Foods To Give Your Dog For Diarrhea

Worried about your sweet doggo who’s suffering from diarrhea? We know that for humans, the BRAT diet is our go-to for firming up stools. But is the BRAT diet good for dogs with diarrhea and does it help at all?

Ideally, giving your pup’s digestive tract a break through fasting helps calm the tummy down. But if you do decide to feed your pooch something, the BRAT diet is a great option. It includes foods that are gentle and non-irritating to an already problematic stomach.

From toast to bananas and even gut-friendly cottage cheese, we discuss the top 14 foods to give your dog for diarrhea.

14. Cottage Cheese

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Just like yogurt, cottage cheese is a fermented food that contains probiotics to help feed and strengthen the gut. It is also a rich source of vitamins, calcium, and protein to nourish your canine’s body.

If your pooch has an upset tummy, feed him small amounts of cottage cheese. But be sure he is not lactose intolerant, or it may only do more harm than good to your pet. A low-fat variety of cottage is also your best bet for a pooch that’s a bit on the heavy side.

13. Bananas

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Just like apples, bananas contain pectin that coats your dog’s GI tract and binds water in its colon. Plus, it is a rich source of potassium, which is a commonly depleted electrolyte when your doggy’s got the squirts.

A good way to feed your dog some bananas for diarrhea is to mash them with a fork. A teaspoon per 10 lbs of weight is ideal for diarrhea support.

12. Peppermint

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Speaking of cooling, peppermint rightfully belongs to this list of foods to give your dog for diarrhea. This herb helps to calm the intestinal tract’s muscles while alleviating spasms. Peppermint is also naturally antiviral and antibacterial, which is beneficial for diarrhea caused by bacteria.

However, never give your canine peppermint products intended for human consumption as these may have xylitol, which is toxic to your dog. Instead, simply chop up fresh peppermint leaves and give half a teaspoon of this herb to an average-sized pooch.

11. Rice Water Or Broth

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If your pup is begging for food, plain rice moistened with broth or rice water adds flavor to this food. Rice water is quick and easy to make – simple rinse uncooked rice a few times and drain the water.

Want something more substantial and tummy-friendly? Make your pooch some broth from meat, which replaces all the minerals lost during the frequent emergency poop situation. It is also hydrating and replenishing for your doggo’s body.

10. Potatoes

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A starchy and healthy food, potatoes aid in solidifying dear Fido’s stool. It also contains minerals, folate, and B vitamins that are all good for your canine’s body.

The best way to prepare potatoes for a pooch with diarrhea is by simply baking them – no added ingredients or oils. Bake a couple of potatoes, allow to cool and mash them with a fork. This is a great substitute for dog food when your pup has squirts.

9. Turkey

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Turkey is a safer bet for dogs with a sensitivity to chicken. Plus, it’s a cooling protein, which does not further irritate the stomach.

However, when cooking turkey, be sure to trim the fat first. A high-fat content irritates the gut and does not help diarrhea at all. Boil the low-fat ground turkey and mix with rice for your ailing pooch to chow down.

8. Boiled Eggs

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Keep things simple and digestible with a couple of boiled eggs for canine diarrhea. It’s bland, yet highly nutritious as it provides protein, minerals, vitamins, and iron.

You can either mix the boiled eggs with steamed rice or millet or simply give it plain to your four-legged pal.

7. Sweet Potato

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A serving of cooked sweet potato boasts up to 6 grams of dietary fiber. Overall, fiber is excellent for boosting your pup’s digestive health. So in times of diarrhea, this food is definitely soothing and nourishing.

If your beloved pooch suffers from a mild case of diarrhea, it will help to ditch complex meals and feed your pooch with boiled sweet potatoes instead.

6. Rice

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Supplement carbs and starch to your pup’s body by giving him a serving of good ol’ steamed white rice. It is an ideal carb source that is easy to digest – perfect for an irritated GI tract.

As a bonus, rice contains beneficial compounds that bulk up the stool. It also minimizes fluid loss, which is typical during diarrhea.

5. Yogurt

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Rich in beneficial bacteria, yogurt aids digestion and helps alleviate diarrhea. The probiotics in yogurt strengthen the gut while helping it fight bad bacteria invading the body.

However, be sure that your pooch does not have a lactose allergy before feeding him with yogurt. It is only ideal for canines who are okay with milk and milk products. Plain yogurt is the best option and avoids flavored or sugar-laden ones.

4. Pumpkin

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Pumpkin is a great food that helps firm up the stool. It also soothes the GI tract while feeding the beneficial bacteria in the body as it is a prebiotics. And of course, it’s high in fiber and minerals to nourish your doggo’s body!

If all you’ve got is a canned pumpkin, this should work perfectly fine. Just be sure to keep it simple and stay away from heavily processed pumpkins. Mash it up with a fork and mix with rice or millet.

3. Toast

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For doggos whose tummy is a bit off, a piece of plain toast can offer some relief. Simply toast a piece of bread and skip the butter, then give a few pieces to your pooch.

Toast is easy to digest and contains fiber that adds bulk to the stomach. It is an optional alternative to the usual dog food you give to your pet.

2. Millet

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If your pooch cannot digest rice well, then millet is a fantastic option to bulk up the stool. This cooling food is gentle to the tummy, which makes it a great solution for GI distress.

In addition to helping your pup with diarrhea, millet is rich in minerals and B vitamins, as well as protein. A serving of millet in small amounts should help replenish lost minerals due to acute diarrhea.

1. Apple Or Applesauce

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Apples are loaded with pectin, which is a special compound that soothes the intestinal tract and helps with loose stool. Moreover, a medium-sized apple has 86% water. So, it’s a great way to rehydrate your doggo after losing all those fluids.

But if your canine is not a huge fan of apples, you can feed him applesauce instead. It’s soft and mushy, which makes it easier and quicker to digest. Keep it simple and stick to plain and unsweetened applesauce.

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