Black French Bulldog

Black French Bulldogs are cute and adorable, they make very good companions, they are excellent for first-time pet parents, and they have a unique solid black coat that gives them a royal appearance. So, is the Black French Bulldog a unique breed?

The Black French Bulldog is a standard French Bulldog rather than a distinct breed, with the only difference being that their coat is solid black, something that is very rare in French Bulldogs. In addition to their cute looks, Black French Bulldogs are amazing companions with very low maintenance requirements.

If you’re interested in owning a Black Frenchie, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about these amazing furballs, including their diet and exercise requirements, grooming requirements, their temperament, common health problems to watch out for, their average life expectancy, and so on. Before diving into all that, however, let’s understand what exactly is termed a Black French Bulldog.

What Is A Black French Bulldog?

The term Black French Bulldog refers to French Bulldogs whose coat is solid black, without traces of any other color, and without any other markings.

While Black Frenchies are purebreds, the black coat color is not part of the accepted breed standards under the American Kennel Club (AKC), and therefore, Black French Bulldogs cannot participate in dog shows and competitions. However, they’re still great pets if you don’t intend to show your dog.


Aside from the black coat, the Black French Bulldog has a similar appearance to the standard Frenchie. They are generally short, with an average height of about 11 to 12 inches at the withers, while their bodies are stocky and quite muscular.

The average weight of a Black French Bulldog falls between 20 and 28 lbs. Black Frenchies have round faces with flat, wrinkled noses and ears that resemble those of a bat. Sometimes, Black French Bulldogs will have blue-colored eyes.


Like other French Bulldogs, the Black French Bulldog has a short coat that is both fine and smooth. Another defining feature of Black Frenchies is their loose and wrinkled skin, particularly around their head and neck.

Are Black French Bulldogs Rare?

A black coat is very rare among French Bulldogs. It’s good to note that some French Bulldogs will appear to be solid black, but in actual sense, they’ll have some traces of brindle. These are not considered to be Black Frenchies.

Their rarity, combined with the high demand for these dogs, can make the Black Frenchie significantly more expensive than the standard French Bulldog.

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How Long Do Black Frenchies Live?

The Black French Bulldog has an average lifespan of between 10 and 12 years.

Unfortunately, due to the gene responsible for the solid black coat, Black French Bulldogs are prone to some health issues that are not prevalent in standard French Bulldogs. This is the reason why the color is not accepted or recognized by AKC.

Some of the common health issues among Black French Bulldogs include:

Eye And Ear Problems

French Bulldogs with a solid black coat, without any trace of brindle, usually carry a gene that causes deafness, and therefore, there is a high chance that your Black Frenchie will go deaf at some point.

The gene responsible for the solid black coat can also give your doggie blue-colored eyes, which are at a high risk of developing eye problems later in life.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s disease is a condition that affects blood’s ability to clot, leading to excessive bleeding from minor issues.

Some symptoms associated with this condition include bleeding gums, nose bleeding, prolonged bleeding after surgical operations, and excessive bleeding when a dog is in season. The condition is manageable, but it has no cure.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

This is a condition that is caused by the shape of the French Bulldog’s head. The short nose and narrowed nostrils sometimes cause obstructions in the airways, leading to labored breathing.

It’s good to note that these conditions won’t affect all Black Frenchies. Still, if you’re considering getting a Black Frenchie, it’s good to be aware of these health risks.

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How To Take Care Of Black French Bulldogs?

One great thing about Black French Bulldogs is that they are not very demanding and are easy to care for even if you’ve never had a dog before. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to caring for your Black Frenchie.

Diet Requirements

Due to their small body size and low levels of physical activity, Black Frenchies do not require lots of food. About a cup and a half of food per day should be enough. To avoid the risk of bloat, divide the food into two meals, one served in the morning and the other in the evening.

While Black Frenchies don’t require lots of food, you have to feed them with high-quality food, such as Pet Plate, which is packed with nutrients and comes in multiple flavors. You should also buy multivitamin supplements to ensure that your pooch is getting all necessary nutrients.

To keep bad breath and tooth decay at bay, you should also invest in dental water additives for your Black Frenchie.

Exercise Requirements

Black French Bulldogs do not require a lot of physical activity, which makes them a great choice for people living in apartments. Taking your Black Frenchie for a 15-minute walk two times a day is enough to keep your fido healthy.

Like most bulldogs, Black French Bulldogs are not very good at regulating their body temperature, and therefore, you should not allow them to exercise or play outside on a hot day. Walks and exercise sessions should be held in the morning or evening when the ambient temperatures are cooler.

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Are Black Frenchies Aggressive? Temperaments Of Black French Bulldogs


Black French Bulldogs are very friendly little pooches whose joy is spending time with their favorite human, either sleeping next to your feet, cuddling on your lap, or playing with you. They will get along well with all family members and love being the center of attention.

The downside to the Black Frenchie’s desire for human contact is that these dogs do not like being left alone, and can easily get stress and anxiety from being left alone. If you’re hardly ever at home, the Black Frenchie is not the dog for you.

Black Frenchies will also get along well with other dogs and other pets as long as they are properly socialized. Without proper socialization, Black Frenchies can get aggressively territorial.


Black French Bulldogs are smart and will quickly learn commands. However, you have to keep the training sessions fun; otherwise, the Black Frenchie will show you their stubborn side, which can make the training much more difficult.

They Are Quiet

Black French Bulldogs are quiet dogs that are not known to bark incessantly without reason. This makes them a great choice for someone living in an apartment since you don’t have to worry about your dog disturbing your neighbors with their loud barking.

Great Watch Dogs

Since they rarely bark without reason, Black French Bulldogs are great watchdogs. Every time you hear your Black Frenchie barking, there is a high chance that they want to alert you of something, such as an approaching stranger.

They are also very protective of their loved ones.

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Do Black French Bulldogs Shed? Grooming Tips For Black French Bulldogs


The Black French Bulldog is an average shedder, which unfortunately makes them unsuitable for people looking for a hypoallergenic dog.

Since they don’t shed heavily, Black French Bulldogs will be okay with occasional brushing. However, some Black Frenchies can be uncomfortable with brushing, so you need to get them used to brushing from a very young age.

You can also make the brushing process more comfortable for your canine buddy by using a proper brushing tool, such as the FURminator Undercoat Tool. This brushing tool is designed in such a manner that minimizes the risk of injury for your doggo, and has a FURejector button that simplifies the whole process for you.


Due to their dark coats, Black French Bulldogs don’t get dirty quickly, and therefore, they can go for long without having to take a bath. Your Black Frenchie can do with a shower every 2 months or so.

To avoid stripping its coat of the natural oils that keep it healthy, you should invest in high-quality dog shampoo for bathing your dog, such as the Mighty Petz 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner, which contains an Aloe Vera and baking soda formula that soothes your doggie’s coat.

While giving your Black Frenchie a bath, always remember to check its skin for any infections, parasites, or lesions.

Other Grooming Requirements

You should also regularly clean your Black Frenchie’s earstrim their nails every now and then to prevent splitting and tearing, and brush their teeth to prevent bad breath.

How Much Is A Black French Bulldog? Black French Bulldog puppies will cost you between $3,500 and $5,000 on average, though the price can sometimes go higher. Black French Bulldogs are generally more expensive than standard French Bulldogs because the black color is rare, and because there’s a huge demand for Black French Bulldogs among dog owners.

What Is The Rarest Color Of French Bulldog? The rarest color of French Bulldog is blue merle. Blue Merle French Bulldogs are usually gray in color with whitish spots or patterns all over their body. Note, however, that Blue Merle French Bulldogs are highly susceptible to various health problems, and they also come with a very hefty price tag.

How Can You Get A Black French Bulldog? You can either get a Black French Bulldog from a breeder that specializes in French Bulldogs or from a shelter. Due to the rarity of Black French Bulldogs, you won’t find any shelters that specialize solely in Black Frenchies. However, you can still get a Black Frenchie from general shelters and those that focus solely on Frenchies.

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