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Choosing the right emergency veterinary clinic for your pet is one of the most crucial tasks for pet parents. Being a responsible pet owner, you're supposed to choose a veterinary clinic that offers best-in-class health protection.

What to look for When Choosing an Emergency Veterinary Clinic?

Here's How to Access The Facilities Provided By an Emergency Vet Practice

Before taking your pet to a particular vet clinic, access their pet care facilities beforehand. Pay a surprise first visit to the vet clinic under your consideration without bringing your pet along with you. That way you'll have ample time to access the healthcare facilities they've to offer for pets and whether the vets are competent enough to treat your pet. The best way to access that is by asking as many questions as you can.

Look for an AAHA Accredited Veterinary Clinic

Out of the vast pool of vet clinics in the U.S, only 12% of them possess AAHA Accreditation. The AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) certified vet practices have to go through and pass a 900 point inspection after which they're accredited by AAHA.

AAHA accredited vet clinics have highly-qualified veterinarians and assistants on board, equipped with the cutting-edge pet healthcare technological facilities.

Look For an Emergency Veterinary Clinic With Favourable Timings and Location

Before choosing a vet practice, make sure that your work-schedule perfectly syncs with their open hours. Also, make sure the emergency vet clinic of your choice isn't too far from your abode. That way you can take your pet to the clinic more often and during emergencies as well.

Workaround For After-hour Emergencies

Look for a vet clinic that either has an emergency doctor or an assistant at the helm or at least a doctor-on-call. Most of the AAHA accredited veterinary clinics offer emergency healthcare services to pets.

Further, an ideal emergency vet clinic is bound to have a good reputation among the local pet community. You can also make use of the web to look for endorsements/reviews that a particular vet clinic has received.

The most essential thing to look for in an emergency veterinarian is his/her level of experience. Helena is flooded with so-called 'emergency vet specialists' but only a fraction of them have the level of experience to deal with a critical pet emergency. That's why finding a 24-hour vet in this city might not be as easy as it may seem. However, you can explore our specially curated list of 'emergency animal hospital near me' right away to make it easier for you.

Emergency Veterinarians in Helena, MT.

24-Hours Animal ER Veterinarians

Unlike your pet's regular vet, ER room veterinarians are AHAA certified emergency specialists who have to sweat blood so as to acquire this certification. Therefore, taking your pet to a 24-hours ER vet is always a good decision when you're dealing with an emergency.

After-Hours Emergency Veterinarians

When the whole city is sleeping at night or celebrating on a weekend, after-hours emergency vets are still on board to take care of pet emergencies. When compiling your list of an 'emergency animal hospital near me', always remember to slip in a couple of after-hours vet clinics as well.

General cum Emergency Vet Clinics

Although not much trusted with emergencies, such clinics offer regular vet services as well as after-hours vet services. If you can find a reliable one, your pet is one lucky fella to be getting all medical services in one place. Though these vet clinics might not prove to be much useful if you travel a lot.

Everything Else You Should Know Before Visiting an Emergency Veterinarian

  • If your pet's specific body part gets affected such as an eye, a limb, or any other organ, it'll be best for your pet to get treatment from a vet who's specialized in that particular field as per ACVECC (American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care).
  • If possible, call their office beforehand. That'll give them time to prepare for emergency medical attention while you drive your pet there.
  • Keep some extra cash or your credit card with you. It's because you never know what your pet might be going through and which medical procedures will be needed for treatment.

You can keep your pets extra safe by keeping the contact details of emergency vet specialists at hand.

The most common sights that you should expect at an emergency vet clinic are of pet's with fractured limbs, full-body paralysis, depression, anxiety, etc. So, don't get scared at an emergency vet clinic, it's what they're supposed to do, treat pets with life-threatening health conditions.

How Should You Prepare Before Visiting an Emergency vet clinic?

Keep your Pets Medical Records Handy

At 24-hour animal houses, the specialists take their time before treating your pet. So, you can minimize that duration by bringing your pet's medical records along with you. If your pet has suffered an accident and requires emergency and critical care right away, don't worry about any of that. Head straight to an emergency vet clinic and they'll take care of anything.

Take Your Credit Card With You To An Emergency Vet Clinic

As compared to the prices you see at a regular vet clinic, it costs more at an emergency vet clinic. Whether we take about medical consultation, medical examination, or complicated medical procedures, it's going to cost you a lot.

If your pet is insured, that can help you a lot in such situations, if not, you can do it right away. Unlike the petcare credit insurance schemes offered by banks, Pawp is offering reliable healthcare insurance with up to $3,000 worth of emergency funds to cover your pets. If you need more info about emergency vets, our list of 'emergency vets near me' has got you covered.

Since pet's can't make us understand things, sometimes it gets tough to detect when your pet isn't feeling well. That's why we've to keep ourselves fortified with knowledge that can help our pets when dealing with an emergency.

The best way to do so will be to keep thorough vigil on your pet concerning the symptoms listed below. It's because these are some of the most common symptoms that indicate a possible pet emergency. However, there can be many other short-term or long-term symptoms which may not look that serious at first but require emergency medical attention.

What symptoms need to visit an emergency vet clinic?

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Full-body Paralysis
  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme seizures
  • Prolonged vomiting
  • Problem in defecation
  • Problem in urination
  • Breathing issue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bloated Abdomen
  • Severe injury
  • Animal bite

Since you're from Helena, it must be very confusing for you at times to determine which emergency vet clinic is best for your pet. Well, if you just manage to frame a list of 'emergency vets near me in Helena', you'll never have to be confused.

A visit to an emergency vet clinic can prove to be a lot costly if not managed properly. In comparison to regular vet clinics, you will see a considerable difference in the costs of medical services when it comes to 24-hour emergency vet clinics. It is due to the fact that the emergency vet clinic has to function round the clock in order to ensure that every pet life can be saved.

The emergency vets work tirelessly and perform their tasks with the utmost precision. That is why the consultation charges as well as other medical charges are more in 24-hour animal hospitals.

Cost of An Emergency Vet Visit

The cost of different medical procedures may vary from one emergency clinic/animal hospital to another but the difference isn't that substantial. However, if you're running low on finances, we'd suggest you do proper research before choosing a specific emergency vet clinic. Here's the list of some of the approximate pricing of some common emergency medical procedures.

  • Emergency visit: $100-$120
  • Diagnostics (i.e., Ultrasound, blood work, etc.): $200-$600 per test
  • Outpatient treatment: $200 or above
  • Hospitalization Costs: $1,200 or above

How to Make Emergency Vet Services Affordable?

Without denying the fact that exorbitant rates are charged for regular medical services by some emergency vet clinics but there really isn't much that we can do about it. The best way to deal with such a financial crisis is to make use of your pet's insurance scheme. If you haven't covered your pet under any health insurance scheme, you should get one as soon as possible. You'd want your pet to be covered by insurance when the emergency comes. The best way to do so is by opting for the Pawp pet financing solution. They offer community-based finance solutions to pet owners without any banking hassles.