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There are few sensations out there as magical as the feeling of running your fingers through the thick, fluffy coat of a cat. However, not all cats are built for that both in terms of personality and coat type. If you want a fluffy cuddle buddy, you will have to go with one of the 12 breeds we have highlighted below.

The fluffiest and most cuddly of all cat breeds is without a doubt the Maine Coon. Not only are they large and thick-coated but also super friendly and affectionate. Other awesome, fluffy breeds are the Norwegian Forest Cat and The Persian.

12. Himalayan

The Himalayan is actually a mixed cat breed from a Persian and a Siamese. It gets its thick fluffy coat, chunky build, and flat-faced features from the Persian bloodline. What makes them different from their fluffy ancestors are the blue eyes and point coloration which is from the Siamese side.

The Himalayan is generally friendly but unlike the Persian may require some time to warm up to strangers and to other pets.

11. Highland Fold

This cat breed is often confused for the Scottish Fold. With the similar coat color options and signature folded ears, it is easy to see why they get mixed up so often. However, they are two different breeds.

The Highland Fold is typically larger than the average medium-sized Scottish variety. The Highland cat breed also has markedly longer and fluffier fur. Other than that, the two are pretty similar in terms of health trends and personality.

10. Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a part of the Rex family of cat breeds that are known for their curly hair. However, this kitty is by far the fluffiest of the bunch.

This difference is because the Selkirk Rex has a full coat of hair which is accentuated by the curly predisposition for a lovable ball of fluff.

The cat breed features long haired and short haired varieties with the former predictably having a thicker coat.

9. Birman

The Birman is a unique entry onto a list whose fluff due to the length and texture of the fur alone. Unlike most other cats on our list, this kitty actually has no undercoat. This does not affect the fluffiness but it does make the coat more demanding in terms of maintenance in order to avoid matting.

The Birman is also very similar in appearance to the Himalayan with the build, coat markings, and eyes. However, this cat has a longer, and more defined nose.

8. Chinchilla

The chinchilla is one of the most popular, fluffy cat breeds and one look at these snow white beauties and you will not have to be told why.

What is interesting about them is the fact that they are technically not an independent breed. Chinchilla cats are actually a variation of the Persian breed known for their pure white coats and emerald green eyes.

They are also generally low maintenance with a minimally shedding coat.

7. British Longhair

British longhair cats have some of the most devastatingly cute, fluffy kittens. The adults are also quite adorable with their round faces, short ears, and thick, fluffy coats.

It is therefore a shame to imagine that at some point these cats and their features were considered undesirable with naturally occurring kittens being unwanted.

Today, they are incredibly popular not only due to their adorable aesthetic but also due to their sweet personalities.

6. Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is one of the friendliest cat breeds there is. They actually get their name from the fact that they are so comfortable with human contact that they literally go limp whenever picked up.

This makes them the perfect cuddle buddies for cat lovers everywhere.

The best part is that they are also super fluffy with their long hair which makes cuddling with them even more satisfactory.

5. Munchkin

If there was ever a cat breed worthy of this name it would be these cute, little, balls of fluff. The cats have a genetic mutation that makes their legs disproportionately short. These short legs plus their thick, fluffy coats give them the youthful, kitten aesthetic long into their adult years.

Where they lack in height and physical prowess these little kitties more than make up for with their affectionate personalities making them the ideal lap cat breed.

4. Manx

The Manx stands out on our breed as the only fluffy cat breed without an equally fluffy tail to complete the look. This is because of a gene that makes the tail develop as nothing more than a stub.

The cats come either as long or short haired varieties. The longer haired manx cat is often fluffier with the long fur standing up away from the skin for the poofy aesthetic.

3. Persian

The Persian is easily the most common of the fluffy breeds on this list. Their popularity and demand has a lot to do with their unique aesthetic. This is because of their round faces and often short muzzles.

Generally speaking, this is also one of the most diverse of cat breeds with varieties in terms of color, size, and facial features. What they all have in common is the fact that they have fluffy coats and loving personalities.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat was initially bred for use as a vermin exterminating cat on ship voyages in Northern Europe. Its thick coat came in very handy allowing the kitty to survive even the harshest of winter journeys.

Today, this thick fluffy coat is part of what makes it so popular as a domestic cat breed. It also helps a lot that the cats do not mind physical contact especially when trust with their human companions has been established.

1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the biggest, natural domestic cat breed. These cats can grow up to 18 lbs or even more. They are also super fluffy and are known to a thick ruff of fur around their neck.

While these cats may look large and intimidating, they are the furthest thing from scary in terms of their personalities. They are actually very social and get along especially well with children and other pets.

Related Questions

What Is The Most Fluffiest Cat? The Maine Coon is arguably the fluffiest of all cat breeds. This is due to its silky thick coat with lengths ranging from medium to long. In addition to this, its large build makes it look even fluffier. The best part is that they love human beings and contact and will enjoy cuddle time just as much as you do.

What Breed Is A Fluffy Black Cat? Many fluffy cat breeds can have black coats. However, the most notable fluffy black cat breed is the Persian. Their thick, fluffy coats and flat faces give them a unique aesthetic where all you may be able to see at first are their bright eyes that are usually yellow to orange in color.

Do Fluffy Kittens Stay Fluffy? More often than not, fluffy kittens will stay fluffy. In fact, as they grow older, their fur gets longer and as a result their coats get thicker giving them an even more exaggeratedly fluffy vibe. However, there are some cats that do not get fluffy despite being that way as kittens. This is the case with breeds like the Turkish Angora whose coat is long, silky and against the skin thus not fluffy.

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