French Bulldog Mixes

One of America’s favorite breeds, the French Bulldog is a loyal, adorable, and smart pooch. No wonder they remain in the American Kennel Club’s top 10 most popular dog breeds. And with the Frenchie’s fame, many breeders are mixing it with other breeds – and the cuteness just intensifies!

Imagine a bulky Rottweiler’s body with the endearing face of a Frenchie, and you’ve got a French Bullweiler. Or what about a French Bulldog with a Shih Tzu’s fluffy coat? Then, there’s the wavy-coated, flat-faced Froodle, which is a mix between a Poodle and a Frenchie.

These – and more – are just some of the many French Bulldog mixes on the planet today. Let’s get to know them more and discover why they are all the rage with Frenchie lovers!

23. French Bullweiler: French Bulldog + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@mila_french_bullweiler

Next up, we have the mighty French Bullweiler. A cross between the Rottweiler and French Bulldog, this pooch is stocky and sturdy as a Rottie, yet with a compact size as a Frenchie. They have a longer snout and with a Frenchie’s tall, bat ears.

These canines are quiet and hardly ever bark. They are also fiercely loyal to their owners, which makes them great guard dogs. Not quite experienced with owning dogs? A French Bullweiler should be a good choice as they are easy to train.

22. French Bull Tzu: French Bulldog + Shih Tzu

Image from Instagram:@vonfuster

French Bull Tzus are an interesting Frenchie mix that may have long or medium-length coats like a Shih Tzu or short and sheer like a French Bulldog. Their bodies are usually solid and sturdy while others are longer and leaner like a Shih.

If you like a pooch that enjoys cuddles, the French Bull Tzu is an excellent option for you. They love to snuggle up with their owners, which makes them one of the most affectionate French Bulldog mixes.

21. French Bull Dane: French Bulldog + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@murphy_the_gr8_dane

With a Great Dane’s leggy and large build, the French Bull Dane may either be a medium-sized or giant dog. They often have the colors of a Great Dane in gray, white, black, and some have tan-colored coats. As always, the bat ears are ever-present!

Folks who wish to own a French Bull Dane will love the inherent friendliness of these pups. They do get attached to their families easily, which can lead to separation anxiety when left alone for hours each day.

20. French Bulloxer: French Bulldog + Boxer

Image from Instagram:@thaithaiboy_princessnorn

A hybrid dog combining two popular breeds – the Boxer and the French Bulldog, the French Bulloxer is a sturdy, muscular pooch. These big boys are roughly around 60 lbs or more. Many of them have black and white coats while others have brown with white markings.

French Bulloxers are naturally rambunctious fellows. It is best to keep your young kids supervised when playing with these powerful pups. Training also requires patience and firmness as this French Bulldog mix can be headstrong and challenging to train.

19. Fraussie: French Bulldog + Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@cowboy.the.fraussie

Fraussies are one of the sweetest French Bulldog mixes, with their charming floppy ears and adorable large eyes. They have a soft and fluffy coat, which comes from their Aussie Shepherd parent. As for their coat colors, these are often in a combination of white, black, and some brown.

But there’s something else about the Fraussie that makes them lovable. In addition to their gorgeous looks, they are affectionate pups with a big heart. These pups are strongly devoted to their owners and will do everything they can to protect them.

18. Frenchie Papillon: French Bulldog + Papillon

Image from Instagram:@fulviothereal_frenchie

Frenchie Papillons are a fun mix of a French Bulldog and a Papillon. They may look like either parent or a mash-up of these breeds. Some may be stocky and bulky like a Frenchie while others have a Papillon’s fine-boned and with delicate features.

Either way, Frenchie Papillons are sweet and loving canines. They may be a bit stubborn at times, which can be addressed with early and firm training. Overall, these dogs are loyal creatures that are ready to be your best friend since day one.

17. Frengle: French Bulldog + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@myfairmutts

Floppy-eared and stocky Frengles take after their Beagle parent’s ears and a French Bulldog’s body build. They are bulky, yet compact and roughly a foot tall. Just like a Beagle, these canines are long-bodied with short legs.

Frengles should be fine with first-time owners as they are relatively not difficult to train. However, watch out for bouts of stubbornness, which is typical in both breeds. While they may be slightly headstrong, they are certainly social pups who get along well with folks of all ages.

16. French Chow Dog: French Bulldog + Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@frenchiechownamedgus

Fluffy French Chow Dogs are hybrid pups with the dense coat of a Chow Chow and the muscular build of a Frenchie. They do look a tad like Shiba Inus because of the puffy hair and coat color scheme.

These active canines love physical activities. They are the ones you can tag along for adventures and outdoorsy fun. Plus, they are always up for snuggles during those lazy days!

15. Frenchie Pit: French Bulldog + Pitbull

Image from Instagram:@peace_love_frenchies

Everything about the Frenchie Pit looks tough and powerful. After all, this Pitbull and Frenchie mix is all-muscle and hardy. They have a Pitbull’s medium frame with bat ears and color scheme of a Frenchie.

One thing to note about the Frenchie Pit – they may look rough and mighty but they’re insanely sweet. These pups are always ready to greet you with cuddles and kisses.

14. French Bulljack: French Bulldog + Jack Russell

Image from Instagram:@jimmy.and.fred

A French Bulljack’s parents possess contrasting traits and personalities. They may look like either parent – small and stocky Jack Russell and muscular French Bulldog. But no matter what, you can be certain that they are a fun mix that goes well with the family.

These dogs are a tad mischievous and stubborn, but these are nothing that firm training can never address. Fortunately, they have a strong desire to please their family, which means it should not take too long and hard to train these adorable pups.

13. French Pomerdog: French Bulldog + Pomeranian

Image from Instagram:@kittykatfrenchiepom

With their small and compact stature, the French Pomerdog is a great choice for an apartment pup. They are tiny like a Pomeranian with fluffy and dense coats. As for their colors, they come in black, white or a combination of both, which is a Frenchie’s signature color scheme.

Personality-wise, French Pomerdogs are low-maintenance pups. They get along easily with all members of the household. Be sure to give them ample attention, though, as they can be prone to separation anxiety.

12. Frenchie Minpin: French Bulldog + Miniature Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@nalathasavage

Frenchie Minpins are designer dogs that possess the DNA of a Miniature Pinscher and a French Bulldog. Some of these mixes are small at around 15 lbs while others have a medium build at 20 to 25 lbs. They have tall and erect ears with coat colors in black, brown, and white.

This feisty fellow has loads of energy. Even with that spunky character, however, Frenchie Minpins are always eager to please their owners. Great for first-time or experienced owners, training this pooch should not be an issue.

11. French Bullhuahua: French Bulldog + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@tom_kings_kennel

Small, stocky, and spunky, the French Bullhuahua takes after the small frame of a Chihuahua with a stocky build as a Frenchie. They have large eyes and bat ears, which they take after both parents.

These tiny pups are highly protective of their families. They tend to bark a lot when strangers are around, which is nothing that firm training and early socialization cannot solve. When well-trained, they can be one of the most affectionate pups you can ever have.

10. Frenchie Bichon: French Bulldog + Bichon Frise

Image from Instagram:@kaliupdatesx

Frenchie Bichons are fluffy, tiny, and muscular pups. Their coat texture looks more like a Bichon’s but their body build resembles a Frenchie’s. They tend to weigh an average of 15 lbs. Thus, they are generally small dogs but quite hardy and low-maintenance.

Most Frenchie Bichons have a territorial streak. This is why they often bark at strangers. To overcome this habit, it is best to socialize and train them at an early age.

9. Frenchie Schnauzer: French Bulldog + Miniature Schnauzer

Image from Instagram:@_sophiapym

Wiry-coated Schnauzer meets muscular French Bulldog in this adorable Frenchie mix. They have black coats with some white markings all around. As they are double-coated pups, they tend to shed more than a purebred French Bulldog.

Frenchie Schnauzers are funny and comical creatures. When with their families, they are remarkably sweet and affectionate. However, they are anxious and uncomfortable when in a new environment and around strangers. An effective way to curb this behavior is through early socialization.

8. French Bullabrador: French Bulldog + Labrador

Image from Instagram:@herbiethefrenchielab

What can be more adorable than a mix of two sweet dog breeds – the French Bulldog and the Labrador? The French Bullabrador combines both breeds, which results in a medium-sized canine with adorable black or tan short coat and floppy ears.

These gorgeous canines are friendly and adaptable. They adore their families, yet can get along fine with strangers, too. Be sure to keep them stimulated, though, as they tend to develop negative behavior when anxious or bored.

7. Frug: French Bulldog + Pug

Image from Instagram:@oscar_and_eleanor

A mix between French Bulldog and a Pug, the Frug is an endearing Frenchie mix. They look more like a Pug but with bat ears and a sturdier body like a French Bulldog. These canines typically weigh an average of 20 lbs, which classifies them as a small dog.

Frugs are playful and affectionate fellows. They love to play and exercise just as much as they enjoy being a mellow lap dog. Although they can be a bit tricky to train because of their stubborn streak, you can curb this challenge with consistency and firmness.

6. Frenchie Amstaff: French Bulldog + American Staffordshire Terrier

Image from Instagram:@ebba_frenchieamstaff

Frenchie Amstaffs are muscular, solid, and sturdy pups. They have an American Staffordshire’s powerful build and a Frenchie’s coat color and texture. But don’t be deceived by their massive physiques; these dogs are actually gentle and sweet fellows.

One word of caution to those who are looking to own this pup – they are not suitable if you have small pets in the house. These dogs have a strong prey drive and can be intimidating to miniature-sized animals such as cats and rodents.

5. Frenchie Lhasa: French Bulldog + Lhasa Apso

Image from Instagram:@poppythefrenchiecross

Sporting a Lhasa Apso’s long and thick coat and a French Bulldog’s bulky stature, the Frenchie Lhasa is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Lhasa Apso. Some mixes, though, tend to have short and sheer coats like a Frenchie, depending on which parent has a more dominant gene.

Frenchie Lhasas are alert dogs, which makes them excellent guard dogs. They are also very loyal to their owners and always ready to defend their families from harm.

4. Frenchton: French Bulldog + Boston Terrier

Image from Instagram:@hugo_the_frenchton

Also called a Froston or a Boston Frenchie, the Frenchton is a charming mix of a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog. They look more like a French Bulldog but with a shorter muzzle as a Boston Terrier. Their coats are in shades of black, gray, white, and sometimes a bit of brown.

Frenchtons are naturally social and playful creatures. They get along with all types of people, as well as other pets in the house. Positive reinforcement is very effective for training this mixed breed.

3. Froodle: French Bulldog + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@chilli_thefrenchboodle

This list will never be complete without the Froodle. A pleasant pooch with a Poodle’s tight and short wavy hair and a French Bulldog’s facial features, the Froodle is a unique-looking creature. These are small dog breeds with coat colors in black and white.

As they are inherently smart dogs, Froodles are easy to train. They require mental stimulation to eliminate boredom, which also helps to address negative behaviors such as barking and aggression.

2. Frenchie-Pei: French Bulldog + Shar Pei

Image from Instagram:@betty_the_frenchie_bullpei

Think of a French Bulldog with a Shar Pei’s wrinkled face, and that’s a Frenchie Pei for you! These pups have a medium frame and can weigh up to 45 lbs. They have a Frenchie’s signature bat ears and muscular build combined with a Shar Pei’s dense coat and folds.

Quite a shy and reserved pooch, the Frenchie Pei does not make friends too easily. Thus, early socialization is a must to bring out the warm and affectionate canines in them. But one thing is for sure – these dogs are one of the most loyal of all French Bulldog mixes!

1. French Bullweiner: French Bulldog + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@milos_house77

A combo of the French Bulldog and the Dachshund, the French Bullweiner is a small to medium-sized pooch. They have the bat ears of a Frenchie and a Dachshund’s stubby, short legs.

These canines may be short-legged but they are quite agile and active. French Bullweiners thrive in games and exercises, so be sure to give them lots of physical activities. A little on the stubborn side, it takes patience and consistency when training these endearing pups.

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Are Fluffy Frenchies Healthy? Fluffy Frenchies, just like short-haired ones, are predisposed to health issues. For instance, they may be prone to breathing difficulties due to their flat faces. They may also suffer from patellar luxation and hip dysplasia, which impact their joints and lead to lameness over time.

What Is A Mini Frenchie? A mini Frenchie is tiny – under a foot tall and can weigh about 5 to 14 lbs. There are a few Mini Frenchies that develop dwarfism over time if they were bred with a runt dog. As a result, their bones may suffer some malformation issues and become bowed.

Are Fluffy Frenchies Hypoallergenic? Long-haired, fluffy Frenchies are not at all hypoallergenic. They shed more than short-haired ones, so be prepared to see lots of dog hair on your furniture. Their hair also tends to pick up more debris, which can trigger your allergic reactions.

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