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When choosing cat breeds, aside from personality, coat colors also matter a lot. For some people, the more unique the color or pattern cats have, the more attractive they are perceived. This is the reason why cats that come in black and white color combinations are popular among cat lovers.

The Turkish Angora cats are one of the most sought-after black and white breeds. They are covered in silky, intermediate length black and white coats. American Curls and Oriental Shorthair are also well-liked breeds that come in the admired color combination as well as other cat breeds in this list.

12. British Shorthair

The British Shorthair cats are not only popular in England but all over the world too. These cats are known to many for their calm demeanor, easygoing and quiet personality. They are great cats to have in a large household because they get along well with everyone.

Although they are commonly seen in their blue or grey coats, this breed can produce black and white cats too.

11. Cymric

Looking exactly like the Manx cats, Cymrics are thought to be just the long-haired version of the said breed. These tailless cats are loyal pets to their humans. They are also intelligent and playful that they can be taught tricks that can be enjoyed during playtime.

They are covered in medium to long silky fur that can come in a variety of colors including black and white combination.

10. Maine Coon

The gentle giant of the cat world, Maine Coon used to be employed to hunt for rodents because they are large and quick. Thankfully they transitioned to house pets because their adaptable and friendly personalities make them a perfect addition to the family.

Commonly these cats are seen with tabby coat patterns, but they come in a variety of coat colors and patterns, including black and white.

9. Munchkin

These balls of fur get their name from being short legged cute cats which is a result of genetic mutation. But despite their size, Munchkins are surprisingly agile and quick when needed. These tiny kitties are known for being warm-hearted yet cheeky, and outgoing pets.

Their coats can come in any color or pattern that is genetically possible, so they can be black and white cats as well.

8. Japanese Bobtail

Considered as the lucky cats, Japanese Bobtails are believed to bring fortune to their owners. These cats are more commonly seen in the color combination of black, red, and white which are considered lucky colors. But cats that come in black and white color are just as popular options as house pets.

Aside from their sleek coats and bobbed tails, they also have a unique sing-song meow.

7. Persian

Known as the most popular cat breed in the world, Persian cats are the quintessential purebreds. Although the pure white cats are often the most photographed version, they come in a variety of colours and can even be a black and white.

These cats are the top choice as pets because they are sweet and gentle creatures. Their lush crown of glory needs proper maintenance with daily combing.

6. Manx

Another tailless cat breed in this list is the Manx. These cats share uncanny resemblance with the Cymric mentioned earlier. If not for their longer fur that also comes in black and white colors, it’s hard to tell the difference for the inexperienced eye.

These cats are very playful and intelligent with a dog-like personality. They are easily trainable pets with energy that can match that of dogs.

5. Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are cats with a well-known trademark of an owl-looking face. What gives them their distinct look is their ears that are folded forward and downward on their heads. They may look intimidating but they are laid back and friendly to everyone.

These cats can have a short-hair or long-hair coat that can come in many colors like black and white or a combination of both.

4. Siberian

Hailing from the cold country of Siberia, Siberians are active and intelligent that many people adore. Owing to their origins they were designed by nature to have very dense, medium to long, water repellent triple coats.

Their powerful look is due to their fluffy fur that comes in many colors, including cream, gold and silver. As well as patterns such as tabby, calico, and black and white combination.

3. Oriental Shorthair

With over 600 color and pattern combinations to choose from, Oriental Shorthairs are considered a work of art to their owners. These cats are famous for being the breed used to explore all colors and patterns that are possible.

They are inquisitive, clingy and vocal especially when they need some attention. Another advantage of owning these cats is the hypoallergenic property they possess for those with allergies.

2. American Curl

Although they have curled ears which are the result of a genetic mutation, American Curls are healthy and can hear just fine. These active cats like to give their owners a sweet start to their day by giving them soft kisses to wake them up.

Their small size complemented with quirky personalities are the reason they usually amusingly squeeze themselves in unusual places and objects at home.

1. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angoras used to only be produced in an all-white coat. But this elegant and beautiful cat breed has been producing members with a variety of color and patterns including black and white combinations. Their medium to long soft coats rarely mats and require only minimal grooming.

These cats are intelligent, loving, and adaptable making them perfect house pets to families with children and other animal pets.

Related Questions

Are Black And White Cats Good Luck? Yes, many believe that black and white cats symbolize good luck. Owners of these special cats have recounted experiences wherein they received good luck after bringing home the cats as pets. Some even find themselves wishing to come across black and white cats because of the good fortune they bring.

Why Are Black And White Cats Unpopular? Black and white cats are known to have cattitude. A study was done among cats to determine the relationship of temperament to coat color. The results showed that black and white cats are aggressive and sassy. They like to be handled on their own terms and don’t answer to anyone.

How Do Cats Stay So White? Cats in general are self-grooming. They spend 25% of their day licking their furs to keep themselves clean. The propensity for licking also helps them remove excess heat and regulate body temperature. Moreover, their tongues with spines called filiform papilla push their saliva deep into the fur to clean it.

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