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Scottish Terrier Mixes

Part Beagle and part Scottish Terrier, the Sceagle possesses droopy ears and a wiry coat just like both parents. As for the Cavottish, this Scottish Terrier mix has a silky coat and triangular ears. And the Scotchon has curly fur like a Bichon Frise and short legs like a Scottish Terrier.

Scottish Terrier

Popularly known as โ€œScotties,โ€ the Scottish Terrier is an independent and strong-willed dog breed. It is a small, sturdily built terrier with short legs and a wiry outer coat. While Scotties form strong attachments with people, they are wary of strangers. Due to their strong hunting instinct, Scotties often chase animals they perceive as prey (even larger dogs). So, itโ€™s best to keep this cantankerous pooch on a leash.