Border Collie Mixes

It’s an undeniable fact that Border Collies run the show when it comes to designer dogs. The pet lovers worldwide are in love with Border Collie mixed breeds because such hybrid breeds retain the dashing looks of Border Collies and physical wellbeing traits of the other parent breed.

With that being said, we’d love to introduce Bordoodle as the best Border Collie mix we could find. Borgi and Border Jack are two beautiful Border Collie mixes that deserve our shout-out as well. Although depending on the parent breeds, most of the Border Collie mixes comprise of smart, lovable and affectionate designer dogs.

32. Bordoodle

Image from Instagram:@tucker.bordoodle

A Bordoodle retains curly hair of its Standard Poodle parent, black and white fur coloration of its Border Collie parent. This pup can attain the maximum body height of 16 to 22 inches and weigh between 35 to 65 lbs.

Considering its witty and energetic nature, a Bordoodle should be adopted by a family that has ample time to play with this pup.

Bordoodles tend to show destructive behavior when kept idle for too long, and their long, curly hair will require regular grooming.

31. Borgi

Image from Instagram:@bishopk34

The Borgi is a medium-sized hybrid dog breed that results from a cross between Border Collie and Corgi dog breeds. 

The most remarkable features of a Borgi include its large, round ears and a face that’s always smiling, all thanks to its Corgi parent.

Being a herding dog, Borgi needs a minimum hour of intense exercise to stay fit. If you’re looking for a helping hand at your ranch, Borgi is for you

30. Ski-Border

Image from Instagram:@tumbles_each_day

Ski-Border is a hybrid designer dog that breeders produced by mixing Border Collie and American Eskimo pure breeds.

A witty, loving, energetic, and handsome companion is all that a Ski-Border is. This dog being very energetic is well-suited for households with an active lifestyle.

Ski-Borders are cushioned with medium-sized double coats that can attain varied colors and patterns. When fully grown, they attain a height of around 20 inches and can weigh 20 to 25 lbs.

29. Great Collie

Image from Instagram:@falconthegiant

Taking inspiration from its Border Collie and Great Dane parent breeds, Great Collie are as smart, affectionate, and playful as they come.

Great collies make excellent watchdogs because of their propensity to be wary towards strangers. 

The extremely friendly nature and highly energetic nature of Great Collies makes this Border Collie mix a very suitable hybrid for dog lovers who love to have fun outdoors. Though, not recommended as a cuddle buddy!

28. Border Beagle

Image from Instagram:@eedevore

The Border Beagle is a hybrid designer dog breed that came into being by crossing the Border Collie and the Beagle.

This floppy-eared beauty is also known by the name of Collie Beagler. The Border Collie is a herder by profession and the Beagle is a great scent detector, so you can only imagine what you’re signing up for.

No worries! Border Beagles are loving, witty, and playful canines who check all the boxes of being good companions.

27. Bordermute

Image from Instagram:@caththomasuk

One of the rarest Border Collie mixes on this list is Bordermute, jam packed with good looks and dashing personality as seen in its parent breeds, Border Collie and Alaskan Malamute.

Bordermute looks like a clone of Husky, and is most often confused with it. However, generally this dog is larger than a Husky and can weigh around 50 lbs.

They make a loving and loyal hybrid dog breed, but Bordermutes aren’t that easy to control. Keeping them on leash will be a good idea.

26. Collieweiler

Image from Instagram:@bianukij

Having possessed the spirit of Border Collie and Rottweiler dog breeds, Collieweilers make excellent protection/guard dogs. 

Collieweiler is a highly energetic, loyal, and high-stamina hybrid dog breed that thrives in farms, because both of its parents were originally herding dogs.

We’d suggest you to keep a Collieweiler always busy, unless he wants to rest or be your cuddle buddy. It’s because they tend to show destructive behavior when kept idle for a long time.

25. Kelpie Collie

Image from Instagram:@cody_the_kelpiexcollie

Kelpie Collie has the foxy look that most of the pet lovers crave for. This canine buddy looks less like a Border Collie and more like a Kelpie. 

Being extremely energetic and untiring, Kelpie Collies aren’t suitable for most of the families. To keep them happy and healthy, 90 minutes of daily exercise is the least you can do.

A Kelpie Collie may take black, red or white fur color depending on the color of its parent breeds.

24. Vizslie

Image from Instagram:@lifeof.odie

Vizslie is an allrounder hybrid dog breed obtained by crossing Vizsla with Border Collie. The former parent is a champ gundog whereas the latter one is an excellent herding dog.

Owing to the diverse skill sets of this human-loving creature, Vizslas are good at anything they do, as long as they’re doing it with their owners. 

Vizslie loves to snuggle with his beloved companion, and will suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for more than a few hours.

23. Brittany Border

Image from Instagram:@happyjoylyn

The Brittany Border is a rare Border Collie mix that was developed by breeders via a cross between Border Collie and Brittany.

These furry canines never run out of energy, so you should be ready to play hard with your Brittany Border, if you’re thinking of owning one.

Brittany Border’s average height ranges between 18 to 22 inches, and can weigh anything between 30 to 50 lbs. This canine is best suited for a family with an outdoors lifestyle.

22. Bordernese

Image from Instagram:@theadventuresofawelshbear

Retaining the body features of Bernese Mountain Dog and fur colors of its Collie parent, the Bordernese mix makes a good looking dog. 

Bordernese is intelligent, good-looking, and easy-going in nature. There is a perfect balance between the playful nature of Collies and love showering nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog. 

Your children will love the company of a Bordernese and vice versa. They’re recommended for colder regions because of their dense fur.

21. Shollie

Image from Instagram:@hershey_milo

The Shollie is what you get by creating a mix between the Collie and the German Shepherd. Both the purebred parents being herding dogs, Shollies showcase the same skill.

Shollies get attached to one particular person and stay loyal to that person forever. They’re intelligent, playful, and loyal creatures.

For good health, plenty of exercise is needed for a Shollie. This dog retains most of the facial features of its German Shepherd parent.

20. Dobie

Image from Instagram:@rubydooby_do

This Border Collie mix is the best hybrid dog breed you can own if your requirement is an excellent guard dog. Dobie, with its Doberman genes, will provide ultimate protection to you and your family.

Dobie is an energetic, intelligent dog breed that requires a lot of human time, otherwise they tend to become destructive.

The height your Dobie can reach anywhere between 20 to 26 inches and can weigh 45 to 80 lbs when fully grown.

19. Border Collie Bernard

Image from Instagram:@ourboyghostie

The Border Collie Bernard is a gentle at heart, protective and intelligent Collie mix. Its coat density and texture needs regular grooming to stay in topnotch condition. 

With countless thanks to its St. Bernard traits, the Border Collie Bernard mix tends to act friendly towards strangers and loves having fun with families.

An adult Borderland can weigh between 45 to 125 lbs, and can grow up to a height of 20 to 35 inches. Overall, they’re docile, playful, and intelligent dogs, normally suitable for everyone.

18. Bordersky

Image from Instagram:@thejaimekenyon

The Bordersky retains fluffy fur and body coloration of its Siberian Husky parent and the energy of its Border Collie parent.

The most energetic Collie mix on this list is Bordersky. These dogs are so energetic and smart that you’ll need to keep them engaged for an hour or more with new activities every day.

So, it’s obvious that a Bordersky will thrive in a family that can actively engage with him. They’ll pour all their heart once they see a human face.

17. Golden Border

Image from Instagram:@allieskarma

The Golden Retriever genes of Golden Border perfectly manage to complement its Border Collie part. The result is a less intense, dashing, fun-loving and an easy-going pooch you’ll love to spend time with.

You can rest assured that you’ll enjoy the balance of energy and doze-off nature that’s inherently present in a Golden Border.

The coat of a Golden Border can take black, white or golden color. The feathery fur of these dogs makes them heavy shedders all year long.

16. Border Schnollie

Image from Instagram:@alvin.not.kamara

The Border Schnollie is an adorable looking, joyful hybrid dog breed resulting from a cross between a Border Collie and Schnauzer.

With high intelligence, Border Schnollie has a propensity to act mischievous, which can be brought under control only by a firm leader. 

The Border Schnollie is a breed of hardworking dogs who can be very useful as ranch helpers. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to adopt the one with whiskered snout.

15. Border Newfie

Image from Instagram:@thegoodestgrayson

The Border Newfie is the fluffiest Border Collie mix minion you’ll ever find. Though that also means you’ll need to spend ample time on its grooming needs, and be ok with their drool party.

They may act aloof around the strangers at first, but the Newfie genes quickly stimulate Border Newfies to be friendly and warm-hearted towards strangers as well.

Being one of the heaviest Collie mixes, Border Newfie doesn’t need too vigorous exercise, and won’t like to be bothered about it either.

14. Collie Cocker

Image from Instagram:@bruce_and_nala_colliecocker

With the physical attributes of a Border Collie, the collie Cocker looks like a down-sized Border Collie, but with furry hair that it inherits from the Spaniel Cocker dog breed.

The Collie Cocker is an easy-going dog who loves to cuddle with his buddies as well as treats strangers with politeness. They have a high prey drive due to hunting origin of their parents.

To stay in proper shape and health, 45-60 minutes of daily exercise is recommended for the Collie Cocker designer dog breed.

13. Bodatian

Image from

The Bodatian is an agile Collie mix that we obtain from a cross between a Border Collie and a Dalmatian. 

You should expect the Bodatian to be a champion of training and pet games. With short, shiny, and soft fur, this dog possesses an admirable body coat.

A Bodatian is normally a protective dog, and loves to have fun with his trusted family. An hour of outdoors time every day should suffice as its daily dose of exercise.

12. Borderstaff

Image from Instagram:@arya_staffycross

The Borderstaff is an extra-loving, extra-cute, and super fun-chasing hybrid dog, thanks to this fellas Border Collie and Staffordshire Bull Terrier parents.

The average body size of Borderstaff ranges from 16 to 20 inches in height and can weigh anything between 25 to 50 lbs.

The Borderstaff’s short-to-medium sized fur can take diverse color forms because of the colorful coat of its Staffordshire Bull Terrier parent. However, you should check the legality with respective local authorities before adopting one.

11. Boxollie

Image from Instagram:@paddy_bear_boxollie

Given the stubborn nature of Boxollie parent breeds, namely the Border Collie and the Boxer, this dog needs to undergo leash training in order to behave adequately.

An adult Boxollie dog can grow up to a height of 19 to 24 inches and weigh in the range of 40 to 70 lbs.

Although a Boxollie may act aloof with strangers, this canine friend loves to have fun with its family, showcasing his unique boxing technique, thus giving his demeanour a comical tint.

10. Border Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@tinyblueberryandmeg

The Border Pyrenees is a great herding dog mix, thanks to the herding dog genes that it gets from both the parents, the Border Collie and the Great Pyrenees.

These canines love to sit in your lap after working hard for a whole day, which mostly involves providing assistance in herding.

They look like giants growing 21 to 27 inches tall, and can weigh anything between 50 to 100 lbs. So, only think of owning a Border Pyrenees if you have enough room.

9. Border Heeler

Image from Instagram:@bannertheheelerpup

The Border Heeler makes yet another professional herding dog, owing to the fact that both of its parent breeds namely the Border Collie and the Blue Heeler are herding dogs.

Being a hard-worker, the Border Heelers require a minimum 90 minutes of exercise to stay in their good moods.

The body coloration of Border Heeler is more abstract than the Border Collie and the fur grows more than you’ll expect of a Blue Heeler.

8. Border Pointer

Image from Instagram:@marley_and_coopers_adventures

You can think of the Border Pointer as the beacon of obedience. Due to the German Shorthaired pointer genes, this hybrid breed tends to be more affectionate than the purebred Border Collie.

This occasional cuddle-buddy needs a minimum 1 hour of exercise every day to stay in proper shape and good health, that’s also the key to keeping a Border pointer happy.

Talking about the physical attributes, a normal Border Pointer weighs 35 to 60 lbs and attains the height of 19 to 24 inches.

7. Border Collie Pit

Image from Instagram:@petpaintingsbynicole

The Border Collie Pit is a designer dog breed developed by mixing the Border Collie and the American Pitbull Terrier.

These dogs are full of energy and overly mischievous, a terrible combo, if proper training is not provided to the Border Collie Pit.

This dog is also referred to as “Borderbull”. Training a Border Collie Pit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and these dogs are independent in nature. You should adopt this breed only if you have enough room for this fella to have fun.

6. Border Aussie

Image from Instagram:@kimchi_theaussie

Border Aussie is another great herding expert you can employ at your ranch. Being a hybrid of cross between border collie and Australian Shepherd, the herding feature is obvious!

To keep this dog in good physical state, intense exercise of 60-90 minutes every day is highly recommended for a Border Aussie. 

A Border Aussie can be a great family dog as well, provided you’ll play by his rules. His distinctive eye coloration is admired by pet lovers.

5. Borador

Image from Instagram:@eppu_heppu

The cross between a Labrador retriever and a Border Collie yields a Borador. The herding tendencies of this dog will compel him to be protective of his family, but this behavior shouldn’t be encouraged.

A Borador is typically a loving, sociable, and playful hybrid dog breed. It thrives in a family that will provide him with wholesome love.

The medium-sized, dense and thick fur of Borador keeps shedding through the day. With enough love and exercise, he’ll be your all-time favorite family dog.

4. Border Springer

Image from Instagram:@wayout_of_line_

The Border Springer is an adorable Border Collie mix that owes its good looks to the Springer Spaniel parent. Though, it retains the body coat of a Border Collie. 

The large-sized, round ears of a Border Springer will make any pet lover starstruck. Belonging to hunter ancestry, you should keep the birds away from him.

You should never doubt the loyalty, obedience, playfulness, and love of a Border Springer, this dog can bring joy to any family.

3. Border Jack

Image from Instagram:@allisonworksdogs

The mix between the Border Collie and the Jack Russell Terrier is a mix that happened by chance and stayed for its success. 

The Border Jack is not a suitable pet for those who also have rodents as pets because of its Jack Russell Terrier parent’s ratting genes.

Border Jack needs to be kept constantly engaged with mind games and physical stimulation so as to feed its cunning curiosity. A firm leadership is needed to be built around a Border Jack for this fella to behave properly.

2. Border Sheepdog

Image from Instagram:@jip.en.janne

.Border Sheepdog is a herding prowess, thanks to its part Shetland Sheepdog genes. Though, the credit for dashing looks of these dogs goes to the Border Collie parent.

This is one of the latest Border Collie mixes that have arrived due to the huge demand for Border Collie mixes. Border Sheepdog is an agile, smart, attentive, and sociable canine.

Due to the newness of Border Sheepdog mix, you should expect the traits to vary from one dog to another.

1. English Borsetter Collie

Image from Instagram:@tamgambie

This is one of the rarest Border Collie mixes you’ll ever come across. English Borsetter Collie manages to retain the good looks of Border Collie and work ethics of English Setter breed.

English Borsetter Collie is a calm and loving border collie mix with a couple of hiccups, those being its nimbleness and its tendency to bark very often.

However, with strategic training and socialization, the English Borsetter Collies can make great companions.

Related Questions

Are Border Collie Mixes Good Family Dogs? Being herding dogs in nature, Border Collie Mixes make excellent family dogs. They tend to get along well with adults as well as younger members of a family. The family with enough time to spend in enjoying different activities with their pet will love every bit of a Border Collie Mix.

Is A Border Collie Mix Hypoallergenic? No, a Border Collie Mix is not inherently hypoallergenic. However, the Bordoodle Collie Mix may retain a partial hypoallergenic nature of its poodle parent, if not all of it. The rest of Border Collie Mixes typically being long-haired, need regular grooming and shed a lot, thus not known for being hypoallergenic dog breeds.

How Big Does A Border Collie Mix Get? The average weight of Border Collie Mix dog breeds depends on the type of Collie Mix taken into consideration. Talking about Boradors, they may weigh between 40 to 46 lbs. Likewise, the average weight of Bordoodles ranges from 35 to 65 lbs, whereas for Borgis, it’s 28 to 40 lbs.

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