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11 Easy Ways To Get Free Puppies

You can get a free puppy by emailing individuals or organizations with firsthand information on free puppies, such as dog shelters and rescues, kennel clubs, or dog breeders. You can also ask your neighbor if their dog has had a new litter of puppies, or search Facebook groups with a โ€˜free dog adoptionโ€™ handle.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Wounds? Does It Help?

Dogs tend to lick our wounds because they want to cure the pain that they can sense inflicted by our wounds. Dog licks do help in healing our wounds due to the curative enzymes their saliva contains. However, too much licking actually does more harm than good.

Russian Dog Breeds

Russia is one of the leading countries in pet ownership, with an estimated 12 million pet dogs in the country. The Russian Federal Agency for Health and Consumer Rights reports that there are more than 2,000 dog breeds recognized by the Russian Kennel Club.

Low-Cost Dog Breeds

Hairless dogs such as the American Hairless Terrier and the Mexican Hairless are equally cheap to own because of their minimal grooming requirements. And a short-haired Pug is also budget-friendly, starting with the initial cost of buying one and its monthly maintenance needs.

13 Mindblowing Benefits Of Fish Oil For Dogs

Recent studies have found that fish oil can help improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation, and promote a healthy coat in dogs. While fish oil is generally considered to be safe for both people and pets, there are a few potential side effects that you should be aware of.ย These include an increased risk of bleeding, gastrointestinal upset, and allergic reactions.ย 

Nerdy Dog Names

Names such as Alfred, Albus, and Darwin easily spell out N-E-R-D-Y. But if youโ€™re keener on nerdy female pooch names, good choices include Agnes, Dorothy, and Galadriel. Or, you may want to go for non-gender-specific names such as Alyx, Ash, and Cloud.