Fawn French Bulldog

The French Bulldog breed is quite impressive when it comes to the range of coat colors and patterns available for potential owners to choose from. And in this article, we’ll be taking a look at one of the more popular Frenchie coat colors – Fawn.

What is a Fawn French Bulldog? A Fawn Frenchie is a French Bulldog with a predominantly fawn-colored coat. Now, this coat can have patches of solid colors such as white, but for a French Bulldog to be classified as Fawn, its coat must be mostly available in tanned color variations of light yellow.

The Fawn Frenchie is like all other French Bulldogs, and is prone to suffering the same health conditions, as well as needing the same food nutrients as Frenchies with different coat colors. We will dissect what it means to own and raise a Fawn French Bulldog in today’s article. But before we go into all that, let’s establish in clear terms what a Fawn Frenchie is, and its distinguishing features.

What Is A Fawn French Bulldog?

The Fawn Frenchie, as implied by its name, boasts a short and slightly dense coat that is only available in variations of a light yellowish tan color, commonly known as fawn.

And as testament to this pooch’s popularity, the Fawn Frenchie is one of the most registered dog breeds of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Most Fawn Frenchies typically have a solid color fawn coat that is available in different tans, but it is quite possible to have Frenchies with a solid fawn coat that has patches of white.

That said, Frenchies that boast a solid fawn coat are typically available in color variations of golden tanlight tanreddish tan and cream.

There are rare instances of blue or chocolate fawn Frenchies, but these two colors are typically not recognized by most breeding standards.

Physical Appearance

The Fawn French Bulldog’s body is compact and muscular, with short and wide set forelegs. The pooch’s hind legs are slightly longer than the forelegs, and the toes on all its feet are well demarcated.

The Fawn Frenchie has the trademark bat-like French Bulldog ears, and an adorable squished face complete with well-spaced and moderately-sized round eyes. Most Frenchies have dark brown eyes, but it is also possible to have pooches with blue eyes.

Additionally, the Fawn Frenchie’s tail is usually short and straight, with thick upper lips and a loose hanging lower jaw also contributing to this pooch’s unique appearance.


The Fawn Frenchie is big-boned, and both male and female pooches of this dog breed usually weigh between 16 to 28 lbs as adults.

The Fawn French Bulldog isn’t the tallest pooch out there, and a maximum height of between 11 to 12 inches at shoulder level puts this doggie in the small-sized dog category.

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How Long Do Fawn French Bulldog Live?

The life expectancy for the average Fawn French Bulldog typically falls between 10 to 12 years.

Common Health Issues Of A Fawn Frenchie

Some of the health challenges that a typical Fawn French Bulldog experiences during its lifetime include:

Skin Fold Dermatitis

The Fawn Frenchie has wrinkly skin, particularly on its face, thereby making it prone to suffering from skin fold dermatitis, a chronic skin disorder that is caused by the infestation of yeastbacteria and fungi.

Skin fold dermatitis is typically triggered by excess heat and moisture between the Fawn Frenchie’s facial folds, which provides the ideal environment for bacteria to thrive in.

Common signs that a pooch is suffering from skin fold dermatitis include redness of the skininflammationexcessive licking and a foul or musty odor. Most times, skin fold dermatitis can be treated with simple medication, but in acute cases, surgery may be prescribed to remove the skin folds giving your Fawn Frenchie problems.

Brachycephalic Syndrome

The Fawn Frenchie has a considerably short nose, hence it is prone to suffering from Brachycephalic Syndrome, a medical condition that causes breathing disorders in dogs.

The Brachycephalic Syndrome consists of a series of airway abnormalities, and these typically increase the effort required to breathe by a Fawn Frenchie.

The Brachycephalic Syndrome typically increases in severity when a pooch becomes obese, hence a weight loss programme may be helpful in managing this condition. Surgery may also be needed to widen the Fawn Frenchie’s nostrils if the pooch is having a significantly tough time breathing.


Hemivertebra in Fawn French Bulldogs is an inherited physical disorder in which the pooch’s vertebra is deformed.

The severity of this condition typically depends on the amount of vertebrae that are deformed, but Fawn Frenchies suffering from this condition usually exhibit an inability to walkpain and incontinence.

Specialized treatment may not be needed for this condition, provided that its impact on the Fawn Frenchie is minimal. But in cases where Hemivertebra causes a significant compression on the pooch’s spinal cord, surgery is prescribed to relieve this pressure.

Minor Health Issues

Other health conditions that a Fawn French Bulldog may suffer from include:

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How To Take Care Of Fawn French Bulldogs?

Exercise Needs

A Fawn French Bulldog has low exercise needs, but must be regularly involved in physical activities to prevent excessive weight gain and obesity.

Short walks around the neighborhood when the weather is cool, playtime with kids and other dogs, or leaving the Fawn Frenchie to saunter round the yard provides adequate exercising for this pooch.

However, because of its short nose, a Fawn Frenchie tends to overheat easily and develop breathing difficulties, hence care must be taken not to over-exert this pooch. Additionally, Fawn Frenchies are poor swimmers, and should be kept away from water bodies.

Dietary Requirements

A Fawn Frenchie’s dietary needs are highly dependent on its age and health status. But the recommendation is that whatever food you’re giving to your pooch should contain the appropriate nutrients for proper growth.

Fawn Frenchies thrive on both high-quality wet or dry dog food. And one of the best canned or wet dog foods you can get for your Fawn Frenchie is the Pet Plate meal plan.

The Pet Plate contains the exact nutrients required for your dog’s healthy growth. And you can also submit your pooch’s physical specifications to get a custom-made meal plan, thereby avoiding weight issues that are common with Frenchies.

If you’ll be placing your pooch on dry dog food, the amount of food your Fawn Frenchie needs is greatly dependent on the pooch’s age and metabolism. But averagely, this pooch will do well with about 1 to 1.5 cups of food, divided into 2 meals daily.

Frenchies are notorious for their love for food, hence you will need to be strict with your feeding schedule.

Regular access to clean, fresh water is a must for the Fawn French Bulldog. And since the Fawn Frenchie is prone to developing oral infections, it may be in your pooch’s best interests to invest in dental water additives to prevent plaque build-up.

Are Fawn Frenchies Hard To Potty Train? Temperaments Of Fawn French Bulldogs


When it comes to temperament and personality, the Fawn Frenchie is just like all other French Bulldogs out there. This pooch is loyal to a fault, with a constant demand for human attention and care. The Fawn French Bulldog doesn’t do well when left alone for a considerable period, and is prone to developing separation anxiety.

The Fawn Frenchie has a calm and laidback disposition, and this pooch’s tendency not to bark, along with its small size makes it perfect for apartment dwellers. However, don’t be carried away from the Fawn Frenchie’s calm nature as this pooch loves to play when the occasion arises.

Frenchies also have a mischievous side, with a tendency to get into sticky situations, therefore you will constantly need to pay attention to, and be occasionally firm with this pooch.

Interaction With Children And Pets

The Fawn Frenchie is particularly affectionate towards kids with a tendency to display protective behavior. Similarly, this pooch is friendly towards strangers, and with proper socialization, gets along well with other dogs and pets.


Fawn Frenchies are smart pooches, although they are widely considered to have an intelligence level that is just slightly above average.


The Fawn Frenchie can certainly be trained to obey dog commands, carry out basic tasks, and use a potty. But this is one pooch that enjoys doing things at its own pace, hence you will require a great deal of patience when training your Fawn Frenchie.

Fawn Frenchies tend to be food-motivated though, and this can prove to be very helpful in speeding up the training process.

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Do Fawn Frenchies shed? Grooming Tips For Fawn French Bulldogs


The Fawn Frenchie is not known to be a heavy shedder, but like all other pooches, may occasionally leave traces of hair around the home. That said, Fawn Frenchies are not hypoallergenic and may aggravate allergy symptoms in those that react to dogs.


Part of the reasons the Fawn Frenchie is popular among dog lovers is its short and easy-to-maintain coat that requires minimal maintenance. You will only need to brush your Fawn Frenchie’s coat once in a week, and this is just to keep the pooch clean and well groomed.

The Furminator Undercoat Tool is perfect for brushing your Fawn Frenchie’s coat. And features such as an ergonomic handle design and a curved edge that conforms to your Frenchie’s body shape, are why we recommend you get the Furminator brush to groom your pooch.


As earlier mentioned, the Fawn French Bulldog is particularly prone to suffering from skinfold dermatitis, hence it is recommended that you don’t bathe this pooch, unless it is absolutely needed. In addition to putting the Fawn Frenchie at a higher risk of suffering from skin fold dermatitis, excessive bathing dries up the oils that keep the pooch’s skin healthy and polished.

If, however, you must bathe your Fawn Frenchie, you should, by all means, do so with a high-quality, dog-friendly shampoo. And one product that we’ll recommend is the Seamus Cherry Blossom Whitening Dog Shampoo.

The Seamus Shampoo excels at eliminating stains on a dog’s coat, and it also leaves a Fawn Frenchie’s fur fresh and soft to the touch.

Extra Grooming Tips

  • To prevent the occurrence of dental infections, it is recommended that you brush the Fawn Frenchie’s teeth, at least, three times a week.
  • Occasionally clean your Fawn Frenchie’s facial folds with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Clip your pooch’s nails before it grows too long.

How Much Is A Fawn French Bulldog? While the exact price will vary according to the pooch’s health status and breeder’s location, it will typically cost you an amount between $2,000 to $3,000 to purchase an AKC registered Fawn French Bulldog. And this price is relatively cheaper, compared to that of other rarer colored Frenchie, for example, the Isabella French Bulldog that is said to fetch a price tag of at least $20,000.

What Is A Blue Fawn French Bulldog? A Blue Fawn French Bulldog is a rare Frenchie with a fawn shade as its base coat color, and blue shades visible on its back, ears and muzzle. And while the Blue Fawn Frenchie is mostly purebred, this coloring on a French Bulldog is neither accepted nor recognized by most standard organizations.

What Color French Bulldog Is The Best? The choice of which color French bulldog is most desirable is a subjective and personal decision. But some of the French Bulldog colors that have gained the most wide acceptance around the world include brindle, cream, fawn, white, cream and brindle pied.

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