Cat Matted Fur: Tips & Tricks To Demat Your Cat

Cats are the germaphobes of pets. They are renowned for their compulsive urge to groom themselves. However, cats are prone to easily developing mats on their fur. Mats accumulate dirt and irritate your cat’s skin.

Taking your cat to your veterinarian is the best way to have them demated. Your Veterinarian will demat your cat without causing them any harm. We would also suggest patiently picking at the mats with a wide tooth comb and using a dryer to dry your cat after bathing to avoid further matting.

Mats are not just clumped-up fur, they pose a threat to your kitty’s health. They prevent airflow to your cat’s skin. This lack of airflow leads to skin infections and sores. If you are finding it challenging to remove the mats from your cat’s fur without causing havoc, then stick around as we guide you through 12 fool-proof tips to painlessly remove your cat’s mats.

12. Take Your Cat To The Veterinarian

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If push comes to shove and you simply cannot get the mats out of your cat’s fur, do not make any rash decisions because those decisions could be detrimental to your cat. Instead, take a deep breath and consult your veterinarian.

Your veterinarian will sedate your cat and shave off the seriously matted areas. This is the very last option that you should consider. To prevent this, ensure that you groom your cat frequently.

11. Pick The Fur

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Once your cat has been bathed and dried, you should use a comb to pick at the remaining mats. Gently pick at the mats until they come out. This method is less painful for your cat and it is also rather effective.

Again, remember to hold your cat’s fur at the base to ensure that you do not hurt your cat’s skin.

10. Start Working From The Base Of Fur

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While getting into the mats with the baby powder, ensure that you start at the base of the fur. Hold your cat’s fur at the base while you gently rub the baby powder into it. This will ensure that you do not hurt your cat by pulling their skin.

9. Split The Mats Into Smaller Sections

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You will end up hurting your cat if you try to comb through large mats. Split the mats into smaller pieces. You will be able to comb through the mats with less effort and avoid hurting your kitty.

To effectively split the mats, you should use a blunt-tipped pair of scissors. These are safer to use because they will prevent your cat from being accidentally stabbed. Use the scissors to penetrate your cat’s fur and cut the mats vertically.

8. Give Your Cat Treats

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Have some treats on hand to encourage your cat while you are removing the mats from their fur. These treats will calm your cat while distracting them from the discomfort of having their mats removed.

Praise your cat while you give them their treat. Ensure that your cat feels your support.

7. Cut Off The Mats

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After cutting the matted fur into smaller pieces to make them more manageable, you will be tasked with dealing with smaller mats. Thin and long mats can be challenging to remove with combs or hands, your other option is to cut them.

You can use a dematting comb that is ideal for dealing with long and thin mats. Dematting combs are incredibly sharp so you should exercise caution while using them. If used carelessly, they can easily harm you and your kitty.

6. Use Leave-In Detanglers

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The use of leave-in detangler helps prevent knots from forming in your cat’s fur. It also softens up your cat’s fur, making it easier for you to remove mats.

Not only do they prevent your cat’s fur from knotting, leave-in detanglers also nourish your cat’s fur. After removing the mats, your cat’s fur will remain smooth and shiny.

5. Comb Mats With A Wide-Tooth Comb

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Work your way into the mats with a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs are easier to use when dematting your cat because they do not hurt your cat.

When combing through the mats, hold your cat’s fur at the base and gently comb out the mats. This helps to prevent your cat’s skin from being violently pulled and hurt while you are combing out the mats.

Start combing to the tip of the fur and work your way to the base. This will ensure that your cat experiences the least pain.

4. Bath

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After combing through your cat’s fur and removing most, if not all the mats, bath your cat. Use a good-quality cat shampoo and condition to ensure that all accumulated dirt on your cat’s skin is dealt with.

If all the mats have yet to be removed, the water will loosen them. This step should only be taken once you have removed most of the mats. Bathing your cat when you have not worked into the mats, will worsen the situation.

Use lukewarm water when you bathe your cat and remember to be gentle.

3. Use Dryer To Dry Fur

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Do not use a towel to dry off your cat once you have bathed them. A towel will cause further knotting and you will find yourself back to step one. Use a hairdryer to low heat/ cold air to dry your cat’s fur.

The dryer also has a loosening effect on the mats.

2. Pet Your Cat To Relax Them

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Your cat may tense up while you work on the matted fur with baby powder. This is a normal reaction because the areas of matted fur are tightly clumped together, and they may have already developed sores beneath the knots.

Comfort and reassure your cat by petting them while you gently work into the mats. You should stop as often as necessary to comfort your cat because this process is uncomfortable for them.

1. Prepare Matted Area With Baby Powder

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When you start, the mats will be super tight and rigid. Apply some baby powder onto the matted areas and work the baby powder into the mats. The baby powder will loosen up the knots, making it easier for the rest of the areas to come into contact with the powder.

Baby Powder is one of the secrets behind the airy show cat fur. Show cat owners often use baby powder on their cat’s fur to ensure that they do not develop knots and their fur remains smooth.

Is It Bad To Shave A Cat? Yes, it is bad to shave your cat. No healthy cat should be without its coat, but some circumstances, especially medical ones, do call for shaving. When the summer hits and they have started to shed excessively, it is acceptable to trim your cat’s fur. It is also acceptable to cut your cat’s fur when they are experiencing serious matting. However, do not do it yourself. For safety reasons, you should hire a professional to cut your cat’s fur.

Can A Cat Die From Matted Hair? Yes, a cat can die from matted hair. Matted hair causes sores, discomfort, and infections. A cat who is experiencing serious matting will have limited mobilityaffecting its daily life, thereby leading to difficulties while using the potty and to an eventual and painful death.

What Causes Matted Hair? Mats are formed when cat fur twists around and knots occur. These knots grow as more fur is twisted and they will become clumped together. Mats usually occur when owners are reluctant to brush their cats’ fur frequently.

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