Black And Tan Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a hunting dog that has its origin in Japan. It comes in different coat color combinations, and one of those gorgeous combinations is the Black And Tan Shiba Inu.

The Black And Tan Shiba Inu has a rich history that dates back to the early 20th century. The purebred Shiba Inus almost became extinct because of years of wars, disease, and the introduction of Western dogs. After World War II, initiatives were made to breed together 3 Japanese dog breeds, namely the Sanโ€™in Shiba, Mino Shiba, and Shinshu Shiba, to form the Shiba Inu that we know today.

Is the Black And Tan Shiba Inu the right canine companion for you? Find out more about its lifespan and health issues. Is it an energetic dog breed, can you take it out for a swim? What about aggression? Is this an expensive breed? For now, letโ€™s talk more about the physical features of Black And Tan Shiba Inu.

How Big Do Black And Tan Shiba Inus Get?


Shiba Inus are medium-sized dogs with compact bodies. The males stand around 14 to 17 inches with the females being slightly smaller. Weight ranges from 17 to 23 lbs for both sexes.

A Shiba Inu is fully grown at 12 months of age but the larger ones may continue to grow until 18 months.


The coat standard of a Black And Tan Shiba Inu is its 3 colored coat โ€“ a black base coat and tan points plus creamy areas which is referred to as โ€˜urajiroโ€™.

In fact, what makes a Black And Tan Shiba Inu unique is the individual black strand of its hair. Itโ€™s because each strand of hair contains all 3 colors, beginning from light cream to tan red, and finally with a rusty black tip.

The cheeks, upper lip, chin, throat, chest, and belly have that urajiro creamy white color that forms a bow-tie effect on the chest, which the Black And Tan Shiba Inu is famous for.

Then the dorsal part of a Black And Tan Shiba Inu is mostly black like in the back of the ears and forehead. And, atop those expressive eyes is the distinct tan and round eyebrows that resemble a thumbprint. 

Lastly, the bushy tail, one of the defining physical characteristics of a Black And Tan Shiba Inu, is colored white on the exposed underside and black on the dorsal side. This bushy tail is used as a blanket to cover the face during harsh winter weather.

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How Long Do A Black And Tan Shiba Inu Live?

A Black And Tan Shiba Inu usually leads a healthy life of up to 13 to 16 years. Though generally, it is a healthy and hearty breed, the Black And Tan Shiba Inu is also affected by common health issues, thus, a regular check-up with your vet is necessary.

Be sure that the vaccination schedules of your Shiba Inu are followed. We also recommended that you also monitor for unusual sounds such as heart murmurs.

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

This is a developmental disorder found in most dogs caused by hereditary and mostly diet. Hip or elbow joints might degenerate over time to the degree that the ball and the socket joints get displaced.

The first signs of this disease include weakness, lameness, and difficulty standing up from a lying position. This condition may lead to arthritis.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy 

An eye disorder wherein the cells of the retina degenerates and causes blindness. This is a degenerative eye disease that usually strikes older dogs. The signs you have to look for are clumsiness and when you see that your dog bumps into things during the night.

Patellar Luxation 

common orthopedic problem among dogs happens when the kneecap is dislocated from its normal anatomical location. The symptoms include a bow-legged stance, limping, and an awkward gait.

The other minor common health issues of Shiba Inu are glaucoma, dental disease, obesity, and hypothyroidism. It can also be afflicted with skin problems like allergies from food, airborne pollen, fleas, and tick bites.

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How To Take Care Of Black And Tan Shiba Inus?


A Black And Tan Shiba Inu is a very active dog breed and requires a lot of exercise to exhaust that energy. A run or a walk around the neighborhood for at least 1 hour every day is the ideal. You will find that your Black And Tan Shiba Inu can very much keep up with you if you plan to run for miles.

A Black And Tan Shiba Inu can easily get bored so playing with it around the house is also a good way to release its pent-up energy. Allow us to emphasize that this is a hunting dog breed from the mountainous region of Japan, so a lack of exercise leads to some destructive behaviors around the house like the chewing of furniture.


As a hunting breed dog, a Black And Tan Shiba Inu needs lots of protein in its dietPet Plate is ideal for its well-balanced mix of protein and fats giving your canine buddy the necessary building blocks to build its muscles and to maintain its plush fur.

For a 2-month old pup, feed a โ…“ cup three times a day and adults from 1 to 1 ยฝ cups divided into three meals. Keeping your canine buddyโ€™s optimum weight is key to preventing diseases later in life.

You can and should also provide your canine buddy with multivitamins for a healthier immune system.

Dental Care 

Aside from daily brushing of teeth, we suggest that you invest in dental water additives for tartar and periodontal disease prevention.

Are Black And Tan Shiba Inus Aggressive? Temperaments Of Black And Tan Shiba Inus

First of all, the color of the Shiba Inus has nothing to do with their temperaments. Secondly, Shiba Inus can be aggressive despite being reserved, aloof, and not much attention-seeking canine buddies.

Aggressive Tendencies

Black And Tan Shiba Inus are natural hunters and have a strong prey instinct. They can be aggressive and have a strong tendency to chase smaller animals.

So, we recommend owners to always use a leash when taking out these Black And Tan Shiba Inus for a walk. Upon off-leashes, they would certainly take off, much to your chagrin. Proper training at an early age should minimize these behaviors.

Affection Level

Black And Tan Shiba Inus are fiercely independent, and most have minds of their own. They will be game for a cuddle, but only if they want to. They are very much like cats in that way, and they will just look at their owners or ignore them if they are not in the mood.

Itโ€™s not that they are not affectionate, the Black And Tan Shiba Inus just prefer their own company. However, it does not mean that it is hopeless. You just have to be patient and be in tune with your canine buddyโ€™s expressiveness.

Separation Anxiety

Even if they are independent-minded, the Black And Tan Shiba Inus need attention and exercise before you leave them for about 8 hours a day.

Ideally, we recommend that you crate-train these dogs when left alone, provided you leave them with toys to keep them entertained. This would save you trouble with accidents around the house if they are bored and anxious.

Do Black And Tan Shiba Inus Shed? Grooming Tips For Black And Tan Shiba Inus


The Black And Tan Shiba Inus regularly shed throughout the year but considerably more in the Spring and Fall when they are changing old hair. That said, they are not hypoallergenic.

To control shedding, they have to be groomed quite often to remove fluffy undercoats from their fur. Luckily, there are great products available in the market suited for a Black And Tan Shiba Inus like the FURminator Undercoat Tool. Its ergonomic handle and curved edge make brushing your canine buddyโ€™s hair easier on your hands. Plus, brushing often with a FURminator Undercoat Tool would reduce the amount of loose hair by as much as 90%.


Although Black And Tan Shiba Inus are fairly clean, they need their baths several times a month, given that debris, bacteria, and other odors can be easily picked up by their thick fur.

Like many other Black And Tan Shiba Inu owners, they may confess to you that bathing may be one of the toughest chores to do with your canine buddy. With all its might, your pooch can scream, screech, and complain to the high heavens just to convince them to take a bath, but bathe it shall.

We recommend using Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner. Not only does this product promote healthy skin and hair for your Black And Tan Shiba Inu, but it will also give you a less stressful bath time with its fresh lavender smell. Furthermore, this shampoo prevents itchiness and the skin from getting too dry, so less loose hair around the house.

How Much Does A Black And Tan Shiba Inu Cost? A Black And Tan Shiba Inu puppy would cost around $1,800 to $2,500 depending on the reputation of the breeder. Puppies with that perfect, even, and well-distributed black and tan colorings would command a higher price. The other factors that dictate the price are lineage and microchipping. A cheaper option would be to adopt one which would cost you about $500.

Are Black And Tan Shiba Inus Good Swimmers? The Black And Tan Shiba Inus normally donโ€™t like swimming. They hate it and would need some prodding to get them to water. They may like to walk along the shoreline, even the occasional puddle, but getting them to swim requires patience.

What Is A Pinto Shiba? A Pinto Shiba is a Black and Tan Inus that has an uneven distribution of white markings. Some say this is a result of bad breeding practices by puppy mills. There is a lack of urajiro and more white spotting on the upper body, legs, tail, and chest.

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