American Blue Gascon Hound – Your Complete Breed Guide To Gascon Bluetick

Out of the desire for a faster coonhunting dog, the American Blue Gascon Hound was born. The breed gained recognition in the United States only in 1976, and I researched its unique features, and therefore, keep reading to know what I found. So, what is an American Blue Gascon Hound?

The American Blue Gascon Hound was designed to offshoot the Grand Bleu de Gascon. Also known as Big ‘n’ Blu or Gascon Bluetick, this dog breed is not to be confused with the smaller and lookalike Bluetick Coonhound. As a true scenthound for hunting expeditions, the American Blue Gascon Hound comes with a few unique characteristics and seeking companionship is one of them.

These hounds are furthermore popularly known for their scenting ability, stamina, agility, perseverance, and long, deep bawl or bugle voice. So, if you’re looking to get these intelligent and loving dogs, you’re in the right place. Here, you find interesting information about the American Blue Gascon Hound that you probably didn’t know. Keep reading to find out.

How Big Do American Blue Gascon Hounds Get?

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Male American Blue Gascon Hounds can get as tall as 27 inches to 30 inches at the shoulder, while female ones are a bit smaller with a height of between 25 inches to 28 inches.

In addition, the minimum weight for male American Blue Gascon Hounds is approximately 90 lbs, while that of females is 75 lbs.

Physical Appearance

Here are some physical characteristics of the American Blue Gascon Hound.


American Blue Gascon Hounds have a robust and slightly oval skull with very few traces of skin folds or loose skin. In males, the skull length measures 10 to 12 inches, while it measures between 9 to 10 inches in females.

Their muzzles are heavy, prolonged, and have deep square flies. In addition, their nostrils are well developed, large, and always black.

An American Blue Gascon Hound features narrow, long, and thin ears hanging in a roll and pointed at the tip. The distance across the head or the ear span is between 24 inches to 28 inches in males and 23 inches to 27 inches in females.

Their eyes are black or dark brown, without much haw, round, and not deeply set.


The necks of American Blue Gascon Hounds are muscular with minimum dewlap, of medium length, are slightly rounded at the prominence. Their shoulders are muscular, flexible, and sloppy, and have robust construction.

Their chest is large with great depth and breadth indicative of great stamina and endurance levels. In males, the minimum girth measurement is 32 inches wide, while it’s about 30 inches for females.

Their back has a moderate length that is also muscular and strong. Their tails are of medium length, hairy, carried high, and are located slightly below the backline.

Thighs are curved to a point and well-muscled, crop full, and curved to the point of joining thighs. Their feet are slightly oval-shaped, deeply padded, compact, and robust.

Coat Colors And Patterns

The coats of American Blue Gascon Hounds are very thick, short, and dense enough to withstand the different weather conditions.

These hounds are born with white coats with a black mark, and as they grow older, the color continues to darken. However, different color variations are available, including black on blue markings, all blue and tan trim.

The marking doesn’t exceed 30% of the body color, is always irregular, and comes in numerous patterns. Once they get older, their colors have darker shades, including blue-black, roan mottled steel blue, blue brindle, griddle, or blue tick. In addition, the tan points and black may be eliminated.

Why Do They Call It A Blue Tick Hound?

The name “Blue Tick Hound” was used to describe dogs having a dark blue coat with a mottled or ticking pattern coat color of blue tick, which is similar to the coat characteristics a Bluetick Coonhound has.

How Long Do American Blue Gascon Hounds Live?

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The American Blue Gascon Hounds have a lifespan of about 11 to 12 years.

However, a specific dog may have a shorter lifespan if the dog is exposed to specific health conditions, including;

Canine Hip Dysplasia

This is a developmental disorder commonly found in active dog breeds like the American Blue Gascon Hound. It leads to abnormal hip joint formation. The common symptoms include decreased activity, difficulty moving, loss of thigh muscle mass, etc.

Heart Defects

The American Blue Gascon Hounds are prone to a wide range of heart defects. The most common ones include aortic stenosis, pulmonic stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, ventricular septal defect, and persistent right aortic arch.

Some signs of heart problems include dry cough, shortness of breath, restlessness, rapid weight loss, potbelly from fluid build up, fatigue, etc.

Ear Infections

American Blue Gascon Hound has large and floppy ears that require your assistance for regular cleaning and inspections. Dirt can easily accumulate within these areas if its ears are left unattended for long periods, leading to bacterial growth and potential ear infections.

Skin Allergies

Like humans, dogs are prone to allergies. Skin allergies, also known as allergic dermatitis, are the most common type of allergies in dogs. There are three major causes of skin allergies in dogs including food, environmental allergens and flea allergy dermatitis.


This is a condition where the thyroid does not release enough thyroid hormone into the bloodstream. This can cause the metabolism of the American Blue Gascon Hound to slow down, thereby disrupting vital organs from functioning on a healthy level.

How To Take Care Of Your American Blue Gascon Hound?

Taking care of an American Blue Gascon Hound is pretty easy since this dog breed doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.

Here are some tips to ensure your American Blue Gascon Hound is well taken care of.

Have An Exercise Routine

Since the American Blue Gascon Hound is a very energetic and active dog breed, they will benefit from regular exercise of at least 60 minutes of physical activity. This could include a long daily walk or playtime. They also do well in activities like rally sports, obedience training, and agility competitions.

If the exercise routine is not adhered to, the dog may not get enough physical and mental exercise, leading to the dog being high-strung, anxious, and sometimes destructive.

In addition, since they are natural hunters, they tend to run off and should never be let off the leash unless you’re sure they are in a secure and well-fenced area.

Provide A High-Quality Diet

American Blue Gascon Hounds need to be fed with about 4 cups of high-quality food that is split into two meal times every day. As the breed has a high energy and activity level, it is crucial to find proper nutrition that includes a great combination of healthy fats, carbs, and high protein.

Getting the right meals is not as easy as it sounds, but the highly recommended Pet Plate has high-quality, freshly prepared and nutritious dog food that is guaranteed to suit your pooch’s appetite.


An amazing way to supplement a healthy diet and ensure your dog remains healthy is by using multivitamins. This breed needs multivitamins with vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.

However, if you’re sure the food your dog is consuming is completely balanced, then your dog should be getting all the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from the food.

This means that your dog might not need the additional multivitamins unless your vet has recommended them.

Use Dental Water Additives

Dental water additives will not only help clean your dog’s teeth, mouth, and gums but will also leave them clean and fresh.

Similar to mouthwashes for humans, dental water additives are added to the dog’s drinking water on a daily basis. They also help kill bacteria, prevent bad breath, and reduce tartar.

Are American Blue Gascon Hounds Aggressive? Temperaments Of American Blue Gascon Hounds

Since the American Blue Gascon Hound dog is very active and has a high prey drive, it tends to be aggressive if not socialized and trained early. Therefore, these dogs should not be left off the leash for long, especially in an unfenced area.

Moreover, this breed should not be left home neither alone nor with other animals. If left alone, they might end up being frustrated and bay or howl frequently. If left with other animals, they might become aggressive towards them and end up in continuous pursuits about the house.

But with early socialization, this breed is great with both older and younger children if trained and socialized early. Conversely, lack of socialization may lead to a more aggressive dog.

Affectionate And Loyal

The American Blue Gascon Hound was developed to work with people, so they always seek companionship and will likely thrive well on social interactions.

So, they tend to be very loyal and affectionate to their owners and children but should be closely supervised when around small children. They work better with older children who understand pets but can always be trained to tolerate younger children.

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Easy To Train

Since American Blue Gascon Hounds are highly intelligent animals, they are relatively easy to train. This is especially true when this training is by using positive reinforcement methods.

However, when the training is too harsh on them, they tend to become aggressive, stubborn, and won’t do as you require them to.


The American Blue Gascon Hounds love and are devoted to their families, which makes them become protective over them.

Hence, this breed can make excellent guard dogs because of their protective nature, on top of their muscular build and their love for hunting. Furthermore, they have great eyesight that enables them to see well at night.

Do American Blue Gascon Hounds Shed A Lot? Grooming Tips For American Blue Gascon Hounds

The American Blue Gascon Hounds are not hypoallergenic since they have a short and glossy coat that sheds moderately all year. To keep shedding under control, grooming is necessary.

Fortunately, this breed is low maintenance and requires little maintenance. Here are some grooming tips you should consider.


While bathing is essential to help remove smell and dirt, this breed should only be bathed about 2 to 3 times a year. Over bathing, the dog will only strip the natural protective oils from the coat. Using the Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo to bathe your dog will help avoid reactions associated with using other dog shampoos and ensure your dog stays healthy.

American Blue Gascon Hounds are also known to smell and they can emit a “musty” scent. This is why regular bathing is recommended to keep the smell under control.

Brushing Their Coats

American Blue Gascon Hounds have short and dense coats that need to be brushed 2 to 3 times a week to keep shedding under control and leave their coats looking fresh and shiny.

Brushing their coats will also eliminate debris, dirt as well as dead hair, leaving an attractive and healthy coat. We recommend using the Furminator Undercoat Tool, which has soft but tight bristles that are gentle on the skin and help remove the dead hair effectively.

Other Grooming Tips

  • Checking their ears two to three times a week helps avoid infections. Clean out any dirt and moisture found in the ears.
  • Trim their nails every month to ensure they don’t scratch themselves, other animals, people, and your furniture
  • Check the areas where the skin falls in folds for moisture since mildew may form there, causing infections and irritations.
  • Lastly, you also need to check their eyes, feet, and nose for any signs of infections.

How Much Is An American Blue Gascon Hound Puppy? The price of American Blue Gascon Hound puppies varies from $500 to $3,000, depending on a number of factors. Such factors include availability, health, age, and also a breeder. Be sure to get one from a good breeder to avoid unnecessary costs.

Do American Blue Gascon Hounds Like To Swim? A good number of the American Blue Gascon Hounds like to swim and make great swimmers. However, this depends on the specific dog and how early the dog was socialized with water. After swimming, be sure to wipe their floppy ears thoroughly and keep them dry to avoid ear infections from setting in.

What Kind Of Hunting Dog Is An American Blue Gascon Hound? The American Blue Gascon Hound is a hunting dog that prefers tracking prey above anything else. However, one can also use these Gascon Blueticks for other activities like rally sports, agility competitions, or sometimes advanced obedience training.

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