Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

Are you a dog person or a cat person? If you love them both and can’t decide which team you are on, then keep reading. We’ll lay out the truths about why cats are better pets than dogs – some cool facts that will make you want to bring home a feline today!

Cats are compact and space-friendly, which is a huge deal if you want a lot of cuteness in a tiny package. To these whiskered beauties, you are their world. Food is only second best. And most importantly, felines don’t stink. Now, that seals the deal, doesn’t it?

There are plenty more reasons why cats are the best pets humans can ever have. After reading these convincing points, it would be hard to say no to a tiny ball of whiskered fluff!

21. Cats Are Space-Friendly While Dogs Aren’t

With an average weight of 10 lbs and a size that is definitely more compact than a dog (unless it’s a toy breed), cats are more space-friendly than canines. 

You can easily find a cozy spot for Mr. Whiskers even if you live in a small apartment. They don’t take up much room and won’t invade your personal space. Now, that’s a win-win.

20. Cats Love Food But Not As Much As They Love Humans

When cats show their love for you, it’s because they really care about you. It’s not because you give them food or toys, and all those fun treats.

Sure, they appreciate it when you feed them. But more than anything, it’s you that they love the most. Food is just second best for these fluffy cuties.

19. Cats Are Quieter In The House Than Dogs

Who wouldn’t want some peace and quiet in the house? Cats are silent creatures that even when they walk, you can barely hear a sound.

Whether you leave the house, come back in, or decide to snooze away on the couch, your feline friend will leave you in peace with their quiet ways.

18. Even Your Neighbors Will Love Your Cats

Let’s face it – dogs love to growl or bark when something stirs them up. But will you ever hear a cat meow like crazy? Not really.

Because of their calm nature, they are easy to be with. You will never have to worry about neighbors complaining because your kitty is always so considerate of others. If they get excited, all you’ll hear is a purr.

17. Cats Splash Less Than Dogs

If you take a look at the area surrounding a feline’s water bowl, you’ll hardly ever see any spill on the floor. They drink more efficiently and neatly than canines do, and it’s all because of a cat’s unique funnel-forming tongue as it gulps water down.

So, if you’re not crazy about seeing a lot of slop and splash on the floor, a cat is your best friend. They make life easier for you overall!

16. A Cat’s Bite Is Not As Serious As A Dog’s

A canine’s bite force per PSI is significantly higher than a feline’s. No wonder there were a number of injuries and even fatal accidents due to a dog’s nasty bites.

On the other hand, cat bites are barely as painful or as serious as a pup’s. Yes, these can be infectious but in terms of pain, it’s definitely milder and more tolerable.

15. Cats Groom Themselves But Dogs Don’t

Another reason why cats are better pets than dogs is that they make grooming a zero chore for you. They are so self-sufficient that they can groom themselves without your help at all. You’re free to brush their coat if you wish to but otherwise, their tongue can get the job done, too.

From head to paws, your kitty can literally give itself a total grooming session. Their barbed tongues are so effective at removing grime, dirt, and all those nasties from their fur in minutes.

14. Cats Are Of Lower Maintenance Than Dogs

It does not take much to make a kitty happy. As long as they have their food and water bowl filled up regularly, they have a comfy place to nap, you give them some toys (sometimes an old shoe box will do!)… They are a happy camper!

Felines are low maintenance in oh-so-many-ways, which makes them a good pet for busy folks who want an easy companion who doesn’t make a fuss.

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13. Cats Do Not Escape But Dogs Do

Give your kitty all it needs, and there’s no worry about it scurrying away from your abode. They are pretty much content where they are, and sometimes a few hours each day spent at the window is more than enough for these fellows.

These whiskered cuties are also great at finding their way back home. So, if they decide to go for a little walk, it’s no big deal. They’re sure to be home just in time for dinner!

12. Cats Are Excellent Hunters, Much Better Than Most Dogs

Sure, they love to nap or sit by the window all day but when it comes to hunting, these cats mean business. With strong predatory skills, they can capture their prey with little effort. 

So, if some small animal happens to step on their turf, these kitties are on high alert. With their sharp claws, excellent vision, and keen sense of smell, they are natural mouse traps.

11. Cats Are Cuter And Funnier Than Most Dogs

Cute and funny may be subjective but ever wondered why there are hundreds of cat memes out there? The numbers tell it all! Felines are ridiculously funny and fun at the same time.

And when it comes to cuteness, cats don’t take the backseat. These soft, fluffy and cuddly babies will melt your heart until you can’t get enough of them.

10. Cats Live Longer Than Most Dogs

Do you want a pet that will be there for you for a long time? A cat is your best bet for that. After all, they can live for up to 15 years, which is a long time for you to enjoy each other’s company.

Felines are generally healthy and easy to care for. As long as you feed them right, give them their basic needs, and treat them well, they will reward you with longer years of companionship.

9. Owners Don’t Need To Walk Their Cats More Often Than Dogs

Most dogs require daily walks to keep them healthy and to get rid of excess energy. This may be a bit of a chore for folks with a busy schedule.

But with cats, walking is not even on the agenda. They can keep themselves entertained or get the exercise they need without your help. Plus, they’re crazier about naps than walks, anyway.

8. Cats Are Not As Destructive As Dogs

Dogs like to chew on things and sometimes even pee on the floor. If they get bored, anxious, or just in a serious playing mode, they end up causing some mess in the house.

These are never an issue when you have a feline as a pet, though. They may scratch at furniture but not if you keep their claws nice and trimmed. And if you give them a scratching post, they’ll definitely leave your favorite couch alone.

7. Felines Are Cheaper To Own Than Dogs

If you like to have a pet but budget is an issue, then you should welcome a cat into your home. Cats don’t cost much to own, especially if you adopt one. An annual budget of $500 should suffice for a feline’s basic needs – food, vet visits, and so on.

Dogs, on the other hand, are much more expensive. From food to medical and miscellaneous expenses, it can cost upward $1,000 to own a canine.

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6. Cats Have Smaller Carbon Footprint Than Dogs

Eco-conscious folks will find it much more reasonable to own a cat than a dog. According to researchers in New Zealand, dogs leave twice as much environmental impact than an average SUV!

The same cannot be said about cats, however. So in this case, cats win again.

5. Cats Are More Independent Than Dogs

Felines are independent creatures. They can go hours without making a fuss if you’re too busy to play with them.

But that doesn’t mean they never want to spend time with you. Cats are okay whether you’re hanging out with them or not. That’s how easy they are to be with.

4. A Cat’s Love Is Extra Special

Dogs easily get along with everyone. That’s just the way they are. But it’s a different story with cats – they are standoffish and hard to please. Well, unless you’re their favorite human.

So, when a kitty warms up to you (and you alone), this means you are extra special. They treat you differently because you matter the most to them.

3. Cats Are Not Smellier Than Dogs

Felines don’t stink. They can go days without a bath but still smell okay. However, we cannot say the same about dogs…

In fact, even typically non-smelly canines still emit a certain odor that is far more offending to your olfactory nerves than a cat’s natural scent. Felines simply don’t reek like that.

2. Cats Are Easier To Toilet-Train Than Dogs

Speaking of mess, this would be the least of your worries when you have a cat in the house. With dogs, you would have to clean after your pet after they go potty on the sidewalk, the yard, and so on. This is not the case with a feline.

Displaying a high level of independence, cats can perfectly take care of their business in the comfort of their litter box. Kittens as young as a couple of months old can be litter box-trained, which is quite impressive.

1. Cats Just Love To Sleep More Than Dogs

What can be cuter than watching a kitty sleep peacefully? Felines love to get their snooze in several hours a day. In fact, they can sleep up to 16 hours, which is definitely what us humans can only dream of doing at one point in our lives!

Not only is a sleeping cat perfect for taking those Instagram-worthy photos that will make our friends and family go, “Awww…” But it also means cats are a lot easier to deal with because unlike dogs, cats would rather sleep than make a lot of mess in the house!

Related Questions

Can A Cat Get Along With A Dog? It is possible for a cat to get along with a dog but it will take some time. When you get them acquainted, it should take about 3 weeks before your cat warms up to your dog.

Can Dogs And Cats Love Each Other? Yes, absolutely. In fact, cats and dogs can develop friendship over time. As they get used to being around each other and their personalities don’t clash, your pets should be in good terms with one another. They may fight once in a while but it’s all a normal part of their relationship.

What Dogs Are Not Good With Cats? Certain dog breeds do not do well with cats. These include Beagle, Miniature Schnauzer, Australian Cattle Dog, Jack Russell Terrier, Greyhound, Siberian Husky, and Weimaraner, to name a few.

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