French Bulldog Temperament & Personality

French Bulldogs, fondly called Frenchies, are small but powerful canines. Famous for their trademark “bat” ears, flat skull, and large eyes, they are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. And most of all, they have outstanding personality traits!

Frenchies are athletic pups that love to play and do well on their training sessions. They are also patient with kids and will never pass those cuddle times with their favorite humans. These pooches are among the sweetest and most affectionate breeds.

Get to know more about the French Bulldog temperament and personality on this list we’ve prepared for you today. Who knows, you may just decide to bring home a Frenchie as a new addition to your family members!

14. French Bulldog Is Athletic

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Running around and joining in dog sports such as rally, agility, and obedience courses are Frenchie’s idea of fun. They love to run around and have some fun while at the same time making sure you are proud of them.

But make sure that you keep their exercise to a minimum. These dogs can be susceptible to breathing difficulties, which can be a threatening condition.

13. French Bulldog Is Patient

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As we mentioned earlier, Frenchies hardly ever bark. This is a sign of their mellow character but also their dislike for aggression.

Additionally, they can tolerate kids well. If you have young kids in the house who love to play with your Frenchie, you can rest assured they will get along fine. A Frenchie is patient and easy-going, so playing with kids is a welcomed experience to them.

12. French Bulldog Is Easy-Going

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For the most part, French Bulldogs hardly bark. They can be quiet and peaceful, so they are not the kind of dogs that will just bite or growl at anyone out of nowhere.

Because of their easy-going nature, Frenchies do not quite make the perfect watchdog. But if you want a laid-back companion pup, they are your best bet. Plus, they are also good apartment pets because of their balanced temperament.

11. French Bulldog Is Sociable

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Do you expect some guests in the house every now and then? If so, your French Bulldog surely would not mind some company. They are welcoming fellows, which makes them sociable and friendly to many people.

If you have another pet at home, it should not be an issue with a Frenchie. In fact, they can easily get along with other pets, especially with early training and socialization. These canines believe in the saying, “The more, the merrier!”

10. French Bulldog Is Lively

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Unlike their larger Bulldog cousins, Frenchies are quite lively and energetic. They don’t just sit around and do nothing all day, which makes them a fun companion.

But at the same time, these pups do not require too much exercise. It is actually not good for them because they are brachycephalic by nature, which is why hours of running around and staying active are not the best for them.

9. French Bulldog Is Alert

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Another French Bulldog temperament and personality is their innate alertness. These are very loyal pups, which is why they love to stay alert to make sure there are no dangers lurking behind.

In case they detect threats to their owner’s life or safety, these dogs are always ready to be a knight in shining armor. They would do anything to keep their loved ones safe no matter what it takes.

8. French Bulldog Is Keen

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French Bulldogs are keen creatures. They have a high emotional intelligence, so these pups can pick up easily on any verbal or non-verbal cues.

If they sense that something is just not right, expect them to be on high alert mode. They are also eager to give you love and kisses, especially if it can detect a hint of sadness in you.

7. French Bulldog Is Bright

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Smart and clever, French Bulldogs make life easier for every novice owner. They are easy to train because of their inherent intelligence and obedience.

Whether it is obedience training, agility courses, or you simply want to teach them some tricks, it is relatively easy to do so with a Frenchie. But their attention span can be short, so a little patience goes a long way.

6. French Bulldog Is Adaptable

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French Bulldogs can adapt to any environment or living situation. Even if you take them in the city or an apartment, they will be able to fit in easily.

But that’s not all – even if you have a full household or none at all, you can expect your darling Frenchie to get along well with the situation. This is why they are great for folks who live in a small space or those with a vast interior for roaming around.

5. French Bulldog Is Docile

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If there is another French Bulldog temperament and personality that makes them so easy to love, it is their docile character. They are people-pleasers, so they do their best to make you feel proud of them. Frenchies are total people pleasers. Their naturally submissive temperament makes them easy to train.

With their submissive character, they can do well whether you train them yourself or hire a teacher to do so. As a result, they are often well-maintained and refined creatures.

4. French Bulldog Is Not Aggressive

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Aggression is the last thing you can ever expect from the French Bulldog. They are so mellow and gentle, that they would never show aggression to you.

But it may be worth noting that Frenchies like to nip. They do this to get your affection. So, be sure to provide your pup plenty of attention to overcome this negative tendency.

3. French Bulldog Is Cuddly

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Cuddle time is one of these pups’ favorite times of the day. Because of their compact stature, they make amazing lap dogs. You can have your pooch stay on lap for hours at it naps, too. 

If you prefer to have your own spot, be sure to give your pooch his own bed. Some cuddle time is definitely good, but it can also help to slowly wean him and have him get used to his private space.

2. French Bulldog Is Playful

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These light-hearted dogs are all about playtime and enjoying each moment. They will never hesitate a game or two of fetch, tug of war, or just about any activity. Got some squeaky toys? Toss it to your eager Frenchie, and you’ll see your pup running back at you for more!

Rough and tumble Frenchies make any day fun and easy. With these little fellows, there’s never a dull moment. No wonder they make amazing four-legged pals to your equally playful kids.

1. French Bulldog Is Affectionate

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French Bulldogs are natural snuggle bugs. They love to express their love by taking naps right next to you or giving you lots of kisses.

In return, be sure to show how much you love and value your Frenchie. Some belly rubs and quality playtime spent with your pooch should suffice to help them thrive and feel special.

Do French Bulldogs Make Good Family Pets? Yes, French Bulldogs make fantastic family pets. They do well with children, seniors, and small pets in the household. But even if they are patient and easy-going dogs, it is always best to never leave your children unattended with your Frenchie.

What Is A Fair Price For A French Bulldog? The cost of buying a French Bulldog can be quite pricey. If you are wondering how much you should pay for a French Bulldog puppy, you can expect it to be between $1,500 to as much as $3,000. A fair price for female Frenchies is $2,200, while those coming from prestigious breed lines come with a $5,000 to $10,000 price tag.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy A French Bulldog? Instead of buying a Frenchie, it may be best to adopt one. After all, rescue Frenchies need you much more than those who were bred only to be sold. On a practical note, buying a Frenchie can be more expensive in comparison to adopting one, and buying one also drives up the demand of Frenchies, inadvertently leading to unscrupulous breeders resorting to unethical breeding practices to provide the supply.

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