43 Bully Dog Breeds You Don’t Want To Mess With

Bully breeds are some of the most feared dogs in the world. With their imposing size and sometimes aggressive behavior, it’s no wonder people stay away from them. But what many people don’t know is that not all bully breeds are created equal.

Some are actually gentle giants who love nothing more than to cuddle up with their human families.

The American Pit Bull Terrier and American Bully, among others, are some of the most popular canines in this Bully Dog category. They are intelligent dogs that are eager to please their owners but intimidating to intruders.

Learn more about these 43 popular Bully Dog breeds and why they are well-loved – and feared – by people all over the world!

43. Shorty Bull

Image from Instagram:@ceejay_theshortybull

The Shorty Bull is a hybrid dog breed that was created by crossing the American Pit Bull Terrier with the English Bulldog. This cross was originally done in order to create a smaller, more compact version of the American Pit Bull Terrier that would be easier to handle.

However, the Shorty Bull still retains many of the same physical and personality traits as its parent breeds. The Shorty Bull is a muscular, stocky dog with a short, wide head and thick neck. They have short, stout legs and a broad chest.

Their coat is short and can be any color or combination of colors. The Shorty Bull is an intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dog breed that makes a great family pet.

42. Presa Canari

Image from Bully Beds

The Presa Canario is an average-sized Bully dog. These are robust canines with a signature black mask and a well-proportioned body. Their outright powerful features exude an air of authoritativeness, especially to strangers.

But one thing to note about the Presa Canario is the balanced temperament these dogs possess. They are docile and loyal to their family members. These breeds are very much devoted to their owners but always vigilant when it comes to people outside of their household.

41. Pacific Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@officialpbkc

Pacific Bulldogs come in different types such as the smaller and mid-sized varieties. But overall, they are compact and athletic dogs with a fancy for adventures. They are outgoing canines that can handle tough conditions.

To their family members, these canines are gentle and affectionate. They have a strong drive to offer their love to their owners. But watch out – they are cautious and suspicious when it comes to strangers.

40. Killian Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@killian.marlee

A powerhouse of strength, the Killian Bulldog is a stocky and compact canine breed. They have the signature wrinkles of a Bulldog and a proportionate build. These dogs come in different coat colors such as brindle, reddish-brown, and with some traces of white.

As for their demeanor, Killians are lovable dogs. They have a reputation for being tough and intimidating, yet they are sweet and affectionate. This is why these dogs make amazing pets because of their immense loyalty to their owners.

39. Leavitt Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@leavittbulldog

Bred to perform bull-baiting, the Leavitt Bulldog is a muscular dog known for its athleticism and stability. Everything about this breed is proportionate, and there is no particular feature that stands out. 

These canines possess a balanced demeanor. They are easy to please and train, which makes them a good fit for folks in search of an adaptable Bully dog.

38. Gull Terr (Pakistani Bull Terrier)

Image from Instagram:@gull_terr_kennel

The Gull Terr is quite a rare dog breed that originated in the Punjab region, located in India and Pakistan. Originally, these canines are used for guarding, hunting, as well as dog fighting. They have medium-sized bodies and white coats with some dark markings on parts of their faces.

Gull Terrs are highly trainable dogs. They can easily learn and respond to orders, which makes them perfect as guard dogs. These are Bully dogs you would not want to mess with because of their protective nature.

37. Serrano Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@serranobullies

The Brazilian dog breeds are excellent guards or cattle dogs. They are obedient to their owners and perform their tasks well, once well-trained. Because of their stocky and well-muscled bodies, they can suit tough conditions.

As for their temperament, these dogs are quite balanced. They are submissive to their masters and are easily trained. Additionally, they do not easily show aggression unless proved or commanded by their owners to attack.

36. Continental Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@conti_bulldog_carlos

Continental Bulldogs originated in Switzerland. They are smooth-coated, average-sized bulldogs with a sporty build. But even with their compact bodies, these dogs possess a notable staying power. They are mobile and will eagerly join you in your adventures. This is the Bully Dog to count on for hiking, trekking, or just a regular walk in the park. 

Unlike a typical Bulldog, however, Contis have a smaller head and without very distinct wrinkles. But in terms of temperament, they are quite like many Bully dogs – attentive, friendly, and confident.

35. Spanish Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@goldmastify

The Spanish Mastiff is a muscular dog with a well-balanced build. These courageous canines were bred to assist sheep ranchers and keep their livestock safe from predators. With the all-muscle body of this pooch, it is definitely perfect for the job!

But it is not just the powerful physique of the Spanish Mastiff that makes it intimidating to folks outside of its family. When these bully dogs let out their low, deep, and raucous bark, it is sure to get those predators scurrying away.

34. Old Boston Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@rosiethebulldog_

Weighing between 25 to 45 lbs, the Old Boston Bulldog is a medium-sized canine with coat colors ranging from red, fawn, blue, seal, black, and brindle. They originated from Boston, Massachusetts, hence their name.

These are notably brave Bully dogs with a strong desire to protect their family members. They do require early socialization to get along well with children and other pets. Fortunately, these dogs love to please their owners, so it should not be a problem training them.

33. Bordeaux Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@regalrouge_doguedebordeaux

Immensely powerful, the Bordeaux Bulldog is a protective canine guardian – and they take this role very seriously. They can weigh up to 110 lbs, which makes them one of the biggest bully dogs around. These dogs are well-known for their very large heads and lion-like, graceful movement. 

One thing to note about Bordeaux is that they can be quite stubborn. When poorly trained, they can dominate the household. Thus, it is best to apply firm training techniques to keep this super dog in line.

32. Boston Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@gracethebostonbulldog

What do you get when you cross an English Bulldog with a Boston Terrier? A Boston Bulldog, that’s what! The Bostons range from small to medium-sized with a big personality to go with it. They are highly adaptable canines that can do well with any type of living condition. 

The key to a Boston’s heart is playtime. These bully dogs thrive on exercise and activity. This is why it is best to keep them engaged in various games. When these needs are met, you can expect your canine companion to remain happy, content, and affectionate.

31. Renascence Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@skys1life

The Renascence Bulldogs were the “rebirth” of the 1800’s original Bulldog, which explains their name. They were popular in the 1990s and were a product of combining the Bullmastiff, American Bulldog, and the Hermes Bulldog.

Athletic and muscular, the Renascence bulldog appears intimidating, especially to strangers. They tip the scale at 90 lbs max, yet they can be quite affectionate four-legged creatures. Do not, however, be deceived by their towering and bulky stature; these canines are not very aggressive.

30. Pyrenean Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@pyreneanmastiffsusa

A friend to humans and other creatures, the Pyrenean Mastiff is a noble and good-natured bully dog breed. They are strong canines that are always ready to defend their owners. Towards strangers, these dogs are courageous and will never back away.

However, the Pyreneans have a low prey drive. What this means is that they protect their favorite humans only when a real threat is present. These breeds are alert in the presence of strangers but will not bark incessantly.

29. Majorca Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@ca_de_bou

A large dog of Spanish descent, the Majorca Mastiff comes by different names such as the Mallorca Mastiff, Perro Dogo Mallorquin, Ca de Bou, and the Silverback Mastiff, to name a few. They are a protector, hunter, and guard dog – and they perform these roles quite well.

They are intelligent canines, which makes them easy to train. This is why they suit both experienced and newbie dog owners alike. Due to their affectionate character, they can do well in all types of households whether in a single or family home.

28. Catahoula Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@jax.catahoula.bulldog

A cross between the American Bulldog and the Catahoula Leopard Dog, the Catahoula Bulldog is an agile and active dog. After all, they have inherited both the high energy level and loyalty that their parents possess!

It is best to provide ample exercise to the Catahoula Bulldog to minimize its excessive energy level. Constant attention is also important as they are highly affectionate dogs. With intruders, however, they are always wary and ready to protect their owners.

27. Bantam Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@stellathebantambulldog

We can trace this breed’s origins as early as the 1800s, with features resembling those of the English Bulldog. However, it is a little on the lighter side with a shorter body. They also possess the familiar square head and short muzzle as the classic Bulldog.

Personality-wise, the Bantam Bulldog is a jovial fellow. They adore their family members and are just as friendly to guests in the home. These canines also do fine with other pets, as long as they are trained well.

26. Brazilian Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@husky.and.fila

Next up on our list of Bully dog breeds is the Brazilian Mastiff. These massive working dogs originated in Brazil. They are courageous hunters known for their aggressiveness and impeccable tracking ability. These canines are ones you do not want to mess with!

The Brazilian Mastiffs are trained originally as cattle dogs. They have excellent guarding abilities, and they have a knack for controlling and warding off large game on the farm. When threatened, these dogs can be quite unforgiving.

25. Bhote Kukur

Image from Instagram:@drakyi_tm

Classified as a primitive breed, the Bhote Kukur or Tibetan Mastiff has been around for centuries. They are hardy dogs that can survive the harsh climates in Tibet, as well as the frigid regions near the Himalayan range such as Bhutan and northern portions of India and Nepal.

What’s unique about this Bully dog breed is the absence of the typical odor present in many massive canines. Their long and fluffy coats come in different colors such as bluish-gray, tan and black, and solid black.

24. Aussie Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@harryintonaussiebulldogss

An excellent family pet devoted to its owners, the Aussie Bulldog is an endearing canine breed. They are laid-back dogs that get along well with children and other pets. These are versatile dogs that can live happily whether in the countryside or the city.

These dogs have a striking resemblance to the English Bulldog with some features like that of the Boxer and the Bullmastiff. But they possess a higher energy level than their Bulldog cousins and can serve as a watchdog, cattle dog, and guard dog.

23. Miniature Bull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@goldsmithny

As the name implies, the Miniature Bull Terrier looks exactly like their larger cousins… Just a diminutive version. They have a muscular body that is quite strong for their modest size. They possess their signature features including the egg-shaped head and twinkling triangular eyes.

Minis barely grow taller than 14 inches. But even with their small bodies, they are always ready to protect their loved ones. These canines are fiercely loyal and affectionate to their favorite humans and intimidating to intruders.

22. Dogo Argentino

Image from Bully Beds

Also known as the Argentinian Mastiff, the Dogo Argentino is an athletic, strong breed. They are a mixture of fierceness and affection with a strong drive to keep their family members safe. This is a bully dog breed you can take hunting, thanks to their high prey drive.

But a word to the wise – the Dogo Argentino is not a newbie’s ideal pet. They are strong-willed fellows who require the firmness and experience of a seasoned dog owner to keep it in line. When well-trained, these hounds are great for search and rescue, police work, big game hunting, and military work.

21. Neapolitan Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@neapolitanmastiff

Majestic and intimidating, everything about the Neapolitan Mastiff’s appearance screams out “power.” They possess unique facial features including pendulous lips and profuse wrinkles all over their forehead. 

But what is quite stunning about the Neapolitan Mastiff is its dignified stance. They are beautiful dogs that are very loving and loyal to their owners.

20. Great Dane

Image from Bully Beds

Towering over most dog breeds, the Great Dane stands at about 32 inches tall. These noble giants are the epitome of balance and grace, with a well-proportioned physique and a smooth stride.

Danes are bully dogs that possess a sweet and affectionate character, yet are very much alert and cautious towards strangers. With their massive build and ringing bark, these are enough to frighten every intruder.

19. Pug

Image from Canine Sciences

Pugs are small and compact Bully dog breeds with huge hearts. They have a lot to give despite their modest stature, as these are some of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs one can ever own. These canines are highly versatile and can do well in apartment living, the countryside, or whether alone or in a pack.

But one important thing to note about owning a Pug is that they thrive best in mild climates, which is neither too cold or too hot. They can also be prone to being overweight, so they need moderate feeding to prevent such weight issues.

18. Boxer

Image from Canna Pet

At their peak condition, Boxers are well-balanced. They have smooth muscles and a wrinkled forehead, giving them a curious and alert look. Just like the athlete, Boxers are graceful, fearless creatures ready to meet every threat head-on.

A protective bully dog breed, Boxers are amazing watchdogs. They are perfectly fine with children, as well as other animals once well-trained and properly socialized at an early age.

17. English Mastiff

Image from Canna Pet

At first glance, the English Mastiff can easily startle those who have not seen one before. They are massive super dogs that can weigh just as much as an adult man. They have thick and hefty muscles, a broad head, and a typical bully dog’s wrinkled face.

Beyond the intimidating appearance is a canine with the sweetest disposition. Mastiffs are fantastic family pets that are committed to their owners. They require gentle training to bring out their naturally lovable and patient personality.

16. Olde English Bulldogge

Image from Darwin’s Pet

When one thinks of a “Bulldog”, a familiar image arises – folds on the skin, pushed-in nose, undershot jaws, furrowed brows, and chops hanging on either side of the mouth. And yes, these are exactly what the Olde English Bulldogge is made of.

In addition to these features, a Bulldog is your easy-going, fun-loving canine. They are the perfect companion for brisk walks, play time in the yard, as well as nap times. These fellows are always game for sports, adventure, or lazy days on the couch.

15. Dogue De Bordeaux

Image from Dog.com

Weighing as much as 110 lbs, the Dogue De Bordeaux is a sweet giant. They may appear intimidating because of their massive build but they are quite sensitive affectionate creatures. These bully dogs are ready to do everything to keep their families safe.

One word of advice for those looking to welcome the DDB into their home – these canines are strong-willed and stubborn fellows. Thus, firm training is a must to help them behave accordingly.

14. Boston Terrier

Image from Embark Vet

Stylish and sharp-looking, Boston Terriers are compact, agile canines with a tuxedo-like coat in either black and white, seal, or brindle. They have rowdy, shining eyes, a short muzzle, and a small, square head.

Another cool trait of Bostons is their versatility. These are adaptable dogs that can do well in the country or in the city. Because of their portability, they make amazing urban pets. They are people-oriented dogs that are sure to bring a smile to everyone they meet.

13. Bullmastiff

Image from Bully Beds

Large but not as massive as the Mastiff, the Bullmastiff is nonetheless a powerhouse of strength and affection. These 130-pound canines are a whole lot of dog. At first glance, they may look intimidating but they are actually one of the sweetest creatures in the dog kingdom.

Thanks to their huge size, muscular bodies, and a strong commitment to their family members, Bullmastiffs are often relied on as guard dogs. When trained well at an early age, they can integrate well into the household and be on good terms with other pets.

12. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@blue__skee

Bred as a catch dog, the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is made to catch unruly cattle in the field. But the modern-day Alapaha, however, is more of a family protector and watchdog. They are active fellows that require a firm leader who can train them to achieve their utmost potential.

The best way to train the Alapaha is to socialize them at an early age. They need to get used to people and other dogs, which can help them distinguish normalcy from a threat. This way, they can become adept as a guard dogs, which is what they do well.

11. French Bulldog

Image from Bully Beds

The French Bulldog is a smaller version of the Bulldog, with the exception of the former’s bat ears that stand upright on its head. They have the same heavy wrinkles on their faces, as well as a short and smooth coat that covers their muscular physique.

Frenchies are a character. These are charmers that adapt easily to all types of lifestyles. City folks should have no problem keeping this bully dog in their care because of its amiable character. And yes, these canines do not bark as much, making them fit well in apartment living.

10. Pit Bull

Image from Bully Beds

Pit Bulls are controversial canine breeds mainly because of their history as dog fighters. There were also documented Pit Bull attacks in the media, although this can largely be attributed to poor upbringing and lack of training by their owners.

Nevertheless, these bully dogs make good pets, as long as they are socialized and trained well at an early age. They respond well to training, which can develop their positive traits including their adaptability, loyalty, and overall balanced temperament.

9. Rottweiler

Image from Bully Beds

Rottweilers are German breeds of dogs that originally served as herders for livestock. Nowadays, they are excellent police dogs, rescue dogs, and guard dogs. These canines possess a confident and self-assured personality, which enables them to perform their assigned tasks well.

Rotties are observant fellows. They are alert and ready to protect their home. As they are adaptable creatures, these dogs make fantastic companions and all-around pets.

8. Cane Corso

Image from Bully Beds

Weighing about 100 lbs – sometimes even more – the Cane Corso is the typical first line of defense and protector against intruders. These bully dogs have the imposing appearance of a guard dog, yet with an air of elegance in every movement.

Corsis are versatile dogs that are always eager to please their owners. However, they need firm training, otherwise, they can become domineering and aggressive. This is why it is vital that these dogs receive early training and socialization to do well with people.

7. American Bulldog

Image from Darwin’s Pet

Stocky and agile, the American Bulldog is an all-muscle pooch. They may seem too heavy for running and physical activity but these canines are surprisingly nimble. In fact, they can chase stray cattle and jump six feet or so into the air!

The American Bulldog is a fun-loving, loyal family pet. They are energetic creatures that will never hesitate to go with you on adventures. This is why folks who are in search of a loyal four-legged buddy with extreme hardness will find this breed as the perfect match for their needs.

6. Bull Terrier

Image from Dog.com

Independent and willful, the Bull Terrier can be quite tricky for a novice dog owner. With proper training, though, one can unearth the lovely personality that this breed possesses. In fact, early socialization will reveal the adorable traits of the Bull Terrier as these dogs are full of spirit, energetic, and affectionate.

Additionally, these dogs have an even temperament. They can be easy to discipline and will respond well to firm training. This is why they are perfect for families even those with young children.

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Image from Dog.com

Originating in Staffordshire, this bully dog breed was the direct descendent of fighting dogs in this part of the world. However, the Stafford was further refined to serve as a companion and family pet. Now, this breed is found in other parts of the world such as New Zealand, Australia, and France.

Staffords are muscular canines that stand up to 16 inches tall. They are loyal dogs and very well suited for families. These canines are also pugnacious fellows, and when threatened by another dog, they most certainly will not back away.

4. English Bulldog

Image from DogTV

Brawny and brave, the English Bulldog is a massive canine with a familiar crablike waddle. These dogs are full of vigor and strength, which makes them perfect for outdoor adventures. They possess the signature “Bulldog” look including a large head, flattened face, undershot chops, and fleshy lips.

English Bulldogs may appear intimidating but they have a gentle disposition. These are your people-oriented dogs that thrive on human attention and affection. But intruders, beware – English Bulldogs are watchdogs by nature and will be ready to defend their family no matter what.

3. American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

American Staffordshire Terriers are medium-sized canines with a stocky build. They have broad heads and pronounced cheekbones. These dogs also have a springy, short gait, which gives us a sneak peek of their innate confidence.

AmStaffers are intelligent bully dogs. They are very observant of their surroundings and game for just about anything – playtime, brisk walks, adventures… They never turn these down. Thus, they would require plenty of physical and mental challenges to keep them happy and content.

2. American Pit Bull Terrier

Image from Dunbar Academy

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog that can weigh up to 60 lbs and is as tall as 21 inches. They have short coats that can range in different colors such as solid or merle. Their muscle structure is well-defined and they have small ears set wide apart.

Due to the breed’s history as a fighting dog, a few countries have restrictions on the ownership of this breed. For instance, this Bully Dog breed is banned in Ontario, Canada, some parts of the United States, and the United Kingdom.

1. American Bully

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

The American Bully is a medium to the large-sized dog breed that typically weighs between 30 and 100 pounds. They are muscular and have a strong build, with a wide chest and thick neck. Their coat can be short or medium in length and is available in a variety of colors, including black, brindle, blue, fawn, red, and white.

This breed is intelligent and loving, making them great companions. They are also protective of their family and home, which makes them good watchdogs. American Bullies are active dogs that need plenty of exercises, such as walks, runs, or playtime in a backyard.

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Are Bully Dogs Dangerous?

While Bully dogs do appear intimidating, they are not exactly dangerous breeds. In fact, most will not attack unless they know that their families and loved ones are threatened. However, they require early socialization and training to develop a gentle demeanor.

How Do I Find My Pitbulls Bloodline?

To learn more about your Pitbulls bloodline, you should contact the registry (i.e. American Dog Breeders Association or American Pit Bull Registry) to know more about your dog’s registration. Contacting your dog breeder is another way to determine your canine’s bloodline details. Lastly, a DNA test can give you an idea about your dog’s bloodline if there is no registration available.

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite? 

A dog’s bite is measured in PSI (Pound-force per Square Inch). When it comes to the strongest bite, the Kangal (a Turkish dog breed) rules with a whopping 743 PSI – much higher than the Grey Wolf’s 406 PSI! But they only attack when threatened by intruders.

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