Why Do Yorkies Bark So Much?

Yorkshire Terrier are such adorable little creatures. However, they tendency to bark, which can prove a challenge to Yorkie owners if they are living in an apartment.  

So just why do Yorkies bark so much? The main reason is due to their genetic traits. Yorkshire Terriers are part of the Terrier breed lineage. Terriers breeds are known to be excellent guard dogs, which means that they are born to be extremely vocal with any form of excitement or agitation in their surroundings. 

They also bark a lot when they want attention, as Yorkies are known to be a social breed.

The good news is that with proper training and conditioning, this endless barking could be resolved. Hereโ€™s everything you need to know about Yorkies barking, and how do you go about to train them to stop barking.

Are All Yorkies Yappy?

Yes, the Yorkshire terrier does bark a lot and it is a problem that most dog owners with the breed have to put up with.

However, not all of them are that yappy. In order to understand why your Yorkshire terrier is barking at you, you have to grasp the factors that trigger and determine this behavior.

The first is age. Much like human youngsters, young yorkies tend to be very angsty. Yorkie puppies in particular are known to bark a whole lot and sometimes with no reason at all. It could be anything from fear and excitement to boredom. As they grow older, they settle into calmer and quieter personalities.

Gender sometimes plays a role however small and unpredictable. For the most part, male yorkies tend to be more yappy. They are often more aggressive and also more active and social than their female counterparts.

Female yorkies also have to deal with heat cycles that often have them aggressive but quiet.

The dog may also yap a lot if they have a traumatic personal history. In these instances, what seems like a Yorkie barking at nothing is just them dealing with trauma they may have suffered. This happens a lot with yorkies that are separated from their momโ€™s or siblings too early. However, those separated when older are better adjusted and may not be as yappy.

Finally, training plays a huge role in determining whether or not you will be dealing with a noisy mess or a quiet and disciplined little doggy. The good news is that these dogs are smart and fast learners and with effort and consistency you can get the barking under control therefore getting your pooch off the โ€œjust another loud yorkieโ€ bandwagon.

How Do I Get My Yorkie To Stop Barking?

Fortunately for you, there are very many ways to deal with the consistent barking when raising a yappy yorkie. The important thing is that you get creative, stay patient and appreciate the cause of all the barking. Here are a few simple hacks you could try out for quick and easy resolution of the problem.

Deal With Any Underlying Anxiety

There are several ways to do this but nothing works quite as well as calming supplements whether it is a rubbing oil or an infused chewable. The NaturVet โ€“ Quiet Moments Calming Aid For Dogs is a favorite among yorkie owners and contains melatonin that is good not only for calming the dog down but for promoting sleep.

Maple Holistics Pure Lavender Essential Oil is also worth looking into for dealing not only with the anxiety but also headaches and general aches that may cause the pooch to lash out.

Make Bedtime Fun And Cozy

Yorkies tend to bark a lot at night if they are unable to sleep. So make sleep time something yours actually looks forward to. Start by investing in a good bed in which case the Bedsure Pet Tent Cave Bed is your best option. The tent enclosure design is perfect for these dogs as they get a cozy and safe space to sleep in that basically feels like a giant cuddle.

Socialize The Dog

Yorkies tend to spook easily around new people and other pets. A good way to deal with this would be exposure. At first they will bark like mad and embarrass you to another dimension at the dog park or when you have people over. However, they will get over it and get more comfortable around new people and places making your life easier.

Keep The Dog Entertained

Sometimes the attention-seeking little buddies bark like mad because they are bored. So keep them properly entertained in which case toys are the way to go. Check out the Toozey 7 Pack Puppy Toys For Small Dogs and the ucho Dog Chew Toys. In addition to keeping the little one adequately preoccupied, they help with dental health which is a fun bonus for everyone.

Temperament Of A Yorkie

In order to get to the root of the problem with barking and find a suitable solution you will have to understand the temperament of a yorkie. We hear and read everywhere that they are a fun-loving and friendly breed of dog. However, there is so much more to them than this and to help you understand we have prepared a list of 5 of their most important personality traits:

They Are Very Independent

Yorkies are known for being independent and can be left alone. You just have to make sure they are well fed and have a way to relieve themselves and they will find a way to stay entertained.


Despite this independence, they still prefer company and attention. They particularly love to hang out whether it is during playtime or hanging out and cuddling which yorkies love to do.

Bold Demeanor

They may be small but this doesnโ€™t stop them from being very confident and brave. This is why they often pick barking fights with people and animals much larger than themselves.

Get Jealous Easily

Yorkies are jealous dogs which stems from their innate territorialism. This is probably yours; they make such a fuss if you show other pets or people attention and affection and not them.

They Are Intelligent

This will definitely come in handy when training your yorkie to quit all the unnecessary barking. Just make sure to be clear with your expectation and use hacks like positive reinforcement and they will catch on pretty quickly. 

Besides Barking, Why Do Yorkies Lick So Much?

Another potentially annoying habit that many yorkies have is that of licking pretty much anything they can get through rough little tongues on. Whether it is themselves, the carpet or even your face, it can be a bit unsettling for you as the owner. The main concern is that they may lick their way into a gut infection.

So why do they like to do this so much?

First off, they often lick themselves for grooming purposes. This pretty much goes without saying for all furry pets. No matter how much or how often you clean them, they will always be more comfortable with an extra lick through just to make sure you did not miss anything.

Females in heat also tend to lick themselves a lot. They will usually do this as a way to clean themselves when they are in the bleeding stages of the cycle. If you want to prevent this, you could just invest in a good set of disposable doggy diapers. That way the yorkie stays clean and feels comfortable without having to expose themselves to the blood.

Yorkies also really love to lick their owners. These dogs are fantastic at showing their affection and this habit is an absolute favorite, coming second only after cuddling.

Finally, yorkies like to lick things as a way to calm themselves down. This is the case usually with surfaces like fabric and wood or even you as the owner. The friction creates a pleasure effect releasing endorphins in the dogโ€™s bloodstream. That way they feel happier and less worked up and can go about their day.

Yorkie Training To Control Barking

Training is undeniably the most effective way to deal with excessive barking with a yorkie. Fortunately, it is a very smart breed of dog which makes them relatively easy to train. You just have to be very strategic with your approach and your timing in order to ensure the best results in the least possible time.

With timing, you can only successfully train your Yorkshire terrier to stop barking excessively by getting them in the action. So before you roll out your plan of action, make sure to study your Yorkie and identify when it tends to be most angsty and yappy. That way, whether it is during nap time or when they meet people, you can strike while the iron is hot.

Successful training is also about the perfect balance between reward and reprimanding the dog. Yorkies love to be spoilt so they often respond very well to rewards. So you could train them how to respond to commands to quiet down. And when they do so, reward them with a nice treat.

The NUTRO Natural Crunchy Dog Treats would be fantastic to work with in this case. The doggy will definitely enjoy the crunchy texture and the surprise blast of flavor from the real mixed berries included in the formulation.

Sometimes, you may be dealing with a yorkie so stubborn that treats alone do not do the job. You could benefit a lot from tools like The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs. This is a completely harmless way to reprimand an unruly dog. If your pooch is getting out of hand, just give it a squeeze and it will release some air with enough pressure and loudness to startle your dog into getting quiet.

Are Yorkies Loyal To One Person? Yorkies are generally very friendly and affectionate dogs. It is therefore more than likely to have them show loyalty to multiple people. They just have to get time to build trust. And once they get comfortable and feel safe, anyone can be their best buddy. However, as the owner and primary care-giver you will always have a special place in their little hearts.

How Often Should I Walk My Yorkie? If you asked a yorkie, you should walk them every single hour of the day. These are energetic little guys who love nothing more than being outdoors and exercising. Realistically speaking however, taking them out once or twice every day should be enough. This allows them to get a good workout in and to satisfy their need for outdoor exposure.

How Smart Are Yorkies? Yorkies are known for their intelligence. In fact, they are considered the 34th smartest dog breeds. This is evident in how they relate to humans and other animals that they trust. Their predisposition to affection also shows that in addition to having a decent IQ, they are also very emotionally intelligent.

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