Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Dogs really are manโ€™s best friend. Most of them at least. There are some breeds out there that are undeniably more loyal and affectionate than others. They vary from adorable little toy breeds to misunderstood gentle giants who just want to show their human friends some love and devotion.

You may already know some of the most loyal dog breeds including the St. Bernard, Boxer, and Chihuahua. However, there are other lesser known breeds best known for their loyal personalities including Kuvasz, Brittany, and Skye Terrier dogs. For more options, here is a comprehensive list of 21 of the most loyal dog breeds.

21. Kuvasz

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Few dogs can match the levels of devotion that a Kuvasz is capable of. However, they have a bit of a mean streak with frequent aggressive outbursts which may not make them great companion pets especially in homes with children.

However, their loyalty and wariness of strangers makes them the best guard dogs whether it is guarding homes or even protecting livestock from dangerous wildlife when out grazing.

20. Brittany

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The Brittany is widely regarded as one of the best bird hunting breeds. They have it all from speed and stamina to innate pointing skills.

The sweet little doggies are shy and wary of strangers and tend to stick to the human friends they spend the most time with. If you intend on keeping one as a family pet then you need to start exposing them to new people and places to lower their guard.

19. Chihuahua

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Chihuahuas are probably the only doggies on this list who have earned their bad reputation. These doggies can be quite a handful from their vocal tantrums to their aloofness towards strangers and even family members.

However, once you have earned the trust and affection of a chihuahua it is pretty much impossible to ever lose it. These doggies love and they mean it and it is truly a special bond to experience or even witness.

18. Newfoundland

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These furry beauties are the very definition of the term โ€œgentle giantโ€. They are perfect family pets especially in homes with children as the dogs are affectionate, patient, and very protective.

Their size, loyalty and protective nature also comes in handy when they are used as guard dogs. It has also seen their successful use in other lines of doggy work including as rescue dogs especially where swimming is needed for rescue and retrieval.

17. Beagle

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This is the perfect breed for dog lovers who want a more chilled out pooch personality. They are very laid back but friendly especially with people they are familiar with. They are also very intelligent and easy to train for a variety of activities from guarding to hunting.

With the latter in particular, the doggies have a long history of use as scent hounds. This might make them a bit stubborn at times but their loyalty is something you can always count on.

16. Greyhound

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The Greyhound is easily one of the most impressive dogs as far as athleticism is concerned. With speeds up to 44 mph and incredible stamina, these pooches are perfect for outdoorsy dog lovers.

The best part is that they do just as well indoors as they do outside. They love to cuddle and are the perfect nap time buddies for children. The trick is to strike a healthy balance between both lifestyles and you will have a devoted and happy dog.

15. Japanese Akita Inu

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The Japanese Akita Inu is a very loyal dog. In fact, the most loyal dog in history, Hachiko, was an Akita.

These dogs, however, are often emotionally bonded to a small number of people that it has the most interaction with. They may be a bit more aloof with unfamiliar individuals and therefore require early socialization.

They are also known for having a stubborn streak which means that obedience training should start as soon as possible.

14. Doberman Pinscher

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The Doberman is a very loyal dog breed and this is what makes it so good at its job as a guard dog. They are also quite intelligent and obedient, which makes it easy to train them for specific protection tasks whether it is by individuals or law enforcement groups.

If you are on the wrong side of whoever the Doberman is loyal to, things may not look great for you as their protective nature easily and quickly translates to aggression in the right settings.

13. Border Collie

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The Border Collie is the most intelligent dog breed. Their intelligence also comes with intense devotion to their human friends especially if you spend a lot of quality time with them from an early age.

They are also quite needy and require a lot of attention and loyalty from their owners in return. This means everything from investing in play time together to letting them cuddle up to you whenever they are feeling affectionate.

12. Yorkie Terrier

Image from Instagram:@yorkiesclubs

A Yorkshire terrier has often been described as having a Velcro personality. These dogs tend to form strong, emotional bonds with individuals they are exposed to and interact with the most. They will more often than not stick to one individual whom they become obsessed with following them around everywhere.

It goes without saying that this is incredibly endearing. It is also easy to earn this honor as all you have to do is play with them, feed them, and give them cuddles.

11. Rottweiler

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The Rottweiler has a reputation for being one of the most aggressive and dangerous dog breeds there is. To be honest, this is definitely a dog breed you do not want to get on the wrong side of. Fortunately, their aggression is more about their protective nature and not so much about a volatile temperament.

Therefore, as long as you do not pose any apparent threat to their beloved master then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

10. Labrador Retriever

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The Labrador Retriever has been the most popular dog breed according to the American Kennel Club for quite a few years now. With their high intelligence, friendly nature, and loyalty to their families it is not really hard to see why they have continued to capture our hearts as dog lovers.

They are also very protective especially over small children in the family and have been known to hover over them to take care of them in case of any danger.

9. Dachshund

Image from Native Pet

Doxies can be quite stubborn which is without a doubt their least flattering trait. However, where they lack in obedience and focus they more than make up for in their loyalty.

They are also known to love trailing their favorite owners and are very sensitive to rejection. So if you want a dog that will love and be devoted to you as much as you are with them then this is without a doubt the breed for you.

8. Golden Retriever

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Goldies have been close to human civilizations for centuries. Whether they were kept as hunting dogs or as companion pets, their loyalty has always been one of their best features. They have been known to form strong and lasting bonds even with periods of separation with their close human friends.

These doggies are very smart and intuitively protective and are therefore the ideal addition to any home with or without children.

7. Giant Schnauzer

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As far as working dogs go, the Giant Schnauzer is easily one of the most versatile breeds there is. These doggies have done it all from herding sheep to guarding homes and even service in the military.

In addition to their intelligence, resilience, and strength, their loyalty makes them perfect for all these applications. It is also why they have successfully made a great transition into life as companion pets.

6. Shikoku

Image from Instagram:@shikokumei

This is one of the six dog breeds native to Japan. The Shikoku in particular is popular for its laid-back nature and devotion to its owners.

These doggies love the outdoors and require a lot of exercise time to stay happy and healthy. They therefore tend to form the closest bonds with people who take them out often.

They are also quite independent and often prefer their own company but will always come to the aid of their owners when the need arises.

5. Great Pyrenees

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This dog is not only loyal but also fiercely protective. It is these traits that made it so awesome as a livestock and homestead guarding dog. Their strong build and confidence made them capable of standing up to both wild animals and suspicious humans in defense of their loved ones and other animal charges.

Today, the Great Pyrenees is not very easy to come by but its loyalty and gentle nature have made it a hit among those lucky enough to own one.

4. German Shepherd

Image from Darwin’s Pet

German Shepherds are another very versatile breed having been used in herding, livestock protection, personal protection, and even in law enforcement.

They are very intelligent, obedient, and eager to learn which makes training them quite easy. They also often form the strongest bonds with their trainers especially when rewards are used in the process.

As companion pets, their loyalties lie mainly with individuals who spend the most time with them or those who feed them. Itโ€™s probably a reason why the 46th POTUS has two.

3. Skye Terrier

Image from Instagram:@gstosica

As a breed in general, Skye terriers are quite devoted to their owners. They have also produced some of the most heartwarming stories of canine loyalty.

The best known in this case is that of the Skye terrier named Greyfriars Bobby. This little doggy stayed by his masterโ€™s grave for 14 years until his own demise.

This is just one of the many publicized and unpublicized stories of the devotion you have to look forward to with a Skye terrier.

2. Boxer

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This is another often misunderstood and misjudged dog breed. It is not large or intimidating in any sense. However, its similarity in appearance to dog breeds like the infamous pitbull and Staffordshire terrier give it a bad reputation it honestly did not earn.

Boxers are some of the sweetest dogs you will ever interact with. They love humans and are known to form particularly strong bonds with their families. However, they may need some socialization to get along with strangers.

1. St. Bernard

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The St. Bernard is a large and intimidating dog with heights up to 35 inches and weights as heavy as 180 pounds. Despite their fearsome sizes, these dogs are surprisingly friendly and very loyal.

This has a lot to do with their history where they were used as rescue and guard dogs. Their loyalty and focus on the mission explain why they are awesome at their job, making them fantastic companions today.

What Is The Worldโ€™s Most Loyal Dog? An Akita Inu from Japan named Hachiko holds the title of most loyal dog of all time. His is a story that is both sad and incredibly heartwarming. He is said to have waited at a train station for his deceased master every day for 10 years. His legacy is immortalized in the famous statue at the Shibuya station in Tokyo, Japan.

Image from Instagram:@itsyourjapan

What Are The Most Loyal Pets? Dogs are easily the most loyal pets you can have. There is a good reason why they are considered our best furry friends. However, other animals especially birds and cats can be just as loyal if not more than some dog breeds. They just need to feel safe and loved and they will be devoted for life.

Which Dog Breed Is Most Loyal And Protective? The Kuvasz is the most loyal dog breed. While they are generally friendly and mild-mannered, they can be quite protective over their human family. They have actually been known to show aggressive behavior especially when they feel the people they care about are in danger. This makes them excellent guard dogs.

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