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Dalmatian Mixes

Among the breeds mentioned below, the Boxmatian is an amazing Dalmatian mixed dog breed that you never knew about. Not forgetting the Huskmatian and the Corgmatian, both are uniquely different but equally adorable and worth mentioning here.

How Much Does A Dalmatian Cost?

Dalmatians can cost between $800 to $5,000. They are energetic medium sized dogs that some people like because of their unique coat pattern. They need a lot of food to keep up their energy, so you should expect to spend around $150 per month maintenance, mostly on food. Dalmatians are prone to skin diseases like sebaceous adenitis, so you might need to spend money on medical bills.

Dalmatian Dog

Originated and named after Dalmatia, the southern coastal region of Croatia, the Dalmatian is a medium-sized, extremely active doggie that requires plenty of exercise to expend its huge energy, and make for a loyal companion. It is also good to know that your doggie will develop separation anxiety if left alone, sheds a lot, and requires plenty of room for exercise.