Can Dachshunds Be Left Alone?

Dachshunds have a reputation for being super needy. They love to cuddle, follow around their human friends and generally just show and receive affection. For this endearing personality and many other reasons, I have considered having one for a long time.

However, given my busy schedule, I was never sure how well they would do being left in my apartment alone. So I did some research and here is what I found out.

Dachshunds are known for having a very clingy personality. It is therefore not always comfortable for them to be left alone at home. They also tend to suffer from separation anxiety. This is in part due to their personalities but also due to specific history in terms of separation from their litters.

This further complicates matters and leads to outbursts in the form of destruction of your property, insistent barking, and crying when they are left alone. If you want to leave your dachshund home without incident, you will have to train them from a young age and leave them with enough stuff to keep them occupied.

According to the American Kennel Clubโ€™s most recent breed popularity rank, dachshunds are the 12th most popular dogs in America. With their cute little faces and adorable personalities, it is not so hard to see why. Letโ€™s take a look at what is in store for you as far as dealing with their separation issues is concerned.

Can You Leave A Dachshund Alone All Day?

Technically speaking, the answer is yes. You can leave your dachshund alone at home all day.

However, it will not be easy for you or the little pooch.

These doggies are not particularly independent. They require a lot of attention which makes leaving them alone brutal for the little love bugs.

When dachshunds are left alone all day without proper training, they tend to get into a lot of mischief and trouble. From peeing everywhere to whining all day, you will have a lot to deal with when you come back home.

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to make things easier for them and by extension for yourself. Here are a few ideas.

Get Them Some Company

It could be a pet sitter, another dog, or any other dog in general. Much as it is not the same as hanging out with their beloved human, it is better than being all alone.

Leave Them With Enough Food And Water

Dachshunds love to eat. Without enough food, water, and treats, their time alone will be harder for them than it needs to be. So find ways to ensure they are satisfied all day until you return.

Get Them Some Toys

Doxies love to stay active. So if you want their time alone to be bearable then invest in engaging toys to keep them busy.

Spend Time With The Dog Before Leaving

little extra cuddle in the morning before you leave will do wonders for the pooch. It lets them know that they are cared for which is perfect for the sensitive little buddies.

Do Dachshunds Have Separation Anxiety?

Dachshunds are needy by nature.

It is actually one of the reasons why they are so popular. This is the kind of dog that will lose its mind in joy when you come home, follow you everywhere, and never miss an opportunity to grab a quick cuddle. 

However, natural temperament isnโ€™t the only reason why dachshunds are so clingy. In some instances, this behavior is a result of separation anxiety. They hang close to you because they are afraid that you will leave them.

Here are a few of the most common signs of separation anxiety that you should look out for so you deal with the problem promptly and properly.

Excessive Barking

This will happen whether you have left for work or for the next room. It is their way of expressing their distress. It can be so bad that they bark all day and all night as long as you are not in their line of sight.


This happens when the pooch is truly bothered by the situation. They may whine as they do this or simply mope.

Destruction Of Property

Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety have a habit of being destructive. They will scratch and bite at whatever they can reach as a way to release tension from their frustration.

Potty Accidents

Dachshunds with separation anxiety often have potty accidents when left alone. This happens in spite of training and you letting them out before you leave.

Unusual Eating Habits

These pooches may either end up overeating or losing their appetite as a result of the distress. They may also eat inedible things including their own poop.

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much?

Dachshunds have a reputation for being occasionally whiny. They cry when they are sad, angry, bored, and sometimes for no good reason. Here are a few explanations as to why your pooch cries so much:

They Are Clingy

Clinginess is something that every doxie owner has to be ready to deal with. These dogs love to be around those that they love and trust. That is why dachshunds like to cuddle so much. If this privilege is removed even for a little while, the little doggy will be crying up a storm in no time.

Attention Seekers

In addition to their needy temperament, dachshunds love to be the center of attention. They easily get jealous if you divert your attention to anything else whether it is another human, pet, or an activity that does not involve them.

They Get Easily Scared

One of the most prominent temperament traits of dachshunds is confidence. Despite this, they can easily get spooked. Triggers in this case vary from loud traffic noises to thunder. When the doggy gets scared crying is one of their immediate responses.

It Could Be Separation Anxiety

Your dachshund could also be crying a lot because they are suffering from separation anxiety. This is a serious problem with both mental and physical manifestations with whining being one of the most common signs. Fortunately, with training and socialization, your pooch will learn that you arenโ€™t leaving them for good.

They Like Physical Contact

Maybe your dachshund just wants to be picked up. They love physical contact from petting to sitting on your lap so the next time they throw a fit just pick them up.

Tips On Handling Dachshundsโ€™ Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common problem with dachshunds. Fortunately, it is easy to deal with by employing the right strategies. Here are a few that should definitely work out.

Time The Litter Separation Perfectly

This is more of a preventive than a corrective measure. Early separation from the litter is the main cause of separation anxiety with doxies. In order to avoid this, let them bond with their parents and siblings until about 2 months before separating them.

Teach Them From An Early Age

As soon as you get the new doxie, start separation training. Have them sleep in a separate room, leave for short periods and have them confined to specific spaces in the house. This helps temper their clinginess and promotes independence which helps reduce incidences of separation down the line.

Leave Them With Entertainment

You can leave the TV on for your dog or invest in engaging toys. These doggies love to play and leaving them entertained will make the day pass easier for them.

Be Lenient With The Confinement

When leaving a dachshund home alone, it is wise to restrict their movement because these pooches tend to be very mischievous. However, do not be too harsh with the restraints, as it can get stifling and unbearable. Instead, opt for leniency and give them a bit of freedom so they get to stay active moving around and playing while waiting for your return.

Consider Using Calming Supplements

These come in handy if the separation anxiety by helping to calm the doggie down. In this case, anything with lavender, hemp, melatonin, or other calming agents should do just fine.

Leave Enough Treats For Them

Finally, leave them with enough food and treats so they do not get too hungry. Remember that a hungry doxie is an angry doxie.

You could make snack time fun for them by investing in foraging treat dispensers. PAW5 Wooly Snuffle Feeding Mat and SPOT Treat Dispenser are the best in this case.

Are Dachshunds Better In Pairs?

Dachshunds are known to get attached to one person. It could be you as the owner, a regular guest, or even another dog. This is a sign that they do better with companions which is something you could use to your advantage when figuring out strategies to help make leaving your dachshund home alone more comfortable for the two of you.

With this in mind, you have the option of investing in a dog sitter. That way they have some human company which makes the separation easier. If this is not an option, you should consider getting yourself another doxie.

Two dachshunds are better than one and having each other to play with will reduce their frustration and anxiety associated with being left alone.

This works out so well for several reasons.

The first is the fact that doxies are social by nature.

This is evident in temperament traits like their friendliness and love for affection. While they would prefer to have their human bestie around, another living creature like a second doxie will do just fine for them.

These doggies also really love to play which makes leaving 2 doxies together so effective when it comes to dealing with separation anxiety. They will stay active all day fooling around and may not even have time to notice and grieve your absence.

While this is a simple and effective strategy, it is also important to remember that dachshunds can get jealous, especially of other dogs. So make sure to socialize them to avoid aggressive attacks when you introduce a new one.

What Dogs Can Be Left Alone? Dogs in general are very loving and clingy. This makes leaving them home alone problematic more often than not. However, there are several other breeds that are known to be quite independent and therefore more receptive to being left home alone. Here are a few of them: 

  • Pugs
  • Boston Terrier
  • French Bulldog
  • Akita Inu
  • Chihuahua
  • Bull Terrier

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep So Much? Dachshunds sleep for 12 to 14 hours every day. This number is higher when they are young pups and as they grow older. When they are younger, they sleep a lot because they tend to play a lot. This wears them out easily which has them catching naps whenever they can.

Are Dachshunds Better In Pairs? Yes, two dachshunds are better than one. The social breed thrives in environments where they have another person or animal to play with. This can be traced back to their history as hunting dogs where they often hunted in pairs or packs. So if you want to leave your doxie alone you may want to consider getting another for keeping company.

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