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7 Dog Breeds That Bark The Most

There are few certainties in life. One certainty is the fact that dogs are going to bark. Even the most well-behaved dog is going to bark at some point. However, some breed of dogs bark uncontrollably and that can be downright annoying.

Although controversial in nature, you may be able to solve this problem by utilizing a dog bark collar. This is what some pet parents are doing to remedy the problem. After all, you cannot allow your dog to disturb your neighbors. Something needs to be done. Just remember that some breeds tend to bark more than others.

Below, you’ll learn about 7 dog breeds that bark the most.

First up, you have the beagle. Sure, the dog will have an upbeat personality and tons of energy. Unfortunately, they’re yappers. When they’re bored, their excess energy will translate into more barking. Keep your dog busy or their bark will sound like a siren alerting everyone in your community.

Jack Russell Terrier
The Jack Russell Terrier is a very energetic dog. You’re going to love his or her charming attitude. Just remember to grab your earplugs. The Jack Russell Terrier loves barking, and they’ll do just that pretty much every opportunity they get.

Basset Hound
The basset hound is a tracker and most commonly used by hunters. They’re not going to bark randomly. Instead, they’ll bark when they suspect someone or something is nearby. Their high pitch bark may very well send a shriek down your spine. Don’t be surprised if your basset hound’s bark stirs you from your sleep.

The Keeshond is a beautiful breed of dog. They love companionship and being around others. They also feel the need to protect their family. This is generally their main reason for barking. They like to let others know when something is coming their way.

Add a Keeshond to your backyard, and you can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to hear consistent barking. Thankfully, the Keeshond is a very intelligent breed. Therefore, they can be trained a little easier than some of the others.

They’re small and cute. They’re cuddly and adorable. Just remember not to be thrown off by their appearance. The Maltese is a feisty little dog, and it is going to bark at pretty much anything and everything. They might not be vicious, but their bark may sound like it.

It is very common for these dogs to bark at everything they encounter. They’ll yelp at the mailman, friends, neighbors, and whoever else visits your home. Extra training will be needed to keep this dog quiet in your backyard.

Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier is considered America’s Gentleman. This is a fallacy. After all, the Boston Terrier is one of the most well-known barkers out there.

These dogs love being verbal, and they’ll attempt to communicate with pretty much anyone and anything. Beg them to be quiet. They’ll probably listen for a short period.

Lhasa Apso
Finally, you have the Lhasa Apso. Your new Lhasa Apso believes that it was put in your backyard to guard it against intruders. Your fluffy friend may very well feel the need to take his or her duties to the extreme. You need extra time and energy to train the Lhasa Apso to stop barking at everything.

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