Dog Breeds That Are Good With Cats

Do you wish you could welcome both a canine and a feline into your home? If you’re worried that dear Fido might not get along with your kitty, don’t fret – there are certain dog breeds out there that are good with cats. In fact, there’s more than a dozen of them!

Golden Retrievers are such a sweetheart that they want everyone to be their best friend – even felines! Even sociable Pugs and fun-loving Corgis embrace these whiskered cuties as part of their circle of furry pals.

Learn more about these 26 dog breeds that are good with cats and why they’re worth bringing home – especially if you’re fascinated with both animals!

26. Golden Retriever

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

These massive golden fluffballs are all about fun and adventure. They love to explore and discover new places, learn new tricks, and meet new friends. Speaking of new pals, this includes sharing a beautiful friendship with a cat.

Goldens are sweet pups. They are excellent cuddle bugs when they’re not out playing in the yard. Just check out the picture above. Doesn’t it simply express how much of a perfect pair they are?

25. Pug

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Inside that fold-rich compact body is a whole lot of love. This is why Pugs are a great friend for humans and kitties. They like company, so if you have to be away for a few hours, your feline should be a great pal for a Pug.

Most Pugs are smaller than cats, though. But this should not be an issue because these pooches just want to be friends with everyone.

24. Papillon

Image from Best Bully Sticks

Papillons are nearly the size of a feline, so that’s a plus point if you’re trying to help your kitty befriend a pup. With this breed, it’s never hard to help both four-legged pets to get along. After all, these butterfly-eared pooch is naturally curious and happy to meet new friends.

More than anything, Papillons enjoy being with their owners. So, if you love your feline friend, expect this pup to accept it just as much as you do.

23. Irish Setter

Image from Barkbox

They may be massive and somewhat intimidating for such a small animal as a kitty but surprisingly, Irish Setters are one of the few dog breeds that are good with cats. In fact, they are relatively easy to train because of their inherent obedience and eagerness to please their owners.

As youngsters, Irish Setters are a bit of a handful – playful, excitable, and love to jump up on people. But as they mature, they become calmer and gentler with others, small pets included, so it should be all good.

22. Basset Hound

Image from Barkbox

Loyal, loving, and patient, Basset Hounds are a man’s best friend. But aside from being loving to humans, these canines are tolerant and friendly towards other animals such as cats. They are mild-mannered and would never hurt anyone.

But do keep in mind that training is not always very easy with a Basset. These pups are quite stubborn, which makes them a bit tricky to train. Once you get over the hump of the first few sessions, though, it should get easier for you to rein them in.

21. Miniature Poodle

Image from Barkbox

A Miniature Poodle is a perfect match for a cat for a number of reasons. For instance, they are both under 10 inches tall and both a little temperamental. These canines are also adaptable to different living situations, so they would not mind having other pets around.

This smaller version of a Poodle is a great choice if you are allergic to a dog’s fur because it’s hypoallergenic. So, if you like dogs just as much as you love cats, a Mini Poodle is a fantastic choice for you.

20. Portuguese Water Dog

Image from

Portuguese Water Dogs love cats as much as they love the water. These happy, smart, and sociable fellow get along easily with creatures of all shapes and sizes including felines. Well, it depends on the type of cat, though.

Since these pups are naturally bouncy and energetic, they are better off with a calm and grounded cat. Felines that hold their own are a good match for these dogs, so it should tone down the mayhem a little.

19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Barkbox

Adaptable and charming, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a friend to all – even to cats. They are amazing companions to these small creatures because of their versatile personality. If you have a smaller kitty that’s relatively mellow and mild, the Cavalier King Charles should get along just fine.

However, do take note of the size of this canine. It is a bit on the small side, which means it can get intimidated by larger felines. So, if the size is not a mismatch, both pets can easily stay on each other’s good side.

18. Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Barkbox

It may be surprising to find out that such a big pup as a Berner would be awesome pals with a teeny tiny cat… But they are! With this pup’s mellow temperament and gentle demeanor, kitties can find a cuddle buddy in a Berner.

Although young Berners tend to be boisterous, they mature into a more stable and calmer canine. So, pair them off with a placid feline, and they are sure to hit it off quite well.

17. Border Terrier

Image from Barkbox

Another even-tempered pooch is the Border Terrier. They are excellent buddies with humans and cats alike. These canines don’t mind having company. In fact, the more the merrier with this sweet guy.

Whether you have one cat, a couple, or more, Borders should be a great buddy for these felines. Just make sure to give them some space, and there will be no issue in your multi-pet household.

16. Beagle

Image from Barkbox

Bred for hunting and fueled with a strong prey drive, it may be a bit odd to find Beagles on this list of dog breeds that are good with cats. But this unlikely kitty pal is actually great with small animals, felines included.

Beagles are laid-back and relaxed, which is why it’s natural to see them hit it off nicely with a cat. With their loving heart, they see kitties as a member of their pack.

15. Boxer

Image from Barkbox

Boxers exude power and fierceness but these can’t be farther from the truth. Beyond all that macho looks, these canines are actually sweet and affectionate. They are family-oriented and a friend for all, even tiny creatures such as cats.

But to be on the safe side, it is best to pair a Boxer with an adult and larger cat. This way, your feline friend won’t find such a massive pal a bit intimidating.

14. Dachshund

Image from Barkbox

Another pup that sees eye to eye with a feline (literally) is a Dachshund. With its small stature, no wonder cats don’t feel too tiny with this canine. Plus, they are friendly and curious to hang out with creatures that may not quite look like them.

Doxies are spirited and devoted pups. These traits make them not any different from cats. With many similarities in place, a friendship is bound to start one way or another.

13. Pekingese

Image from Barkbox

A calm and regal dog breed, the Pekingese is not a royalty’s favorite companion for nothing. They are well-mannered and dignified pups that live to be in harmony with everyone. Yep, that includes your dear felines at home!

These fluffy canines are also good-natured, which makes them BFF material for your cats. So, if you want an instant pal for your kitty, make no hesitation to get a Pekingese.

12. Bulldog

Image from Barkbox

They’re compact and bulky and a lot of body mass. Despite the rather intimidating build, Bulldogs are a good friend to kitties. They are easy-going and relaxed, so nothing can bog them down… No matter how super playful or rowdy your pet cat may be.

Nap buddy, foodie friend, playtime pal – a Bulldog can be all of these things and more to a feline. Just make sure there’s some room between them, so no one gets squished accidentally while they’re at play!

11. Bichon Frise

Image from K9Cuisine

Fluffy Bichons are a great playmate and sibling-from-another-mother to your pet kitty. These pups are outgoing, yet warm and loving at the same time. They are always eager to befriend a cat and make sure it does not leave without the desired result.

But do note that they need to give dear Whiskers some time alone when needed. Otherwise, this pup may seem to be too overbearing, which can spell out trouble between the two.

10. Silky Terrier

Image from Instagram:@mr.biz_and_company

Friendly and warm, the Silky Terrier never fails to make friends with a cat. They are always eager to please and want to make sure they become friends with anyone in the household.

With its compact body and even nature, it should not take long before your kitty and pup become the best of friends.

9. Shetland Sheepdog

Image from Instagram:@sobeyandsilas

Among the other herding dogs, Shelties are the only ones that appear to be cat-friendly. They don’t see felines as creatures to be chased, unless they are untrained by their owners. Fortunately, their inherent smarts and obedience make them easy to train and socialize with other pets in the house.

Make sure you introduce your Sheltie properly and early on with your kitty. This is a great way to establish a solid bond between the two.

8. Pomeranian

Image from MaxBone

At under 10 lbs in body weight, Pomeranians are almost like cats, at least in terms of their size. In fact, some cats can be bigger than your Pom! More than the body size, this canine and your cat can get along because of an awesome blending of two personalities.

Poms are peace-loving creatures. They don’t have any problem with giving others some space, which is something any feline wants. Just that shining trait is enough to make them good buddies.

7. Maltese

Image from House Carers

Another well-mannered pup, the Maltese is a classy, chic, and charming creature. They are sociable fellows but sensitive enough to know if someone wants some space. This is why they blend well with cats – they like companionship but value independence just as much.

Also, Maltese dogs are pretty compact. This makes them less intimidating to kitties who tend to be just as big as these dogs.

6. German Shepherd

Image from King Kanine

Size-wise, German Shepherds are pretty massive right next to a cat. But this unlikely mix actually works out because of a GSD’s even temper and loyalty and a cat’s love for independence. They may get into minor tiffs sometimes but nothing major for sure.

Speaking of loyalty, GSDs have a strong desire to protect their loved ones. This includes their cat friend who can most certainly benefit from this pup’s caring heart.

5. Labrador Retriever

Image from DogTV

They are eager and cheery and just all about fun. But surprisingly, Labrador Retrievers do amazingly well with cats because of their endearing character. These pups are kind-hearted and just want to give their love to the humans and cats they care for.

No matter what size or shape their friend may be, Labs are always ready to be their loyal BFF. So, you should not worry about having your pooch hanging out with your feline. They are sure to always have a grand time.

4. Boston Terrier

Image from DogTV

Known for their intelligence and good manners, the Boston Terrier is another one of those dog breeds that are good with cats. They are pretty compact, too, so they are not too far off from a feline’s tiny stature.

Most importantly, Bostons are always eager to please and love their family members. So whether it’s a bipedal human or a quadrupedal creature such as your cat, they are a friend for keeps.

3. Corgi

Image from Barkbox

Historically bred as a farm dog, Corgis are a lot of things such as drover, herder, and companion dog. And to add to that long list of qualities, we can include a kitty’s “BFF.” Corgis do well with multi-pet homes because of their loving character.

Just make it a point to train this pooch at an early age. It can be a bit tricky because of its inherent stubborn streak but its strong desire to please their owner makes training fun and worthwhile.

2. Newfoundland

Image from Barkbox

These gentle giants are a dear friend to all. They can get along easily with their owners, their owners’ friends, and animals in the house, including cats! With their calm and mellow nature, it is never an issue for them to be around your whiskered pets.

One thing to note about Newfies is their apparent heft. They are massive canines, which may be an issue for those who live in apartments or modest-sized homes. But if space is not a problem at your place, they are a great addition to your family.

1. Collie

Image from Barkbox

These herding dogs are famous for their outgoing personality and zest for life. They thrive on companionship, which means they are open to the idea of being with humans and other pets. Got cats in the house? Social butterfly Collies certainly wouldn’t mind!

For these friendly pooches, everyone’s a friend. So, even if you have a feline at home, or thinking about owning one, it would never be an issue with a Collie.

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Do Female Cats Get Along Better With Male Or Female Dogs? Generally, animals of the opposite sex get along better than those of the similar gender. For instance, male cats are more territorial towards another male dog but will not react this way towards a female dog.

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