Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix

A Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix is an energetic intelligent crossbreed dog. Also known as the ‘Golden Aussie’ and the ‘Aussie Golden Retriever’, the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix isn’t a pure dog breed but the result of crossing the Scottish Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd dogs.

Both of these dog breeds are intelligent, energetic, and great with families. Some of these characteristics are seen in the Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix. At the same time, the result of this crossbreed makes it almost impossible to clearly define how a Golden Aussie puppy is going to look or behave.

This Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix complete breed guide investigates personality and physical traits further. The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix is a dog breed created by crossing Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds. The result is known as the Golden Aussie, an intelligent, energetic, and friendly dog that reaches a height of up to 23 inches.

What Is A Golden Aussie?

A Golden Aussie is a special dog breed inheriting traits from some of the most popular dog breeds. You will learn how to recognize a Golden Aussie in the following section as well as its main traits.

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How Big Do Golden Aussies Get?

The Golden Aussie is generally seen as a large breed dog. As with any breed, there are differences in size from the female Golden Aussie to the male Golden Aussie. On average, both the female and the male Golden Aussie have a height between 19 to 23 inches when they reach adulthood. The male Aussie Retriever can weigh anywhere between 30 to 60 lbs while the female can weigh between 25 to 52 lbs.

How Does A Golden Aussie Look?

Nothing is certain when it comes to how the dog looks. In general, the Golden Aussie has a straight or wavy coarse double coat with different colors. The dog can come in one color, multiple colors, or spotted. Typical coat colors on a Golden Aussie include black, brown, golden, white, merle, and spotted variations.

What Kind Of Dog Is The Golden Aussie?

The Golden Aussie is a working dog in love with physical activity. This highly friendly breed is generally a bit more difficult to predict in personal temperament. As with any dog mix, you can’t know for sure how your Golden Aussie puppy is going to behave. One of the few tools to use in a temperament predicament is to meet the parents.

How Long Do Golden Aussies Live?

You need to know what to expect with Golden Aussies and their health before getting one yourself. These wonderful pets have very specific health characteristics as follows.

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Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Lifespan

A healthy Golden Aussie can live up to 15 years.

The Golden Aussie lives as much or even longer than other dog breeds with the average life span being anywhere between 12 to 15 years. These dogs require good care during this time from addressing common health issues to feeding them quality dog food.

Common Health Issues

The Golden Aussie is generally a healthy dog. Common Australian Golden retriever health issues include hip dysplasia, eye conditions such as cataracts, epilepsy, cancer, and bloating. Some of these common health issues can be addressed with scheduled vet visits.

What Does a Golden Aussie Eat?

The Golden Aussie prefers protein-rich balanced dog food. Feeding the dog in small measured portions is recommended to avoid one of its most common health issues, bloating.

Balanced dog food of high quality full of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals is mandatory for your Golden Aussie loyal friend. This food promotes muscle growth, and proper joint care which can prevent known health issues (hip dysplasia), a healthy coat, and high energy levels.

You can purchase typical large breed dog food for your Golden Aussie. If you’re getting an adult Golden Aussie instead of a puppy you need to gradually introduce the dog to new foods to prevent bloating.

How To Take Care Of Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mixes?

As with any large dog breed, you need to feed your beloved Aussie Retriever a lot of good food.

The following section looks into the types of foods the dog loves the most, how to feed this food, and how to consider exercising as part of a daily routine for a healthy Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mix.

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The Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd mix can eat anywhere between 2 to 3 cups of dog food per day.

As a working dog, the Golden Aussie prefers qualitative protein-rich foods. As the owner, you can prioritize eating portions in 3 to 4 meals per day. This prevents free-feeding which can cause bloating.


You need to consider multivitamins if you don’t have high-quality protein-rich balanced large-breed dog food to feed your Golden Aussie.

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are often found in specific dog supplements for your Golden Aussie. You can also consider Golden Aussie supplements for your puppy, adult dog, breeding dogs, and pregnant, lactating females.


While the Aussie Retriever is considered very easy to train, it also has a lot of energy you need to manage. Training can start at a young age and you can expect to spend at least a few hours per day with your puppy Aussie Retriever.

The natural instinct of the Aussie Retriever, which is influenced by the Australian Shepherd, is to herd pets and kids around the yard. Hence, the dog ideally needs a lot of open space, like the large fields at a farm.

Invest In Dental Water Additives

Dental water additives are part of a good oral care routine. They generally mix with drinking water in an effort to reduce plaque or bacteria buildup in your Aussie Retriever. Furthermore, they will make your beloved pooch’s breath smell fresh for the entire day.

Pet Plate – Aussie Retriever Meals Made Easy

Alternatively, you can consider feeding your Aussie Retriever easier by considering a dog food meal subscription plan. Pet Plate uses USDA-standard meats, fruits, and vegetables to create delicious, practical, and ready-to-eat meals you can feed your Aussie Retriever.

Are Golden Aussie Good Dogs? Temperaments Of Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mixes

Golden Aussies inherit the temperament traits of the Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd.

It’s unlikely to exactly predict which of the two breeds’ temperament is going to be seen the most in the Golden Aussie.

Are Golden Aussies Easy To Train?

Golden Aussies are intelligent and very easy to train. You can promote certain naturally-inherited skills such as herding or fetch in this breed, even if to different extents.

Training should start as soon as possible and given their high energy levels, you shouldn’t be afraid to combine training-play time in a few full hours each day.

Is Golden Aussies Smart?

Given the pedigreed of this mix breed, it can be safe to say the Golden Aussie is a smart breed. The smart dog breed can become overprotective but this can be discouraged in training with plenty of socialization.

Are Golden Aussies Good With Children?

Golden Aussies are generally very friendly and great dogs for families with children. Their affectionate and aloof nature makes them ideal for active time spent outdoors with the kids. If your children love nature, long walks, and playing fetch, the Golden Aussie will prove a good companion.

Where Can I Raise a Golden Aussie?

You can raise a Golden Aussie in a medium or large home. Ideally, there’s enough open space for your dog to run around. At least a few walks per week are needed each week to keep the dog entertained and to prevent destructive behavior. You might also consider this breed if you love daily jogging where the Golden pooch proves a loyal companion.

Do Golden Aussies Shed? Grooming Tips For Golden Retriever Australian Shepherd Mixes

The Golden Aussie is not a hypoallergenic dog breed.

Golden Aussies shed in the spring and autumn seasons. Their double coat needs plenty of attention. You need to brush your Golden Aussie at least 2 times per week on a busy schedule and 3 or more times per week when you have more time to spend together.

How to Use a Deshedding Tool For Your Golden Aussie?

You need to use a deshedding tool at least 2 times per week with your Golden Aussie. A tool such as the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding tool proves ideal in making this process easier. It features an ergonomic handle and it releases hair at a push of a button.

The role of this deshedding tool is to remove loose topcoat as well as loose undercoat hair. You only need to gently brush your Golden Aussie’s coat starting from the head in the direction of hair growth.

How to Shampoo Your Golden Aussie?

You can use a good natural dog shampoo to prevent typical health issues such as itching or dry sensitive skin on your beloved Golden Aussie.

Mighty Petz’s 2-In-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo And Conditioner is one of the natural products you can consider to keep your dog’s fur clean and their skin in a healthily hydrated condition. You apply this dog shampoo to your dog’s coat with massaging movements.

Since it contains oatmeal, you need to massage your Golden Aussie’s coat for a few minutes for it to act as an exfoliator and to promote healthy skin.

Are Australian Shepherds Smarter Than Golden Retrievers? Both Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are very smart and trainable dogs. The difference is in their energy levels which can make their intelligence look different. The Australian Shepherd is known for higher energy levels and it needs more physical activity as a result.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Golden Retrievers? Australian Shepherds are typically good with other pets. Golden Retrievers are also good with other pets. Both breeds will get along with one another well. For a better relationship, it is highly recommended for both dog breeds to commence socialization training from a young age.

Should I Get A Golden Retriever Or Australian Shepherd? The Golden Retriever is the better first dog for a novice owner. The Australian Shepherd is known to have a stubborn personality and demanding activity needs that are catered towards very active owners. It’s not unusual to see an Australian Shepherd run without breaks for hours each day due to its natural herding instincts.

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