How Do You Train a Yorkie Puppy?

Yorkies are generally known to be an intelligent breed. That is why training them is easier as compared to other dog breeds.

How do you train a Yorkie puppy? The most effective method is to train them via repetitions and rewards. Encourage your Yorkie puppy to repeat a certain task, and reward them with a treat when the task is successfully completed. This falls under the concept of positive reinforcements when training dogs. 

Dog training treats and dog crates come in as some of the most handy tools when you are training a Yorkie puppy. Other training tools that you might need include dog whistles, dog clickers and dog doorbells, the latter especially for potty training.

Letโ€™s understand the mentality of Yorkie puppies so that we know how we can train them.

How Do You Train A Yorkie Puppy? Yorkie Training Tricks And Secrets

Yorkshire terriers may be small in size but this dog breed has a big personality. In fact, Yorkies are known to be small dogs that do not back off a challenge, making them not the easiest dogs to train. However, when this dog breed is properly trained, they can be the sweetest angels.

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Yorkshire terriers love to be the center of attention. That said, when you teach this dog breed some fun and exciting tricks, this should give them the means to attract attention from your friends and family. They are known to be intelligent and playful. 

So, how do you train a Yorkie? Here are some tips and tricks you can do.

One effective way to train your Yorkshire terrier is through positive reinforcement. This strategy is based on the principle that a dog will likely repeat a behavior if he gets rewarded for it. Reward your yorkies when they respond to certain command or action in the way that you intended.

In this way, they would gradually associate their reaction to your actions or commands with the rewards and become more inclined towards reacting in a similar way in the future. You will be able to build a connection with your Yorkie between the reward, action, and word command. Also, you will be able to mark behaviors that you want to encourage.

As a reward to Yorkies, you can give them tasty treats like Merrick Lil Plates All Natural dog treats. These dog treats are perfect for your little pets. This treat is packed with protein and is grain-free and gluten-free. This reduces the chance of introducing obesity, a common problem among Yorkies. This treat is also full of flavor and packed with protein. They are perfect little treats for your Yorkieโ€™s small mouth.

Are Yorkie Puppies Easy To Train?

Yorkies are not the easiest dogs to train. However, if you make an effort to spend time with your Yorkie in training and bonding, you can be successful in training them. Before you begin, you should be mindful of the things that must be prepared and the things that you must do for the training to become a success.

The first thing that you need to do when training a Yorkie is that you should set realistic expectations. For instance, Yorkie puppies do not have full control over their bowel and bladder muscles and such controls develop as the puppy grows. So, toilet training may be ideal for puppies that are 3 months old.

To make training your Yorkie easier, you can make use of some tools and toys like the Folksmate Dog Doorbells for potty training. These dog bells are perfect to help teach your Yorkshire terrier to alert you when it needs to go out to pee or poo.

It may be tricky to train a Yorkshire terrier but with patience and determination, you can do so. In fact, Yorkies can be fast learners and they will respond well with favorable stimuli. This type of dog breed also loves consistency during training. 

It is important to spend time with your Yorkie and focus once you start training them. You should make sure that there are no distractions while training your Yorkie as their attention span can be really thin. Removing distractions will also reduce the chances of regression from occurring, where your Yorkie will stray from what they have mastered and go back to their old ways.

Potty Training Yorkies โ€“ Why Are Yorkies So Hard To Potty Train?

Yorkshire terriers are great companions. They are fun and energetic and they want to be the center of attention. However, potty training these small breeds of dogs can be a tricky task. Since they have small bladders, they are sometimes unable to control their pee, and accidents can happen. But, with the right knowledge and technique, you can avoid failures in potty training your Yorkshire terrier. 

Before you begin your Yorkieโ€™s potty training, you have to know when the best time to start the training. The best time to do potty training is as soon as you bring your Yorkie home. 

It is a great strategy to start potty training with a crate, as your Yorkie adapts to the housetraining fast and with less effort. The crate will be the commonplace where your Yorkie can pee or poo. 

You can make use of Amazon Basics Potty Training Pads inside the crate, as these pads are designed with a super absorbent core that turns liquid into gel. They are just about the right size for small dogs and are leak-proof with plastic lining.

You should associate a simple gesture or word for him to understand that itโ€™s time to pee or poo. Toy breeds like Yorkshire terriers often stay silent and would need encouragement to express themselves. If your Yorkie complies, you can give treats as a reward.

When accidents happen, you should avoid reacting, as this can frighten and confuse your Yorkie. Instead, you should take your dog to that commonplace whenever accidents happen to show him that it must be done in the designated area and not anywhere else. This strategy is a means to correct the accident and your Yorkie will refrain from thinking that accidents are acceptable behavior. 

Correcting accidents is better than punishing your Yorkie for not being able to adapt to potty training right away. It is critical to remember that punishment may force your Yorkshire terrier to eliminate secretly.

How To Train A Yorkie Not To Bark?

Even though Yorkshire terriers are small in size, they have huge personalities. That said, such personality is associated with a loud and fierce territorial bark

In most cases, whenever there is a trigger like a ringing phone or a knock on the door, your Yorkie will likely bark. Whenever your Yorkie barks, it is likely that he is trying to communicate something like a potential danger or his fear. 

If you want to train your Yorkie not to bark, the first thing that you need to do is to make your Yorkie feel safe. That way, it will not bark when it hears common noises. 

At the start of the training, it is vital to pay attention to the triggers that make your Yorkie bark. After successfully identifying such triggers, you can now start teaching your Yorkie commands that he can associate that it is time to stop barking. 

You should give ample time for your Yorkie to fully master the training as it is natural for them to bark whenever they feel unsafe. It is also important to train Yorkshire terrier puppies as it will be more difficult to train an adult one.

If you have clicker trained your Yorkshire terrier, you should have a clicker from EcoCity 2-Pack Dog Training Clicker and your Yorkieโ€™s favorite treats handy every time there are opportunities when he barks and would need redirection of this behavior. You can use a designated command word for your Yorkie to stop barking and use this handy and easy to use clicker and his favorite treats once he complies with the command. 

Setting a training time is not necessary as long as you catch your Yorkie in the act and redirecting his behavior.

Crate Training A Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire terriers are small but they have a rather bold behavior and confidence. If you fail to train your Yorkie, you will likely wake up with a messy room full of torn paper and documents. However, if you crate train your Yorkie puppy that will enable him to sleep in a crate during the night, you will become comfortable and have a good nightโ€™s sleep as well. 

Crate training is not only useful at night, as you can also do crate training for daytime activities. This type of training will keep your Yorkie entertained and safe while you do your thing like household chores. 

This type of training should be done repetitively and should be extremely rewarding. It is essential to supply your Yorkie puppy with a small crate, comfortable beddings, and entertaining toys to ensure that he feels entertained, comfortable, and secure. 

There are various techniques that you can follow when crate training your Yorkie. One such technique is the safe times method. With the method, you should schedule various times to place your Yorkie in the crate. Such times may include those moments when you need to get some chores done and you are not able to keep an eye on your Yorkie. 

Whenever it is time to nap, you should also make it a habit to place your Yorkie in his crate. When you do errands, you can also place him inside his crate and make sure that you give him some toys to keep him entertained.

When crate training your Yorkshire terrier, it is essential to invest in a good quality crate like the Petmate ProValu Double Door Crate.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Yorkie Puppy? Yorkshire terriers are small breeds but are oftentimes tricky to train. In fact, it can take about six months to fully train a Yorkie. However, you can see some progress in training your Yorkie in about a week or two provided that you spend ample time and effort in training your Yorkie.

Training A Yorkie Puppy Not To Bite? It cannot be denied that the biting behavior of a Yorkshire terrier is not acceptable even if it enjoys nibbling on a chew toy. That said, it is important to train your Yorkie to learn acceptable social behaviors. There are various reasons why a Yorkie bites like pain, habit, fear, and the need for territorial protection. When training a Yorkie not to bite, he must learn what behavior is acceptable and what is not.

What Is The Hardest Dog To Potty Train? While potty training may be easy for some individual dogs, as a whole, some dog breeds can actually be more difficult to potty train compared to others. Yorkshire terriers come in at the third spot on the list of the hardest dog breeds to potty train. It comes after Bichon Frise and Jack Russell Terrier.

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