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15 Guard Dog Breeds to Protect Your Family and Property

The primary purpose of getting a guard dog is to have extra protection for your family and property. There is a misconception that only big dogs can be a guard dog. Some dogs are capable of scaring away intruders with their appearance and can bark very loud to alert their owner.

To help you in choosing the right guard dog, below are 15 of the recommended breeds that you can consider.

Qualities of A Good Guard Dog

It’s a dog instinct to guard and protect their owners. Dogs are instructed not to attack or bite a human, but when they encounter someone who means harm, they will fight back.

The majority of guard dog breeds have an intimidating look and quite imposing. Having one of these dogs is enough to scare away any intruder. Guard dogs usually are unkind with strangers, but very friendly with their owner’s friends, as long as they know them.

These dogs will not attack randomly. Guard dogs are not violent animals that may go out of control. But you have to make sure that your dogs of these breeds have undergone obedience training and socialization while they are still young.

These dogs must learn how to follow the command of their owners. The guard dogs should undergo more training so that their owner so they will know how to handle them.

If you are unsure of your guard dog’s breed, you can consider getting a dog DNA test kit. They are a fairly inexpensive option and provide accurate results.

You probably have an idea about the many guard dog breeds but here is a list of some of the best guard dogs that experts and top trainers generally recommend:

15. Moscow Watchdog

Image from Instagram

Moscow Watchdog is a crossbreed of Saint Bernard and Caucasian Shepherd, usually resembling the look of Saint Bernard. This dog is large and very powerful, but friendly and loyal to those that it become accustomed to. The Moscow Watchdog is very agile despite its size, which makes it easy for him to chase intruders away from the property.

Keep in mind that they do require a lot of exercises to remain happy and healthy. This breed is not recommended as an apartment pet. But, for those with a spacious yard that requires protection, this is the breed of choice.

14. Fila Brasileiro

Image from Instagram

This large guard dog from Brazil is also known as a Brazilian Mastiff. Fila Brasileiro weighs around 110 lbs. and are used as estate guardian dogs. This breed is very devoted to his families but can be hostile or wary to strangers, and it may not be recommended to a home where people come and go.

It is considered a dangerous dog in some areas, like the UK and New Zealand. They are not allowed in Australia. But they are very good at protecting their homes and families.

13. Boxer

Boxer is an active, fun-loving, very loyal and bright breed. Though he may appear threatening, he has a strong will for human affection particularly from kids and will work its way for attention and love. The boxer is also smart and alerts danger. He will use his energy to protect his owner and property if needed.

Boxers are playful and upbeat. This breed takes the jobs seriously. They are ideal as family guardian and watchdog and will meet danger fearlessly. It is best to expose them to other animals and a lot of people in early puppyhood.

12. German Shepherd

This is probably one of the popular guard dogs.

Many thought that German Shepherd is a herding dog, but they are tenders, which means they are raised to run the border and join the flock where they belong and watch for enemies. German Shepherd is loyal and very intense, they will attack those who threaten their family and property.

11. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is one of the classic guard dog breeds because of their bellowing growl, easy to train with an intimidating look. The Rottweiler is one of the earliest police dogs and has served different and difficult functions over the course of their history – including functioning as butcher’s assistant, family guardians and as cattle dogs.

They are natural guard animals since they tend to remain on their ground without exceeding their boundaries.

10. Bullmastiff

The Bullmastiff has a strong and powerful built. The breed is loyal, confident, fearless, eager to please and affectionate. He may look intimidating; the breed is very tame and sweet-natured when with his family. These dogs have good instincts and protective nature. The breed is a recommended family watchdog because he seldom barks but will attack if he feels that his owners are in danger.

9. Catahoula Leopard Dog

Image from Instagram

This is a medium-large, short-coated dog with different eye colors and coat as well as patterns. Catahoula is the only breed of dog that originated in Lousiana. It requires firm guidance and socialization at an early age since they can be independent, protective and territorial. They protect themselves as they do not allow mistreatment. This breed is loyal, gentle and affectionate to their owners.

8. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is a compactly built breed. They are generally fast, powerful and muscular that stands between 24 to 28 inches at the shoulder. Dobermans have a sleek but substantial body and covered with a lustrous coat of fawn, black, or red with rust markings.

The breed is considered as royalty in the canine world because of these features. It also has a noble wedge-shaped head and athletic way of moving.

7. Great Dane

Great Danes are referred to as the giant in the canine world. Unknown to many, this breed is gentle and share the bond with children. They are also a friendly, dependable and patient breed. This dog has an intimidating bark and can scare away the attackers by its size. It is 32 inches tall at the shoulder. The coat comes in different colors and patterns; the most common is the black and white pattern known as Harlequin.

6. Giant Schnauzer

Image from Instagram

The Giant Schnauzer is somewhat similar to the Standard Schnauzer, just bigger. They are called giant because they are big and have an intimidating look. The male version of this breed stands at 27.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh around 95 lbs. This breed has a muscular, substantial body. The double coat is either pepper and salt or solid black. The giant, mini, and standard have harsh beard and eyebrows, with sagacious, keen expression.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Image from Instagram

The Staffordshire is not as tall as other guard dogs; it stands only at 14 to 16 inches. They weigh anywhere between 24 to 38 pounds. This breed is a rock-solid, muscular type of terrier. Their head is broad and short with pronounced cheek muscles, and their coat comes in different colors.

They resemble the pugnacious brawlers that rule England’s fighting pits before. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier are loyal companions, but they still have the old fighting instinct.

4. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain dog is calm, strong, smart and good-natured and safe even if you have kids around because they love to play and spend time with their owners. This breed is not as aggressive as you think it is but has a large size and barks loud that can scare away intruders. Bernese is an excellent family guard dog. It is a loyal and obedient companion.

3. Schipperke

Image from Instagram

The Schipperke is a Belgian dog that is used initially as a sheepdog, but it is stubborn, smart and independent breed. They alert you right away if strangers are approaching and in spite of being the smallest in the list they are not recommended for new owners. The breed is not higher than 13 inches, but they are hard working. They have powerful jaws, forequarters, and necks with a catlike hunting style. Their black coat is profuse in their neck. Legs and shoulders give the breed a silhouette that emphasizes its substantial thick body.

2. Norwegian Elkhound

Image from Instagram

This breed has hardy, short-bodied dogs that stand at 20 inches at the shoulder. Their coat is dense, silver-gray and their tails are curling over the back. They also have sturdy legs, muscular thighs and deep chest needed for their daily work. Elkhound eyes are dark brown, and their ears are mobile and erect. This breed is the picture of an alert and steadfast dog of the north.

1. Cane Corso Italiano

The Cane Corso Italiano watchdog has been used to guard the farm and hunt boar for many years. This breed is smart and easy to train. They are usually affectionate towards their family and has close bonds with children, which makes them a great family guard dog. It just needs a very spacious yard to allow them to have lots of time to exercise.

Final Thoughts

In searching for the best guard dogs for your family, it is essential that choose the one that is protective and loyal but make sure it is not overly aggressive. You need to have some knowledge on how you should take care of them and the type of training the breed requires. This will help them become an efficient guard dog and a loving member of your family.

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