Goldador Golden Retriever Labrador Mix

Have you wondered what the crossbreed of the highly intelligent Labrador and the amazingly reliable Golden Retriever would be? You would get a breed that offers you the best of both worlds – the Goldador.

What are Goldadors? The Goldador is a crossbreed of a purebred Labrador and Golden Retriever. The idea behind this crossbreed was to achieve an intelligent, athletic, reliable, and interactive breed, capable of excelling in a diverse field of activities.

The Goldador breed is indisputably a genius crossbreeding result. The combination of the Golden Retriever and Labrador character traits makes the Goldador the perfect family dog, guide dog, and even hunter. As it may be expected, the Goldador’s temperament can be anticipated. Goldadors are gentle and reliable dogs who are undeniably lovable and have a knack for athleticism.

We can all agree that this breed is the jack of all trades. However, we have only scratched the surface regarding how truly fascinating Goldadors are. Let us go on ahead and dive deeper into the character, appearance, history, and health of a Goldador.

What Is A Goldador?


The Goldador came into existence over 10 years ago, with the latent potential of being the ideal working breed. As is known, the Labrador and Golden Retriever has yet to receive the recognition that it deserves from breeding clubs. They are still reluctant to provide a standard, recognize the Goldador as a breed and enable owners to register them as such.

Even though Goldadors have been widely overlooked as house pets, they have been shaken up the world of rescue dogs. This four-legged bundle truly has the mark of a hero. They are highly sought after to fill the roles of search and rescue dogs, and sniffer dogs because of their remarkable sense of smell.

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The Goldador is a large breed, their size is similar to that of their parent breeds. This furry hero’s height ranges between 22 to 24 inches tall. Male Goldadors tend to be larger and bulkier than female Goldador. The male Goldador weighs about 66 to 84 lbs while the female weighs between 59 to 70 lbs.


The fur coat of a Goldador is as expected, based on their parent breeds. Most Goldadors have short and dense fur coats like the Labrador, while other Goldadors have long and wavy fur coats like the Golden Retriever.

 The color of their fur coat would range between yellow, gold, and red. Although Goldadors possess some Labrador genes, black Goldadors are quite rare.

Are Goldadors Healthy?

Yes. Goldadors are typically quite a healthy breed. However, they are prone to diseases that their parent breeds are susceptible to, such as orthopedic conditions. 

Goldadors are susceptible to obesity. Regular physical activity is vital to maintain the health of a Goldador.

Goldadors are typically prone to these conditions:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is a tissue deterioration that causes the loss of sight. The loss of sight is a result of the loss of photoreceptors at the back of the Goldador’s eyes. This condition can be detective years before your Goldador starts to undergo the process of losing their sight. Some symptoms of PRA include:

  • Inability to follow hand signals
  • Struggling to see in the dark
  • Frequently running into objects

A Goldador has been gifted with a particularly keen sense of smell, so this furry hero will be able to use their keen sense of smell to compensate for the lack of sight. To avoid being caught on the back foot, you should take your Goldador to a veterinarian for regular check-ups. This will allow you to plan accordingly before your dog loses sight.

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This condition hinders the body’s ability to control blood sugar levels. The cells within the body require glucose as a source of energy. Insulin allows glucose to access the cell. However, insulin is also responsible for the control of blood sugar levels.

Without insulin, the cells will be starved of glucose which means that even though your Goldador will end up consuming more food, the food that they eat will not be used effectively. As a result, your Goldador will lose weight. Some symptoms of diabetes are:

  • Urinating more than often
  • Drastically increased levels of thirst
  • Drastically increased appetite
  • Weight loss

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a common condition in medium to large dogs. This occurs when the dog’s thigh bone does not fit into the hip joint properly. This can be a painful condition that leads to lameness for your Goldador.

This condition cannot be easily identified and can eventually lead to arthritis. This condition is hereditary and can be identified using an x-ray. Hip Dysplasia can be worsened by incurred injuries. Some symptoms of Hip Dysplasia include:

  • Lame hind leg
  • A decrease in muscle mass
  • Lower range of mobility
  • Lower activity levels

How To Take Care Of Goldadors?


When considering what to include in your Goldador’s diet, you should first consider your dog’s level of activity. Goldadors should generally be fed twice with 3½ to 4¼ cups of premium dog food every day. However, your Goldador’s level of activity will affect this.

We highly recommend this high-quality dog food, Barkin’ Beef. The Pet Plate dog food is completely made from human-grade ingredients. They offer dog food that is nutrient-dense while being delightfully delicious.

If your Goldador is more of a loafer, it is recommended that you feed them 10% less than the norm. On the other hand, if your furry buddy is highly active, you should feed them 20% more than the norm.

Physical Activity

The Goldador was initially bred to be a working dog so they require a significant level of physical activity. If you happen to have a Goldador as a pet, make sure that you take them out for a walk or run regularly. I recommend taking your Goldador puppy for 30 to 60-minute walks.

When your Goldador matures into a well-built adult, they will be able to undergo hours of physical activity. I suggest investing in chew toys and throwing balls for your furry buddy.

Are Goldadors Good Dogs? Temperaments Of Goldadors

Goldadors are good dogs. They are a disciplined breed who would settle for any form of physical activity. They are patient like the Labrador and kind like the Golden Retriever.

Temperaments Of Goldadors

Goldadors tend to be more energized at younger ages but calm down as they enter adulthood. Aside from their puppyhood curiosity and inelegance, Goldadors are gentle to a fault. As pets, Goldadors are great companions for children and other pets.

The Goldador is a loyal breed that grows quite attached to its owners. They will not hesitate to shadow their owners while doing chores and running errands. Consequently, a Goldador should not be made to feel isolated for awfully lengthy periods. 

They are a social breed that can ensure being alone for a little while, but they long for interaction.

Goldador Trainability

The Golden Retriever and Lab mix is exceptionally disciplined. Goldadors have no desire to overpower their owners. Their need to please, reliable, and intelligent nature makes them an easily trainable breed.

To ensure that your Goldador is well-trained, you should commence training at an early age. The key to training a Goldador is building a bond with them. Your Goldador should be able to trust you. In return for this trust, your Goldador will be undeniably loyal to you.

You may find it challenging to train your Goldador at a youthful age because they are easily distracted. This is normal for most puppies, remember that the world is still a mystery to them. Instead of being upset, allow them to discover new things and enjoy the moment with your four-legged partner.

Are Goldadors Hypoallergenic? Grooming Tips For Goldadors

The Goldador is not hypoallergenic. Its inheritance of the dense Labrador fur coat makes it susceptible to increased levels of allergens that affect people who are allergic to dogs.

Regular Brushing

You should brush your Goldadors fur weekly. When brushing your Goldador’s fur, use a rubber brush that will remove loose hair. However, your Goldador will shed excessively during Spring and Autumn. I suggest that you brush them as often as you can during these seasons.

The FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool would be a lifesaver in Spring and Autumn. It easily removes loose hairs from your dog’s fur coat. It spares you the trouble and spares your Goldador the pain of having to brush vigorously to access the undercoat.


Baths are crucial when grooming your Goldador. I recommend using this 2-in-1 dog shampoo and conditioner. It will nourish your Goldador’s fur coat while removing all the dirt and oils. The use of inadequate or incorrect products can lead to your Goldador having a dry fur coat and shedding excessively.

You should bathe your Goldador as often as necessary, excessive bathing is not advised. You would be depriving your dog of the vital oils that they need for a healthy fur coat.

Brushing Teeth

I would suggest that you brush your Goldadors teeth twice, and if possible, thrice every week. Dental health is important, and it would prevent the accumulation of bacteria in your Goldador’s mouth, which will result in oral disease.

Trim Claws

Long claws pose a threat to your Goldador. Goldadors are highly active dogs, and long claws can easily be caught up in something, resulting in an injury. You should regularly inspect your Goldadors claws and trim them accordingly.

How Much Does A Goldador Cost? The price of a Goldador is dependent on their parents and how they have been bred. A Goldador that has been professionally bred and has high-quality parents who have been registered with the American Kennel Club can sell for a maximum of $4,500. Goldador puppies who have accidentally been bred can sell for $400.

Should I Get A Lab Or Golden Retriever? You should get a lab or golden retriever if you enjoy the company and you are able to cope with their high-energy lifestyle. They both possess similar character traits, making them both good dogs. However, the key difference is their energy levels. Labs are more energetic and conform more to a lively household, while Golden Retrievers prefer a more tranquil household.

Are Golden Retrievers Smarter Than Labs? Both Golden Retrievers and Labradors are highly intelligent and versatile dogs. When comparing their level of intelligence, you should consider the specific field that you are referring to. Labs are better guard dogs than Golden Retrievers, which makes them smarter in that respect. While Golden Retrievers are better search and rescue dogs which makes them smarter in that respect.

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