Do Yorkies Shed
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Do Yorkies Shed?

I never thought of the question on shedding for Yorkies, until recently when I saw a photo of a gorgeously dolled up long haired Yorkshire.

Do Yorkies even shed, considering the potential volume and length their coat can grow? The short answer is yes, Yorkies do shed. But they do not shed as much as other dogs primarily due to their genetic makeup.

Nevertheless, this is by no means implying that Yorkies are free of hair loss problems. Like all dogs, they are susceptible to these illnesses and we will take a look at them in a minute. But first, let’s understand why Yorkies shed as bad, or little, as they do.

How much do Yorkies shed?

A dog’s hair is very similar to a human’s hair. It breaks off once it reaches the end of its life cycle, hence the reason for shedding. 

And again, just like humans, some dogs tend to shed more than others. This depends on the quality of their coat, among a few other reasons we will discuss further in a minute. 

There are dogs with coarse, thick, and short hair strands. In this case, their fur grows and falls off several times each year – and in quick bursts. In certain seasons, they shed more intensely. 

But it’s not a matter of being long-haired or short-haired. Shedding is due to a number of factors such as stress, changes in season, parasite infestation, allergies, and so on.

Now in the case of a Yorkshire Terrier’s coat, it is a different situation. 

In fact, Yorkies are known to shed less. However, they are definitely not non-shedding dogs. Their hair still falls out but unlike other dog breeds, Yorkies have hair instead of fur. This means that the hair undergoes a growth cycle that eventually results in breaking off (as mentioned earlier).

Moreover, a Yorkie’s coat is finer than fur. Individual strands grow out longer and thinner over time.

The hair growth is also on an even rate and these dogs do not go through intense shedding phases experienced by other breeds. You will only notice the shedding whenever you brush or bathe your pooch and not much evidence on your dark-colored shirt or couch.

Why Is My Yorkies Hair Falling Out?

It is absolutely normal for Yorkies to “shed” or go through phases of hair fall once in a while. However, there are certain factors that cause your pooch to lose more hair than usual:

Poor Nutrition

If excessive shedding occurs with your Yorkie, it is best to take a look at your pet’s diet. When little Fido is not receiving the essential nutrients needed, hair fall tends to occur.

Be sure to feed your pet with high-quality sources of protein, as well as other key nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Read the labels to determine the nutritional value of the dog food in question and decide whether it is suitable for your pet or not. 

Pregnancy and Hormonal Changes

When your female Yorkie is pregnant, expect shedding to be a bit worse. Pregnancy depletes the minerals and calcium reserves in their body. Thus, they may shed out of season or lose their hair more than usual. 

This is why it is important to put your Yorkie on a special diet that will replenish all the lost or insufficient nutrients in the body. Some vets may also recommend supplements that help to strengthen their coat during this period in their lives. 

Health Issues

Skin allergies, internal parasitic infections, and illnesses can also result in excessive shedding among Yorkies. Be sure to consult your vet if the first two factors listed above have been ruled out, yet unusual shedding persists.

Are Yorkies Hypoallergenic?

The American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology states that there is no such thing as an allergy-free dog. In fact, even hairless canines can induce some kind of allergic reaction to a human. The effect may be not as aggravating as others but allergy-sufferers are still at risk.

However, it is important to note that there are certain breeds that offer minimal impacts on humans suffering from dog allergies. This is the case with pet owners who have canines who produce less dander and shed less hair. 

When it comes to minimal shedding, Yorkies fit perfectly well in this category. Since they have hair instead of fur, their way of shedding is different from other breeds. 

They do not leave balls of fur on your rug or shirt. The hair simply gets caught in the bristles of the brush or comb each time you groom your pooch. 

But just like all dogs, Yorkies is not void of dander. The only difference is that Yorkshire Terriers produces less dander because of their fine hair.

The protein in your pet’s urine and saliva are other culprits to allergy attacks. Obviously, Yorkies are not free of these elements either. Therefore, even if the coat is not an issue, the other factors still exist. 

The bottom line is that Yorkies are not 100% hypoallergenic because there are still potential allergens in these dogs. Yet, they shed less and have minimal dander, which makes them a better option for allergy sufferers than other dog breeds.

Why Do Yorkies Stink?

Your sweet little Yorkie enjoys snuggling up with you but there’s one tiny problem:

It is a bit too hard for you to get past your dear Fido’s offending odor. 

Yorkies like to cuddle, and this is what many pet owners love about this affectionate dog breed. But if bad odor is an issue, it is best to address it accordingly instead of simply pushing your pooch away.

If your pet starts to stink, it is important to determine where the smell is coming from. It can be the whole body that’s smelling so bad, or it may only be a specific area such as the ears, mouth, or feet.

Some Yorkies tend to smell bad because of an underlying health issue. Flea problems with your pooch is one of the common causes of this bad odor. It triggers a canine’s feet, skin, and inner parts of the ears.

If your dog starts to itch a lot and smell bad, it helps to use the right product to address this issue. For instance, the Honeydew Lavender Oatmeal pet shampoo is a natural and effective solution. It contains lavender essential oil that prevents flea infestation in dogs.

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Chemical allergy is another potential issue. You may be using a cleaning solution for your rug or the dog bed that your pet is highly allergic to. In some cases, it could be their shampoo or pet powder that is causing the itching. This terrible itching can cause your pet to emit a foul odor.

Grooming Tips For Yorkie

Proper grooming is very important to ensure the health of your beloved Yorkie. If you want to maintain your pet’s long, silky-smooth hair, perfectly trimmed nails and wax-free ears, here are some tips and tools you can use.

First, you need the right slicker brush. Gentle brushing is highly recommended to keep your Yorkie’s hair smooth and free of tangles and knots.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats and Tangled Hair – Your Dog or Cat Will Love Being Brushed with The Grooming Brush
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The Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush is perfect for this dog breed because it gently removes mats and dander. The fine bristles also penetrate deep into dear Fido’s coat to get rid of trapped dirt and debris without scratching up the skin. So it cleans not just the surface of the hair.

Next up, hair trimming. When your pet’s hair gets too long, it can get in your Yorkie’s eyes, which is super uncomfortable. So before this happens, make sure to give your pooch a hair trim.

We particularly like the Chibuy Professional Pet Grooming Scissor because of the round tip, making it safe and gentle for your pooch. It matches the small round contour of a Yorkshire Terrier’s head as well, immensely making the grooming process much easier. The blades are premium-quality stainless steel for the most precise cut. No more accidental pulling of your canine’s locks.

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The scissors also come with a comfortable and secure grip. This way, you can rest your fingers during those long and tedious trimming sessions. It is a win-win situation for both you and your pooch. Your dog will love the new ‘do and you won’t feel like the whole task is a chore.

Related Questions

Do Yorkies Shed In The Spring? How About Winter? Yorkies do not shed their hair differently in the spring or in the winter. But the changes in season influence the quality of their coat. For instance, the dry winter season causes static build-up to your pet’s coat and results in split ends and fly-aways. But it does not lead to unusual shedding. 

Do Yorkies Shed Their Puppy Coat? Yorkie puppies shed their coat as they get older. Although they don’t shed the way other dog breeds do, you can expect a coat change in your tiny pup. It will be more of a moderate shedding, which can also result in a change in coat color. 

What Are Some Other Dogs That Don’t Shed? Aside from Yorkies, there are other dog breeds that don’t shed their coat in copious amounts. These breeds that shed little hair include the Shih Tzu, Poodle, Tibetan Terrier, and the Maltese Terrier, to name a few. Thus, they are more suited for allergy-sufferers who are sensitive to fur.

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