African Dog Breeds

Great hunting pals, walking buddies, and cuddle bugs, African dog breeds are one of a kind. You can count on them to join you on active outdoor escapades or just a quiet weekend at home. These dog breeds are truly versatile and a joy to be with!

Smooth-haired and elegant Sloughis may seem fragile but they are actually more robust than you think. Exotic-looking African Wild Dogs are quite rare and not a common sight at the dog park. Need an adventure buddy? The Rhodesian Ridgeback is always game for anything active, mellow, or anything in between.

African dog breeds have fascinating features and temperament, making them some of the most well-loved pups of all time. If you fancy these canines, go ahead and learn more about these beauties below.

14. Sloughi

Image from Instagram:@sloughi_runs

Smooth-haired Sloughis have an elegant body with a long head, drop ears, and lean muscles. They are long and slender, which allows them to easily pursue their prey such as the jackal, fox, and hare. These canines are built for speed and can run over long distances without tiring easily.

These sighthounds were prized in North Africa for their impeccable hunting skills. They are aloof towards strangers, yet loving and affectionate to their families.

13. African Wild Dog

Image from Instagram:@mel_martin_photography

If you have not seen an African Wild Dog yet, this is not a surprise. After all, these canines are so rare that it would be next to impossible to see them casually at the dog park. They are considered as endangered mammals with roughly 1,500 of these in existence.

They are unique-looking canines with patchy colors, bat-like ears, and a bushy tail. These dogs have a medium build and can grow up to 70 lbs and not any taller than 43 inches. But despite the not so large bodies, they can fearlessly fight wild predators such as lions.

12. Africanis

Image from Instagram:@tala_and_merlyn

The Africanis are medium-sized canines with a light build, which makes them designed for speed and endurance. They have smooth and sheer coats in shades of brindle, black, white, and brown.

These are tribe-oriented fellows and enjoy spending time with their owners. If you are an athletic person, these dogs should be excellent walking and hiking buddies as they thrive on physical activities.

11. Boerboel

Image from Instagram:@artemisboerboels

Nextup in our list of African dog breeds is the mighty Boerboel. These 200-pounder pups may appear quite intimidating because of their size, but they are actually sweet and gentle creatures. They are loving and protective of their favorite humans.

Their name means “farmers’ dog”, which makes sense because of their history as working canines in a farm. They are responsible and hardworking doggos with a fearless temperament.

10. Coton De Tulear

Image from Instagram:@coton_named_archie

Hailing from Madagascar, the adorable Coton de Tulear fits the name perfectly well. With immaculate white coats as fluffy as cotton, these tiny pups are just as lovable as they seem.

However, the Coton de Tulears are not all about good looks. They are also funny and never fail to put a smile on your face because of their silly antics. They may not be your big and mighty pooches but they do make amazing lap dogs and companion pups, thanks to their compact size.

9. Armant

Image from Instagram:@kelabiathome

Also called the Egyptian Sheepdog, the coarse-coated Armant is a genuine teddy bear pup. They have big puppy dog eyes, dense and fluffy coats, and the sweetest personality. These dogs do perfectly well with young kids and other pets in the house.

Do take note that this doggo is quite active. They need their regular exercise to burn off their excess energy. So, if you are an active fellow yourself, then this pooch should be a great match for you.

8. Greyhound

Image from Instagram:@bella_theiggy

When it comes to speed, the Greyhound rules. These long, lean, and lanky pups love to spend time outdoors just as much as cuddling up with you on the couch. They are also a royalty’s favorite and many kings, presidents, and other members of the nobility have owned this dog breed.

If you want a dog that’s easy to train and effortless to groom, Greyhounds tick the boxes. They are obedient and have a strong desire to please their owners, so every training session should be worry-free with these pups.

7. Pharaoh Hound

Image from Instagram:@zaphir_thepharaohhound

Covered in short coats of golden or red, the elegant Pharaoh Hound is a sight to behold. They have large ears that stick up on their heads and with a long muzzle to complement these features.

Bred to chase prey, these are some of the most persistent pups you would ever know. This personality makes them perfect as hunting companions. When not busy pursuing their prey, they are content with clowning around and spending time with the family.

6. Aidi

Image from Instagram:@reginaschandl_rs

Also known as Atlas Mountain Dog, the Aidi got this name from their place of origin – the gorgeous Atlas Mountains in the African continent. They have a long history of guarding livestock in farms of Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria.

These dogs have thick coats, which help them to stay warm in the toughest climates. Plus, their dense fur also keeps them safe from predators, serving as a shield from their piercing bites.

5. Azawakh

Image from Instagram:@siri.the.azawakh

The Azawakh has been around for quite some time in West Africa, yet it was only in the latter parts of 1980s when these African dogs reached the United States. They are a spitting image of the Greyhound but with leaner bodies and longer legs.

These ancient dogs hailed from the vast Azawakh Valley between Niger and Mali. They were originally bred to guard and protect livestock but were also amazing hunting buddies and companion dogs.

4. African Hairless Dog

Image from Instagram:@dog.breeds.daily

The name suits them well because of their extraordinary hairless bodies. The African Hairless Dog or Abyssinian Sand Terrier has a long body and skin tones varying from brown to golden. They are hairless all around with the exception of their heads and tips of their tails.

African Hairless Dogs are loyal and fearless creatures. They desire nothing but to please their owners and their calm demeanor makes them suitable for families with children.

3. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image from Instagram:@meuscele

As a dedicated companion and a four-legged BFF for life, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the most lovable African dog breeds. They have short and sheer coats in red, brown, or light wheaten colors.

These are fearless dogs that are experts at defending livestock from dangerous predators. They also have great stamina and endurance, which makes them suitable for your outdoor adventures.

2. Basenji

Image from Instagram:@loki_thebasenji

Famous for being a barkless dog, the Basenji is a sight to behold because of its attractive features and smooth coat. They often come in two colors, brown and white, and their bodies are slender and graceful.

These pups are highly affectionate and loyal to their owners. They do have a cat-like personality because of their independence and fastidiousness, which adds to their unique appeal..

1. Chinese Crested Dog

Image from Instagram:@hitline_ltd_kennel

Don’t be deceived by the name – the Chinese Crested Dogs actually hail from Africa, as they descended from African hairless dogs and crossed with Chinese dog breeds. True to their ancestors, they are mainly hairless with wispy tufts of head hair for a unique hairdo.

They may seem delicate and frail, yet these pups are surprisingly energetic. They enjoy walking and playing with their owners. But with strangers, they may be a bit aloof and skittish.

What Is The Most Popular Dog In South Africa? The most popular dog in South Africa turns out to be none of the aforementioned dog breeds but the Yorkshire TerrierThese dogs are small and compact, yet they have a big personality! They make amazing companion dogs because of their loving and affectionate temperament, and they can get along well with the whole family.

What Is The Largest African Dog? The Boerboel is the largest African dog, weighing over 200 lbs and with a massive and stocky build. They are a Mastiff type dog breed with defined muscles and a strong bone structure.

Can You Keep An African Wild Dog As A Pet? No, because the African Wild Dogs are not domesticated canines. They are also considered to be endangered mammals, which should explain why they are not designed as pets, in addition to their wild temperament.

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