38 Friendliest Cat Breeds That Will Love You Forever

There are many breeds of cats, and while they all have the potential to be loving and affectionate pets, some breeds are renowned for being particularly friendly and cuddly.

If you’re looking for a cat that will adore spending time with you and showering you with love, check out one of these 38 friendliest cat breeds.

From the giant Ragdoll to the playful Maine Coon, there’s a breed for everyone on this list!

38. Maine Coon

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

The Maine Coon is arguably the largest, natural domestic cat breed. While their little lion appearance could be a little intimidating, these cats are the sweetest and cuddliest cat breed there is.

They give the best cuddles with their large, fluffy bodies. What’s awesome is that they will usually initiate it themselves and may even get a little offended if you break free from the cuddle hold too fast.

37. Ragdoll

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

The Ragdoll’s name is a testament to just how friendly and affectionate this cat can be. They get their name from the fact that they tend to go limp when picked up as a sign of contentment and full trust.

They clearly have no issues with being physically handled even by strangers. The best part is that these loyal little kitties are just the right amount affectionate without crossing over to the extremely needy. This makes them ideal for busy cat parents.

36. Birman

Image from ChomChom Roller

The Birman cat stands out mainly with its unique aesthetic. There is something devastatingly endearing about the combination of their dark faces and those big, beautiful, blue eyes.

The best part is that they are just as beautiful inside as they are on the surface with their people-oriented personalities. They can be quite clingy at times with their owners who spend a lot of time feeding and playing with them.

35. Abyssinian

Image from Darwin’s Pet

The Abyssinian cat is a direct ancestor to the Somali cat breed. As with their descendants, Abyssinians are celebrated for their social nature which makes them awesome for cat lovers who want a friendly cat breed.

They get along well with children and with other cats and therefore make for ideal family pets. However, you will have to get them used to physical handling as kittens to get them comfortable with cuddles.

34. Devon Rex

Image from Fuzzy

The Devon Rex is a beautiful cat with a beautiful personality which is why it is so unfortunate that they are so rare.

One of their best features is their high levels of intelligence. In fact, they are among the few cat breeds out there that can actually be trained to perform tricks from playing fetch to leash training.

They are also very friendly with their close human companions.

33. Himalayan

Image from CBD Dog Health

With its cute smooshed-in face, big blue eyes, and fluffy bodies, it is very hard not to instantly fall in love with a Himalayan cat. Their personalities are just as endearing.

They are known for their “lap cat” personalities as they adore cuddles and taking naps on their human companions. Though they can be a little lazy, they also enjoy playing with their owners as climbing random things and running around is not their cup of tea.

32. LaPerm

Image from Basepaws

The LaPerm cat is a true social butterfly as far as cat breeds are concerned. It seems there is no one that this cat will not get along with from strangers and children to other pets.

What is unique about them is that they are very open to physical contact if they are exposed to it from an early age. They are therefore huge cuddle bugs not only with their owners but with anyone who will let them snuggle up.

31. Norwegian Forest Cat

Image from Darwin’s Pet

The Norwegian forest cat is another cat breed that was initially bred mainly for use as a working cat to get rid of vermin on ships. As a result, they are innately shy towards strangers.

However, once they get to know a person and develop a trust-based bond they are the sweetest cats you will ever meet. Despite their large size, they will always find ways to squeeze onto couches or other tight spaces just to be with the people they love.

30. Peterbald

Image from Basepaws

Peterbald’s aesthetic is the type that has to grow on most cat lovers. It is safe to say that their sweet personalities definitely make the job easier.

In fact, their personality is often referred to as “dog-like”. This is due to their loyal and affectionate nature as well as their sometimes clingy personality.

Move over dogs, there is a new contender for the man’s best friend title.

29. Selkirk Rex

Image from Instagram:@selkirkrexoftheworld

The Selkirk Rex is generally a laid-back and gentle calm cat breed. They are quite independent and therefore ideal for cat owners who want a cat breed that though affectionate is not very emotionally needy.

They are known to be very patient with children. This makes them awesome cats for homes with young children who will almost inevitably unwittingly rough handle the kitty.

28. Tonkinese Cat

Image from Instagram:@chockie_minky_tonkinese

The Tonkinese is a mixed cat breed developed from cross-breeding a Siamese and a Burmese cat. It takes after both parents not only in terms of aesthetics but also when it comes to their sweet and friendly personalities.

They are very affectionate and somewhat needy making them the perfect breed for cat lovers who want a lap cat. The best part is that they also get along with other cats and are thus ideal for large fur baby families.

27. Toyger

Image from Instagram:@toygers_oreo_and_misty

Contrary to popular belief, the Toyger is not a wild cat breed. It is also not directly related to the tiger. As a result, any stereotypes about it having wild behavior are completely unfounded.

Other than the tiger stripes and wild aesthetic, the Toyger is as domestic and docile as cats can get. They are close with humans they spend a lot of time with but will need a while to warm up to strangers.

26. Turkish Angora

Image from House Carers

The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest cat breeds out there. With centuries of interactions with human beings embedded into their DNA, it comes as no surprise that they are so affectionate.

These cats are not just affectionate but also clingy. They love to be the center of attention and with their high-energy nature, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and attention to playtime. At least you will be rewarded with love and cuddles.

25. Cornish Rex

Image from Instagram:@twisted_dream_cattery

The Cornish Rex is arguably the rarest of the Rex cat breeds. These cats are highly intelligent and very energetic and love to play with their humans.

Their personality is best defined as goofy and loveable. This is because they love to play and will go to any lengths to get your attention and involvement in their fun time.

Furthermore, Cornish Rex kitties thrive with constant companionship and do not like to be left alone for too long.

24. American Bobtail

Image from Instagram:@lil_cat_cosmo

The American Bobtail is one of the largest cats there is. These large, loveable, balls of fur are also quite lazy. They love nothing more than sitting on or next to their favorite humans and getting petted.

They are also very friendly with children and other pets and would make the perfect addition to any cat-friendly home.

23. Napoleon

Image from Instagram:@je.suis_sui

The Napoleon is a melting pot of a variety of breeds including Persian, Himalayans, Minuets, and Munchkin cat breeds in different combinations.

The result is a heart-meltingly cute little cat with a fantastic personality to match. They are very affectionate and playful and always up for cuddles.

It is therefore quite unfortunate that there are not very many of them out there. This is because they are generally not in very high demand and therefore not commonly bred.

22. Pixiebob

Image from Instagram:@pixiebobaska

The Pixiebob is believed to be somehow related to the wild bobcat. Despite the possibility of this relation, this is one of the gentlest and friendliest cat breeds there is.

They are particularly affectionate with other pets such as younger cats, and have been known to show nurturing behavior. They are also very close with their human companions and will not turn down a good cuddle when they are in the mood for a nap.

21. Snowshoe

Image from Basepaws

Snowshoe cats are very beautiful but also very rare. This is because of the rare genetic mutation that causes their unique marking patterns.

The few that are in existence are sweet enough to show us how much we are missing out on by not having more of the little furballs around. They tend to be obsessed with their favorite companions following them around everywhere and obsessively staring when they do not get the attention they crave.

20. York Chocolate

Image from Instagram:@lily_summer_cat

This is yet another incredibly rare cat breed. They are also among the youngest having been developed in the 80s in New York.

They have typical “lap cat” behavior including their easy-going personalities and their adoration of cuddles and getting petted by their human companions. In a nutshell, this is a very calm and laid-back cat that can also be super lazy and enjoys nothing more than naps.

19. Singapura Cat

Image from Instagram:@shuma_gyoza

The Singapura cat from Singapore is one of the smallest cat breeds. They are also among the quietest and therefore ideal if you do not want to deal with annoying yowling and meowing all odd hours of the day and night.

However, the fact that they are quiet does not mean that they are laid back. They are actually firecrackers that never stop enjoying playtime even as old cats. They are also very friendly and tend to form very close bonds with humans they get to play with.

18. Turkish Van

Image from Basepaws

Despite the name, the Turkish Van cat was actually developed in the United Kingdom. They were bred to be loving, companion cats and with their affectionate personalities, it is safe to say that the breeders hit the mark.

These cats are very affectionate and loyal to their owners. However, they are not the biggest fans of petting and cuddling from strangers, and will need time to warm up to the idea.

17. Russian Blue

Image from Canna Pet

At first interaction with a Russian Blue, you will be met by a high wall of shyness. This takes a while to break down. However, once you earn their trust there is no going back.

They will become incredibly affectionate, unwaveringly loyal, and borderline clingy. They love playing with their owners when kept as full-time indoor cats. They also make for awesome nap buddies after a long day of fun.

16. Chartreux

Image from Darwin’s Pet

When it comes to the physical appearance, the Chartreux is very similar to the Russian Blue and the British Shorthair with their short, dense, blue coats. However, the Chartreux is stockier and has noticeably shorter limbs.

They are also very similar in terms of personality to the Russian Blue and the British shorthair with their affectionate predisposition. They just happen to take less time to build trust than other cats.

15. Japanese Bobtail

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

The Japanese Bobtail is an amazing cat for families with children and/or other pets. These patient kitties get along really well with everyone and are tolerant of handling children.

The cats love to cuddle when they are taking their long naps. Even though they may not always want to be handled physically, they will always want to be near you which is just as good.

14. Munchkin

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

The Munchkin cat really lives up to the name with their adorable aesthetic. They have very short legs with disproportionately long torsos. As a result, they are best suited for life indoors as they can rarely climb or run away fast enough to get away from dangers outdoors.

With all the time that they spend indoors, strong bonds with their human companions are pretty much inevitable. They are also very tolerant of physical touch and therefore great for cuddling with.

13. Manx

Image from ChomChom Roller

The Manx is the perfect companion cat. They are intelligent and can be trained to play fetch as a cool trick and bonding game. They are also very fond of their close human companion if you take the time to play with them.

Manx cats are also very open to physical handling and will welcome as many pettings and as much cuddling as you are willing to give. They just need food and potty breaks.

12. Scottish Fold

Image from ChomChom Roller

The Scottish Fold cat is one of the rarest cat breeds there is. This is mainly due to the unwillingness of most cat breeders to develop them. While their cute, folded ear aesthetic is endearing, the genetic mutations the cats carry come with a lot of health issues.

Despite all these elements working against them, these cats are very friendly and lively and are awesome companions. They are open to cuddling but may want some alone time as they are naturally very independent.

11. Ragamuffin

Image from ChomChom Roller

The Ragamuffin is another large cat with an equally large heart for their humans. The affectionate cats, however, tend to give their affection mainly to their human companions. They are actually affectionately described as cat shadows. This is due to their behavior of following their favorite humans everywhere they can get away.

Strangers on the other hand will have to earn the cat’s trust and freedom to pet and cuddle them.

10. Persian Cat

Image from Darwin’s Pet

The Persian Cat breed is known for its unique appearance. Their funny little faces will inevitably grow on you.

The cats are for the most part quite laid back in their personality. They are usually playful only as kittens and develop into their more docile and calm temperaments as they grow older. They are also very clingy with their owners and respond very well to human contact whether it is cuddling or belly rubs.

9. Sphynx

Image from Darwin’s Pet

The Sphynx is an unusual-looking cat whose aesthetic you will either absolutely love or completely loath.

Whichever way you lean, there is no denying the fact that they have amazing personalities. They are some of the most intelligent cats and are known to form very strong bonds with human beings who treat them well.

Despite their super active personalities, they also do not mind settling down for cuddles and naps with their owners every now and then.

8. Bombay

Image from Instagram:@a.bitty.boo

Say what you will about black cats but if the Bombay is anything to go by, black beauty kitties are grossly misunderstood.

Bombay cats are very affectionate little furballs. They are the type of cats to jump onto your lap as you work or sneak onto your pillow at night just to be around their favorite humans.

They are so affectionate and clingy that they will go to the extent of throwing tantrums with loud meowing and mildly destructive behavior if they are starved of attention for too long.

7. Bengal

Image from Darwin’s Pet

The Bengal is another cat breed that may be misunderstood and misjudged as wild due to its aesthetic. It has leopard-like markings that, like the Toyger, make it look very similar to other problematic cat breeds with wild cat origins.

However, the Bengal couldn’t be further in personalities than the aggressive and standoffish wild cats. Instead, they are very friendly and loving both with their owners and, with time, strangers.

6. Exotic Shorthair

Image from Wolfgang

The Exotic Shorthair is a mixed kitty with direct relation to the Persian. With its sweet and super friendly personality, it is safe to say that they inherit more than just the Persian’s unique aesthetic.

These kitties are loving and can be quite clingy when they get used to constant human companionship. They do not love being left alone for too long and you will have a constant shadow on you once you get back as a way to make up for leaving them.

5. Balinese

Image from Instagram:@nora_the_balinese_cat

The Balinese is a generally friendly and laid-back cat. They are mildly curious but typically will not investigate instead preferring to ignore whatever it is and just nap.

As companion pets, they love being around their human friends and will follow their owners around a lot. They are also very physically affectionate and will never throw away the opportunity to use you as a human pillow.

4. Burmese Cat

Image from House Carers

No, we are not talking about the Burmese python.

To say that a Burmese cat is affectionate would be a gross understatement. These cats will literally climb up your leg or jump onto your laps just for some head rubs and cuddles. In fact, lack of attention and affection makes them visibly and audibly distressed.

So if you get one of these beauties, you had better be prepared to keep up with their love demands.

3. Siamese Cat

Image from House Carers

The Siamese is another cat breed often described as “dog-like” in personality. One of their most unique traits is their vocal nature. They love to actively engage their human companions vocally with musical meows and chirps.

They are also physically affectionate if they get used to being handled as kittens and rarely turn down cuddle requests. If anything, it will be you who is more likely to turn them away for being a little too clingy.

2. Somali

Image from Basepaws

The Somali cat is a very beautiful, exotic cat breed that is ideal for cat lovers who want a unique fur baby. They are known for their high levels of intelligence and sharp instincts.

The cats are typically very independent and enjoy exploring the outdoors more than spending time cooped up indoors. However, they are very loyal to their owners and will always come home for cuddles and bonding time no matter how fun life outside is.

1. American Shorthair

Image from Bissell

According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the American Shorthair cat is one of the most popular pedigreed cat breeds. Despite its history as a working cat, the cat breed has very comfortably settled into domestic life as a companion pet.

They are known to be very social with both strangers and their human friends. It may take a while for them to get comfortable with physical contact and cuddles but they eventually come around.

Are Male Or Female Cats Nicer? 

For the most part, female cats are nicer and more affectionate than male cats. This is the case if both are not neutered. However, a lot of other factors determine the cat’s behavior including their age, breed, and most importantly, their upbringing. If they grow up feeling safe and loved, they are very likely to be affectionate and nice.

Why Do Cats Lick You And Then Bite? 

Cats lick rather than bite – mainly as a sign of affection. This is very similar to how they groom themselves and when they do that to you, it shows they have accepted you as a trustworthy companion. While the bites are playful and innocent, it is important to discourage rough play for your own sake.

What Breed Of Cat Follows You Around? 

Sphynx cats are considered the most loyal and clingy of cat breeds. Once they bond with their human friends, they will literally follow them around anywhere they can get away with it. You may also notice this with most other cat breeds when they are young kittens and new to the home.

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