriever

Image from Iconic Paw

A loyal and loving pup, Labrador Retrievers easily get attached to their owners. They thrive on physical activity and mental stimulation, so if you can give your pooch these things despite your busy schedule, that would be amazing.

Labs have short coats, which makes grooming effortless. They do shed, however, so be sure to brush their coats regularly to prevent having lots of fluff in your sofa and rugs!

29. Pomeranian

Image from Iconic Paw

What makes the Pomeranian a low maintenance dog breed is its compact size. These are tiny fluff balls that can fit perfectly well in a small apartment. Moreover, busy folks will find it easy to care for these little babies because of their high trainability and minimal need for exercise.

However, keep in mind that their coats need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting. It should not be an issue, though, because their compact size means there’s not a lot of hair to be brushed.

28. Yorkshire Terrier

Image from Iconic Paw

Yorkies live their lives to please and love their owners. These sassy lap dogs are great for people with hectic schedules because of their agreeable personalities in one tiny package. With early training and socialization, they should get along well with everyone in the household – including other pets.

Another great thing about Yorkies is that they are hypoallergenic dogs. These canines do not shed, so you won’t spend hours picking up hair – one big thing that busy people would rather not be doing after a hectic day at work.

27. Havanese

Image from Iconic Paw

A tiny pooch with a big heart, the Havanese is a love-stricken, affectionate lap dog for folks who are endlessly busy. They don’t require much exercise and are very much adaptable to all kinds of lifestyle.

Moreover, Havanese dogs are non-shedding creatures. But it is important to brush your pet’s hair regularly to prevent them from matting and knotting up. You can also give your pup a Teddy Bear cut, which is super low-maintenance and easy to care for.

26. Newfoundland Dog

Image from Fera Pet Organics

They may be massive fellows, but Newfoundland dogs are actually great for busy people because of their independent personalities. These are calm and affectionate creatures who are always ready to give you their love.

In a sense, these are low maintenance canines despite their size because of how easy it is to train them. They are mellow and sweet, so incessant barking and aggression should never be an issue with a Newf.

25. American Eskimo

Image from Iconic Paw

An excellent family dog for busy households, the American Eskimo dog is a bundle of affection and energy. They like to be stimulated all the time, which is great if you’re a busy individual who likes to stay active.

The best way to fit in an Eskie in your busy home is by keeping a routine. These pooches adore having a regular schedule, so as long as you can fit in exercise and brushing their coat in your day, these fluffy babies are a happy camper.

24. Miniature Schnauzer

Image from MaxBone

They may be very energetic dogs, but these adorable Miniature Schnauzers are actually calm and gentle fellows. These canines also learn quickly, so busy people will have an easy time training and reeling in these pups.

Although they have a thick, wiry coat, it only needs to be groomed every 6 weeks or so. Thus, it should not be an issue fitting an appointment with the groomer in your hectic schedule.

23. Cocker Spaniel

Image from Petmate

Thanks to their mellow temperament, Cocker Spaniels are a great companion for busy individuals. They are easy to train and eager to please, which are two features that make them highly adaptable in a hectic environment.

As for their long, flowing coats, grooming is a necessity once a month. But it should not be an issue at all since overall, Cockers are a joy to be with – affectionate, loving, and versatile pups.

22. Basset Hound

Image from EcoKind Pet Treats

An easy-going and laid-back canine, the Basset Hound is a low-maintenance breed that should be perfect in every household. They have short coats that require very minimal grooming, which is every busy folk’s dream.

No time to exercise your dog? Just a walk around the neighborhood and a few minutes of playtime each day should suffice for a Basset. Best of all, you can leave them for a few hours in the house and not run into any behavioral issues with these pups.

21. Standard Poodle

Image from Petmate

Don’t be deceived by their thick and fluffy coats; Standard Poodles are actually one of the low maintenance dog breeds that people with hectic schedules prefer to own. They are non-shedding, hypoallergenic, and eager to please.

As these are intelligent dogs, you can easily train them and get good results in the end. Mental and physical stimulation provided on a daily basis should keep them out of trouble.

20. Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Wolf Spring

Berners are goofy canines with a wonderful personality. They adore their family and love to be a part of their daily routines. As they are easy to train and with a calm demeanor, this makes the Bernese Mountain dog a great pet for busy people.

One thing to take note of is their abundant coat. It is quite thick and would require regular grooming to keep it under control. But personality-wise, this pooch should be ideal in a busy lifestyle.

19. Dachshund

Image from Wolf Spring

This medium-sized pooch is another fine canine to consider by people with a hectic schedule. With their stubby legs and compact bodies, they should be able to do away with just some short walks and minimal playtime.

Dachshunds easily bond with their owners. But this does not mean they are clingy. In fact, you can leave them for a few hours and come back home to an affectionate pup showering you with kisses!

18. Beagle

Image from EcoKind Pet Treats

Beagles are lovable dogs in a compact package. They adore their owners, which makes them ideal for busy folks. Although they may be a bit stubborn, their strong desire to please their favorite humans make them relatively easy to train.

If you have a space for two Beagles in your home, this is even better. As this breed loves companionship, it would be best if your pooch has a companion to curb negative behavior caused by separation anxiety.

17. Maltese

Image from DogTV

An elegant dog that’s noted for their intelligence and trainability, the Maltese is a joy to have for every busy person. These dogs shed minimally, so they should also be perfect for allergy sufferers. Plus, they are intelligent and quick to learn, which makes training so easy.

However, Maltese dogs have a long and abundant coat. So, regular brushing is a must to prevent mats and tangles. A monthly grooming is also necessary to keep your pooch looking neat and tidy.

16. Bullmastiff

Image from Barkbox

Bullmastiffs are gentle giants who want nothing more than to be with their owners. With their massive sizes, this also means that their energy level is rather low. These big boys should be more than happy with just a short walk – something a busy person can surely accommodate in his daily routine.

As these pups are natural guard dogs, they are not prone to separation anxiety or depression. Well, with early training, that is. Because of this, Bullmastiffs can be left alone in the house and will never result in a negative behavior.

15. Toy Poodle

Image from Barkbox

Compact and classy, Toy Poodles are a real charmer. They are low-shedders, which should be suitable for busy people who want a dog that’s easy to maintain and care for. Grooming is only once a week, and you can opt for a shorter Poodle cut to eliminate the need for daily brushing.

These curly pooches are always eager to learn new things. Mental stimulation is key to a satisfied and happy Poodle. You also need to exercise them regularly to keep them healthy and thriving.

14. Whippet

Image from Barkbox

Basically the smaller version of a Greyhound, a Whippet is much like their larger cousins in many ways. They have short coats and agreeable personalities, which are two things busy individuals look for in a low maintenance dog breed.

But one thing about the Whippet is that they are quite energetic. They need daily exercise and mental stimulation. After hours of physical and mental activities, however, they should be more than happy to lounge and relax with you.

13. Golden Retriever

Image from Barkbox

Despite their big size, Golden Retrievers are actually quite easy to care for. These dogs are suitable for busy people because of how easy it is to train them. They do need daily exercise, so if you can make time to take them for a walk before or after work, that should suffice for these fellows.

Their long coats are smooth and lustrous, which also means some attention is required to keep them looking that way. Daily brushing is enough, along with a once a month trip to the groomers.

12. Papillon

Image from Barkbox

A truly affectionate pooch, the Papillon is a great pal for folks with hectic schedules. These pups are intelligent and keen to learn, which means they are easy to train. It should not be long before you can get your pet to learn new tricks and to obey your commands.

Additionally, this breed does not shed excessively. This is great news for busy folks who would much rather not be picking up dog hair each time.

11. French Bulldog

Image from Barkbox

A mellow, playful fellow, French Bulldogs are perfect pets for people in search of low maintenance dog breeds. These canines have short coats that do not require much grooming at all. 

Keep in mind that Frenchies love to be with their families all the time. So, early training is necessary to enable them to cope easily while they are alone in the house. Once trained, this can help curb separation anxiety when left by themselves for a few hours.

10. Brussels Griffon

Image from Barkbox

Brussels Griffon are tiny, goofy creatures that are a treat for busy fellows. With their medium-length, wiry coats, these dogs only need some minimal grooming. This makes it easy for them to care for this loving pooch.

It is important to note that Brussels need their daily exercise as these are energetic pooches. Short walks should be enough to keep them balanced, and this can be followed with some mental stimulation and puzzles.

9. Rat Terrier

Image from Barkbox

Another compact low maintenance dog breed, the Rat Terrier is an affectionate creature. They are fairly independent, which means there should be no issue if you leave them alone in the house for a few hours.

The best way to train a Rat Terrier is during his early years since he can learn quickly that way. Socialization is also good for your pooch, so he won’t be aloof with strangers, especially when you invite some friends over.

8. American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from Native Pet

A great companion for busy people, the American Staffordshire Terrier is energetic without being overbearing. These dogs enjoy people-centric activities including running and biking, so if you have time for these things, all the better!

Most of all, Amstaffs are easy-going creatures. Busy folks have no issues with this dog because of how mellow they are, which means it is effortless to get along with these canines.

7. Chihuahua

Image from Ollie

Pocket rocket Chihuahuas may have a reputation for being feisty and bossy, yet these are all myths. In fact, they are loving and affectionate pups that always have a place in every canine lover’s hearts. And for busy individuals, these dogs are a great fit because they do fine when left alone for a few hours.

Another bonus point for their low-maintenance quality is their short coat. Grooming should be the least of your concern because of how effortless it is to care for these adorable Chihuahuas.

6. Boston Terrier

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Boston Terriers are famous for their tuxedo-looking coats and large brown eyes. But beyond their infamous looks, they are well-loved for their outstanding character. They are easy-going and independent, making them a fine fit for individuals with a hectic lifestyle.

On top of all these, Bostons have very short, sheer coats. They don’t require brushing or grooming, which should be stress-free for a busy individual.

5. Shih Tzu

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

An everyday entertainer, Shih Tzus have a knack for putting a smile on people’s faces. This is why busy folks would always love to come home to their funny and sweet pup. An absolute stress-reliever, without a doubt!

They do have fluffy coats that require daily brushing to stay well-maintained. But since these canines do not shed, you should not have to worry about vacuuming the house every single day.

4. West Highland Terrier

Image from Instagram:@hamish.underfoot

If what you look for in a low-maintenance dog breed is one that is small and compact, then a West Highland Terrier is perfect. These dogs are laid-back and calm, which means you can always come home and not expect some nasty surprises once you open the door.

These dogs are smart. Training them should be a breeze, which is another reason why they are ideal for busy people. Just be sure to take them out for a short walk each day and brush their hair daily, and your Westie should be one, happy and contented dog.

3. Pug

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Short-coated Pugs are a fun companion for busy fellows. They are easy to groom and low-energy pups, which means you don’t have to worry about giving them a ton of exercise daily.

Pugs are also one of the most mellow dog breeds there are. They have mild temperaments and are never aggressive. These dogs love to nap, so that should not be an issue if you have to leave them alone a few hours each day.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Always endearing and affectionate, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a wonderful pet for a busy person. These gentle souls are ready to greet you with lots of kisses each time you come home from work. With their inherent intelligence and obedience, training them is a breeze.

The King Charles Spaniel, however, prefers to always be with its owner. So, if your job requires you to be away from home several times a week, this dog may not be suitable for you.

1. Greyhound

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Topping our list of low maintenance dog breeds is the sleek and graceful Greyhound. These dogs are speedy, yet they don’t like a lot of exercise. In fact, a short walk a day should suffice, which is perfect for busy individuals.

They also have short coats that don’t require much grooming at all. Plus, they are gentle creatures who can settle into any household. They get along well with kids, elderly folks, and other pets without any problem.

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What Is The Hardest Dog To Take Care Of? High maintenance dogs are those that are difficult to groom because of their abundant coats such as the Siberian Husky, Chow Chow, and Border Collie, to name a few. Aside from shedding concerns, they can also be a bit stubborn, which makes training more challenging for first-time owners.

What Is The Cleanest Small Dog? Chihuahuas are one of the cleanest small dogs because of their very short fur that does not require grooming at all. These dogs also do not drool, they never shed, and their tiny bodies make them so easy to care for.

What Dog Needs The Least Exercise? Short-legged dogs such as the Basset Hound and Dachshund require the least amount of exercise. These dogs are built for strength but not for stamina. They should be fine with just a few minutes of walk each day, and they are perfectly okay with lounging the rest of the time.

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