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There is no doubt in the fact that pet emergencies can leave you heart broken. Though it is also true that you have to stay calm and deal maturely with pet emergencies. The best thing that you can do to prevent unnecessary waste of time during a pet emergency is to create a list of 'emergency vet hospitals near me' so that you can take your pet to the nearest vet clinic and get it treated as soon as possible.

How To Look For The Best Emergency Vet Clinic?

Seek Suggestions

You should try to get in touch with the local pet community as they'll have the necessary knowledge so as to provide you with helpful insights. Other than that, seeking help from your pet's regular vet in choosing the best emergency vet clinic is also a preferred choice.

Use the Internet

You don't have to actually roam in the streets in order to get in touch with the local pet community. You can do so with your fingertips at the comfort of your home via the internet. Not only that you can browse through a huge catalogue of blogs and learn more about choosing the best emergency vet clinic.

AAHA Accredited Emergency Vet Clinics

The emergency vet clinics with AAHA certification specialized vets and nurses to look after your pet during emergency and critical care. They offer the best treatment and support until your pet gets fully recovered.

On-Call Emergency Veterinary Clinics

Nowadays most of the regular clinics offer emergency vet services too but in the form of on call emergency veterinarians. In this arrangement, you're required to call the vet clinic and let them know about your pet emergency. Then, they'll assign you an ion call vet available to provide treatment to your pet. Whereas 24 hours animal hospitals and after-hours vet hospitals have vets available round the clock to deal with pet emergencies. You can just head straight down there and get your pet treated.

If you're interested in gaming more info about choosing an emergency vet clinic for your pet, we have more for you here.

Emergency veterinarians are specialists in dealing with emergency health conditions related to pets. Although regular vet specialists are no less qualified, emergency vets are highly trained, specifically for treating emergency pet patients. That's why, whenever your pet needs that extra medical assistance, don't rely on a regular vet, rush your pet to an emergency vet clinic.

If you don't know how to choose an emergency vet for your pet, follow our instructions. Type 'Emergency vets near me in Lewiston' on the internet, and it'll come up with a list of emergency veterinarians that are available around you.

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Vets in Lewiston

  • In Lewiston, there are plentiful emergency vets that you can visit. However, you should only prefer emergency vets nearest to your home. If you can't find a good one, then only you should look beyond your neighborhood.
  • Whenever you take a trip to an emergency vet visit, take ample cash or credit card with you. Especially if your pet has suffered an accident, keeping the money handy can streamline the procedure for you.
  • If your pet needs emergency help during a holiday, you should rush to an after-hours emergency vet clinic because they offer their services on public holidays and during odd hours.
  • 24/7 emergency animal hospitals look after most serious pet patients first, followed by less serious ones. So, if your pet's condition is comparatively better than others, you'll need to wait for your turn.
  • We'd suggest you get life insurance for your pet. It's because emergency vet conditions can get too costly, and having health insurance helps.

You should always take good care of your pet in terms of diet, hygiene, and agility. A visit to an emergency vet clinic is the worst-case scenario, and you can prevent it by keeping your pet healthy. If you're interested in knowing more about emergency vet clinics and emergency veterinarians, don't hesitate to visit us here.

Emergency veterinary care is offered by veterinarians and specialist nurses who are trained in handling emergency cases. Such vets and nurses are only found at out-of-hours veterinary clinics, 24-hours veterinary clinics, and some all-in-one vet clinics.

What to Expect When You Visit an Emergency Veterinary Clinic

Emergency Vet Services Are Not Instantaneous

On arrival, you should expect to be kept waiting for an ample period of time before a vet sees your pet. It's because emergencies often come unwarranted and vets need time to get ready to deal with it.

Triage Assessments Are Used In Emergency Vet Clinics

While you're waiting for your turn, a specialist will perform triage assessment on your pet which helps in determining how serious your medical emergency is. The priority is assigned to patients on the basis of the severity of a health hazard. If your pet needs immediate medical attention such as oxygen supply, pain relief, etc. a specialist takes care of that.

While you're at it, don't forget to ask the right questions to the vet like the cost of services, the health condition of your pet, possible treatment methods, and other related things.

The symptoms can vary from being easily noticeable like paralysis, anxiety, etc. to being barely noticeable like depression, loss of appetite, etc. Therefore, a pet owner needs to have a good eye for detail. Your pet will give you signs and you've to pick them up before your pet gets into real trouble.

What symptoms need to visit an emergency vet clinic in Lewiston

  • Take your pet to an emergency vet clinic immediately if your pet has suffered an accident. Your pet could be in a lot of pain and needs to receive treatment at the earliest.
  • Signs like excessive vomiting, severe seizures, body paralysis, etc. are sufficient indicators of your pet needing emergency medical attention.
  • Some less noticeable signs and symptoms such as anxiety, depression, loss of consciousness, difficulty in peeing and pooping, animal bites, etc. should also never be neglected.

Depending upon the type of pet you own, its age, gender, and other such factors, signs can be endless. Therefore, it takes an experienced pet owner or a qualified emergency veterinarian to access the signs and symptoms associated with a medical emergency. It's always safer to have a compilation of 'emergency vet clinics near me' along with you so that you can respond to your pet's emergency in a jiffy, don't forget to compile it here.

A trip to an emergency vet clinic can prove to be your costliest trip ever. Since such vet clinics have the latest medical machinery and highly-trained vets and staff at their disposal, the costs can get pretty high. The emergency vet practices have doctors who work round the clock on the weekends as well as weekdays.

How Costly Can An Emergency Vet Visit Get?

Emergency Vet Clinics Vs. Regular Vet Clinics

The health facilities available at regular vet clinics are limited and the cost of consultations and other medical examinations is reasonable. However, when it comes to 24-hour emergency vet clinics, charges of consultation and other medical procedures are a lot higher. This difference in costs can be explained by the fact that emergency vet clinics have highly specialized vets equipped with the latest medical tools in order to deal with emergencies.

Cost of Some Common Pet Emergency services

An emergency pet clinic can charge you anything between $100-150 as consultation fees.

If the assigned vet asks for a blood report, it'll cost you another $80-200. Likewise, x-rays and Ultrasound costs may vary from $150-250 and $300-600 respectively. If your pet is in need of hospitalization, $600 per night is what you'll have to cough out. When it comes to surgeries and other complicated medical procedures, the costs are whopping at a 24-hour animal hospital

Bill Payment At An Emergency Vet Clinic

Having a pet healthcare insurance will greatly help you in this regard. If you're confident enough that you can singlehandedly manage the cost of emergency vet visit, then your pet is a lucky fellow. If you're thinking of getting your pet insured, try out Pawp financial solution for pet health emergencies without banking hassles. Here's how you can take part and keep your pet safe from health emergencies.