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Afghan Hound – Your Complete Breed Guide To Barakzai Hound

Also known as the Barakzai Hound, the Afghan Hound originates from the cold, mountainous regions of Afghanistan. This dog breed has a distinctive long face and muzzle, creating a unique appearance. As it matures, a thick, long, silky coat develops and covers most of its body. If left untrimmed, the fur on the head can grow so long that it will look like a wig.

Afghan Hound Haircuts

The thick and fine-textured hair of the Afghan Hound is its trademark which can be styled in a variety of ways similar to human hair. The head has a long topknot while the foreface has short hairs that further accentuate their elegant faces, with some exhibiting a beard on the lower jaw, called the mandarin. The ears, legs, and ribs are similarly covered in long and feathery, silky hairs.

Afghan Hound Poodle Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To Pooghan

The Pooghan is a cross between a Poodle and an Afghan Hound. Pooghans are also called โ€œAffydoodlesโ€ or โ€œAffypoos.โ€ They are a โ€œshaggy-hairedโ€ dog breed with a long, fine glossy coat. They are ideal companions for families and first-time dog owners. Moreover, with some training, Pooghans can be good guard dogs.